Saturday, November 6, 2004

What is Love?

Wow, I just finished an entry with pictures included and it got eaten!  Vanished.  Poof.  It is gone.  It has been a frustrating couple of days and that did nothing to lighten the load.  Let me try this again... I have not been feeling well with the poor weather and something on my mind and my not very good mood so my fibro. has been acting up and I have been hiding in my home.  It was very nice to be talking with Krissy this morning and get an invite to lunch today.  We had a very good time!  In fact, all of my photos for the Photo Scavanger Hunt were taken today while I was out this afternoon with her and John.  Krissy's and Therese's subject this week is "What is Love?"  It had me smiling alot and I really needed that.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

The first subject I chose was a birdfeeder.  Why does this depict love you ask?  I think it does because Krissy keeps it filled through all four seasons.  She gets all kinds of birds and even some furry animals eating out of it.  I also have birdfeeders at my home.  I think it is love to reach out of yourself and think of creatures that are more helpless than yourself.

The next subject I chose to photograph is front page of this birthday card here.  I celebrated my birthday a little over a week ago.  This card came all the way from England!!!  Thanks, Amy!!  I chose this to represent love because I received no fewer than 30 cards and emails in my box for my birthday!!  Most were from my Journal Pals!!  You guys make me feel so loved!!!  This is the most loving community ever!  Oh, btw, if anyone wants to purchase the best homemade cards ever, drop over to Amy's site and check them out!  Just click on her name!            

         I chose this for my next subject.  "Mother and child".  Needs no explanation.

My last photo was supposed to be of nature, but I captured something that I had not intended to.  Krissy and I were standing in her front yard talking about love and picture-taking and  about our nice afternoon and I was taking a shot and this is what came out:

   Krissy and I.  Standing together after one of our many outings.  Leaning towards each other.  Best friends.  Late afternoon.  We are love.  "Twins Born At Different Times" we call ourselves because we are so close.  I love her so much.  She loves me.



  1. What a lovely choice of photos. Particularly the last one which is very special although they are all good.  I keep my bird feeders filled all year as well lol.  

  2. Val, this is so touching and beautiful and creative, and of course good use of photography skills.  Thanks for teaching me so much about photography today.  I used some of it tonight, lol. -Krissy

  3. My dear friend Val.  
    I admit, it was me that ate your entry, pictures and all.  Have no excuse, was very hungry ;o)
    Am sorry that you've had a tough couple of days.  How nice to be able to get together with Krissy though, and spend the afternoon with her and John.  
    I love your choice of photo's.  That last one especially.
    Sara   x

  4. What a nice entry.
    Hope your day ended up better than mine.

  5. thanks for including the card! I'm glad you liked it! I'll try and reply to your email quicker this time too!'ll have to be tomorrow now though cos I'm off to bed!

    nite nite!

    love Amy xxx

  6. AOL can drive one up a wall sometimes.  Great, thought-provoking pictures.  Your last choice was the best, I thought.  Wonderful depiction captured in shadows....

    Get some rest, hun.


  7. i like your blog.. it's simple and to the pont... unlike most bloggers.. you write about your life.. which i think is like.. totally cool... sorry.. i like.. write like a a ditz i think that adds humor though.. don't you think? anyway ... good blog..

  8. They are all great but with my love of Our Lady, that's my favorite.

  9. I like the last picture best-friendship is a real blessing of love. Thank you. Margo

  10. Beautiful photo entry. I stop by Krissys journal often.

  11. What a beautiful entry! I loved the whole thing start to finish. :-)


  12. Clever photo ideas!
    I love the last one. The love of a best friend and sister is very special!
    Becci. xxxx

  13. I love your entry.  And I think the picture of your and Krissy's shadows is cool.  I guess that was a surprise.


  14. Don't you hate when that happens?  I usually write my entry on email, then copy and paste it to my J.  I've lost too many entries, and now I've outsmarted the system!  Great photos!  The last one is cool with the shadows!

  15. Your pictures and choices for this scavenger hunt, were very touching. God Bless

  16. Val... you are so surrounded by love... can you feel it! Even with all the strife and troubles in the world love is alive.  You are deep in the embrace of the Creator, how lucky to live so close to your Twin Born at Different Times. My sis lives too far away and I miss her sorely.

    Although I didn't get my photos in...hmmmm wonder why ... I do have an entry that would fit this and there are some photos in it even. It is a bout a gift of love given to my wife. If you can spare a few moments please consider popping on over and giving it a read. Love to know whatcha think. Rest up, take care, and feel the love and energy flowing to ya from all places. Toodles.

  17. Thanks for the email chat the other night.  Hope you sent my love to Krissy. What was her reply - you know about what we exchanged?

  18. I hate it when an entry dissapears but the phots and what you have written here are beautiful. I wish I was a close to my sisters as you are to Krissy. You're so lucky to have each other :)............Jules xxx

  19. I love these pictures ;)
    I hope you start feeling better soon and Happy Belated Birthday !!! ;o)
    Take Care and God Bless *

  20. You have a beautiful assortment of photos, very touching. This a great place to make new friends. Happy belated b-day get well soon.

  21. Fantastic pic!!!

    Thinking of you


  22. great pix, val. i hope you are feeling better. did u ever try MSM, good for the fibro.  ask ur doc.      roberta

  23. Hi Val, my name is Willow. I loved your pictures and your writeing.
    I also have fibro, lupus, COPD, IBS, Gurd, and a bunch more stuff that goes along with Lupus. I am now in a wheelchair and I truly love my puter and these journals. They are great. Hopeing to see more of your journals as time goes on.

  24. Just sitting here watching nascar, thought i would scan some of the journals kasey always talks about. Particularly photo hunts, have seen some novel ideas. i really like yourstatue. Kasey's husband Vic


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