Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sentence Game #31 Winner, etc...

Hi, my journal friends!  Ah, Fall is here!  I love Fall weather!  I love the crisp air, the bright leaves, the smell of burning chimneys, the shorter days... I love how it culminates with Christmas and New Year's Eve!!  I love everything about Fall!!  I am surrounded by mountains so I am hoping the trees will be beautiful this year.  I will get pictures if I can!

It's time to announce the winner of "The Weekly Sentence with Val" #31!  The letters this week are
ASCOMD.  We had three new players this week!  Welcome new players!  I hope you enjoyed the game and return!   Thanks to my old die-hards who keep returning, too =)!!  The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

                                  Stuart of Specimen Days
                A simple conundrum obfuscates most discussions.

Please visit Stuart's blog and say hello and congratulate him when you are able. 
CONGRATS again, Stuart!

Your award for your sidebar is below, Stuart.  Right click on your award and make sure you save as .jpg


I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!!  Submissions are below:

  A stray cat opened my door.
  As stockmarkets crash, Obama McCain Debate.
  A stammering chiropractor ominously misdiagnosed dementia.  
  Alaina sits calmly, opening many documents.
  Always see comedy on mundane doings.
  A sincere compliment offers many desires!
  America's surely concerned over money deficiency.
  A sterling commendation or more drivel?
  Aspirating someone can overcome medical dilemmas.
  A second chance obstructs more determination.
  As September circumbs (succumbs), October's mums dance.

I will be posting six new letters tomorrow morning!  See you then!  Have a good day!  Hugs, Val =)

P.S. Wishing Jonah and my mommy a
HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!  Jonah turned one on Wednesday!!  He can walk now and talk some!  I will show you his birthday pictures when I receive them.  I miss my boys =(.  Mom's birthday was yesterday.  She is making progress.  Again, thanks for your prayers!


  1. yes fall is here. the air here is crisp and sharp lol i've been freezing lately.

  2. happy birthday to your mom and Jonah! I always like when little ones start walking; so cute to watch them toddling about!

    thanks Val for doing this game; its fun to be creative to come up with sentences every week with the letters given :)


  3. Wishing your Mom and Jonah a very happy birthday!

    Hugs, Beth

  4. Congrats To Stuart
    Happy B-Day Jonah and Mom

  5. Congrats to the winner!



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