Saturday, September 13, 2008

Weekly Sentence winners, what's up...

Hi and good afternoon!  I just found out this morning that my little mommy will need spine surgery soon - probably this coming week.  Poor little mommy.  She has had problems with numbness and walking for some time now.  Hopefully this will straighten things out.  Thanks for your concern and prayers.  I know I can count on you guys!  As for what I have been busy on?  Well, I have been creating a webpage for something that I am going to participate in next week, but I may not be able to, now that my little mommy is having surgery.  I will explain more later.  I am sounding mysterious.  I don't mean to.  At any rate, it is time to announce the winners of "Weekly Sentence with Val" #29!...

The letters this week are
LWHBCP.  We had the largest turn-out in many months!  I was very excited!!  It was a challenge for the judges, no doubt.   The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE

Rosemary of Inspiration:
         Lazy William has become carelessly phlegmatic!


                         Connie of ANYWAY.......
                 Look what Herb bought, cheap pants.

We had several first time players this week!  Neat!  Please drop by Roemary's and Connie's  blogs and congratulate them and say hello when you are able.

Ladies, your award for your sidebar is below.  Right click on your award and make sure you save as .gif.                                   


I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!!  Submissions are below:

   Love with hugs become caring parents. 
  Laplanders (w)really have better cold protection. 
  Leona went hopping behind Charlie's place.  (chat2missie)
  Living with handicaps brings compassionate people.  (lv2trnscrb)
  Looking while holding back can petrify.  (justplainbill)
  Little William has been caught peeing.  (cdj0423)
  Linda went home before Charlie played.  (lsfp1960)
  Lying will have big consequences, pronto!  (luvrte66)
  Lori was horrified because Cameron peeked.  (suffragetta1)
  Lawyer Winnie has been challenging Patty.  (danpat923)
  Living with hemophelia, Bob couldn't participate.  (fisherkristina)
  Loose women, handsome boys, crackin' party!  (makemarc)
  Look who has bills coming profusely!  (silverdoe64)
  Ladies were honored but couldn't participate.  (dbp2000)
  Love will heal by creating peace.  (lorileeboard)
  Learning words, happy babies can play.  (dsonney01)
  Life without humor, becomes carelessly perplexed.  (nanmm11)
  Liberal women horrified by conservative Palin.  (sdoscher458)
  Life without humanistic brotherhood causes pain.  (westofnyc)
  Lord, where's her black cat... please?  (salemslot9)
  Limiting welfare helps bush covet pennies.  (abaleman666)
  Like with hurricanes, be cautiously prepared.
  Luckily we have basic constitutional protocol.  (ma24179)

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow morning!  Have a good rest of the weekend, my friends!  Hugs, Val =)


  1. Hi Val~Add me to your little mommy's prayer list. Hope it will be a successful done deal ASAP. I'm better these last 2 weeks; we got to go on a fun vacation to Rehoboth Beach, DE. I've been considering entering 2 photo contests; I'm always thinking about it, but this time let's hope I actually do it! Blessings, Deb ;-)

  2. Congrats to Rosemary on her win and I want to
    Thank you so much for the award,also -I was shocked to say the least.

  3. congrats to both winners!!! will go over to their journals; I think I know what you are up to, Val, if you and Krissy are up to this together; she shared it with me her participation; sounds fun :)

    I'm not sure who little mommy is though; sorry she needs surgery :(


  4. Congrats to Rosemary and Connie.  I will visit them.  

    Yes, I am sick about our Little Mommy.  But she will be okay.

    Krissy :)

  5. So sorry to hear about you Mom... geeze I hope it does help her.  I will keep her in my prayers.  Surgery is always a bit of a danger, but I always worry a bit more when it involves the spine.


  6. Special thoughts for Mom....
    Linda :)


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