Thursday, September 18, 2008

A meme, my mommy...

I found this meme over at Sharon's blog.  It's "The ABC's Of  Me"...

A is for age: 
29 every year... LOL... no, really 42

B is for beer of choice:  Don't drink
C is for career right now: 
Disabled, was a secretary for most of my "career

D is for your dog's name: 
No doggies in my house... two cats - Boo and

E is for essential item you use every day:
I love my fuzzy blanket =).  I'm
F is for favorite TV show at the moment: 
That's hard.  I like Family Guy and
                                                        I  like to watch the news.
G is for favorite game: Scrabble

H is for hometown:
Central PA
I is for instruments you play:
None right now.  In my youth I  played the
                                       violin and guitar.

J is for favorite juice: 
Orange juice
K is for whose butt you'd like to kick: 
Oh, no one!
L is for last restaurant you ate at:
Sad to say, McDonald's.
M is for marriage:
Divorced twice =(...  I would marry again, though.
                         Been dating John for three years.

N is for Number of Piercing's:
3 in left ear, two in right
O is for overnight hospital stay:
Too many to count.  Last one?  For my
                                           v/a shunt.

P is for people you were with today:
Just myself so far... will see Dad and
                                                 boyfriend later... uh, boyfriend just
                                                 walked in.  Day is a little better =)

Q is for what you do with your quiet time:
meditate, sleep, do puzzles, pray
R is for biggest regret:
Not being able to go to college, perhaps?  I try not to
                              have regrets.

S is for status: 
Marital status?  Divorced twice... dating John... you asked
                    this already... LOL

T is for time you woke up today:
8:30 AM
U is for what makes you unique: 
Lots of things... I like to be different =)...
                                            LOL  Read the 100 Things About Me in
                                            my sidebar.

V is for vegetable you love: 
Collard greens, any greens, make 'em green!
                                    with butter and salt and pepper... mmmm!

W is for worst habit:
I use ... too much
X is for x-rays you've had:
Are you kidding?  Anything and everything has
                                    been irradiated a few times over.
Y is for yummy food you ate today: Nothing yet, just drank coffee

Z is for zodiac sign:

If you play along in your blog, leave your entry URL in the comments section so we all can see your answers!  Thanks!  Hope you are having a fine day!  Val =)

P.S.  Mom is doing well.  She is recuperating.  She has been sick from the anesthesia, otherwise all looks good.  The surgery went well.  She will be going directly to a local rehab hospital when she is released (I guess in a day or two) if a bed is available.  I am going over to help Dad this afternoon.  Thanks so much for all of your prayers for my little mommy!  You all ROCK!


  1. It was fun to read your answers, Val!


  2. thanking the Lord your mom is doing okay and will be released soon; praying for a quick, speedy recovery

    I liked this meme; fun to learn more about you :)


  3. Collard Greens ??? A favorite??

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom and glad she is doing better....I took a stab at the meme...  Loved your answers, except for collard greens LOL....pleh pleh pleh.

  5. I'm glad your mom continues to do well.  Loved the meme!

  6. Val~Fun and interesting to read your answers here; might even attempt it myself next time I'm on. (I only get 1/2 hour at a time right now because we have a newspaper ad in for seeking a tennant to rent a room.) Wow--you must like earrings then with all those holes! ;-) Good for you about still being brave enough to consider marriage too. I thank Jesus_lots_that your Mommy (and Krissy's) is doing so well; I pray the right bed will show up just for her. Have a great day, Deb

  7. ((((((((((((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))))I just stoped by to say Hi,I am trying to play catch up on alerts.Let me know when you put out anothe rgame of the Sentences game.Have a nice Sat.

  8. I am so glad your Mom is recovering nicely.....
    Special thoughts for you all.....
    Linda :)


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