Monday, November 29, 2004

Photo Contest Winner Is..

The picture I posted a few days ago was actually a Hershey's Kiss that I had photographed.  It was on its side.  The closest guess was Becky!  She guessed a Hershey's Kiss wrapper.  Better guess than the last contest, Becky! lol  Sara was pretty close also.  She guessed a piece of chocolate in foil.  She couldn't guess any closer as they do not have Hershey's Kisses in the UK.  Imagine that!  Great job, girls!  The next contest will be coming next weekend!


  1. :o)  I like these photo thingies Val, you make us work hard though!  We don't have Hersheys anything here, are poor deprived English people :(  Please send food parcel!!!
    Sara   x

  2. Oh, I never would have guessed it. God Bless

  3. I don't know how I missed the picture. I will scroll down.

  4. I have seen Hersheys Kisses before, and I know what they are, so they we must have them in the UK, but not in very many places. It doesn't matter that we don't have Hersheys stuff anyway, because we have Jaffa Cakes and you don't. That is all that matters to me!! Lmao!!
    Sorry I missed Journal Chat today. :o(  Did you all have fun?
    Becci. xxx

  5. I have heard of hersheys but didn't know the varieties. Well done Becky :)............Jules xxx


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