Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Weekly Sentence" #32 letters...

Howdy! I didn't sleep too well last night. It has been raining for about 24 hours. My fibromyalgia really acts up in low pressure weather. My brain gets foggy, too. I need a distraction from the pain. On days like this I like to crawl back into bed and watch TV or read a book. I just may do that today. First, though, on to the "Weekly Sentence" game...

I would like to once more congratulate last week's winner,
Stuart of Specimen Days. Congrats again, Stuart!! Before posting your submission, please read the rules if you never have, or if you haven't in a long time. Your six new letters are posted below the rules. Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

Each Sunday I post a set of six letters. A sentence must be
made from these letters. The letters today are:
An example of a sentence could be -
Trudy served cold
meatloaf for breakfast.
These letters MAY NOT be re-

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of JLand bloggers)
that chooses the best sentence (or two) submitted each week.
How do they choose winning sentence(s)? The sentences that
receive the strongest reactions - Did it make them laugh, sad,
ponder, etc.? Was it creative? Witty? These are winning

The winner(s) receive(s) a logo for his/her blog sidebar with
their screen name on it.

Place submissions in comments section. If you do this game as
an entry in your blog, please come back and leave your ENTIRE
entry URL so your entry can be judged.
Submissions are due by
Thursday, 4PM EDT.
The winner is announced Saturday morning
or early afternoon.

A new set of letters is placed in my journal, There is a Season,
every Sunday morning or early afternoon.

If you submit more than one sentence, only your first sentence
will be judged
Have fun!!


This Week's Letters:

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  1. Sorry to hear you didn't sleep well--hope an afternoon curled up in bed does the trick for you. Get some rest!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Hope you are resting and getting better! This is my entry this week- Tiptoeing silently, crossing magical fairy boundaries. Dannelle

  3. Then sleep comes, my friend--breathe;

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

    Hope you DO get some rest. This hasn't been a good year for those with conditions dependent on barometric pressure. --j

  4. "Time shows clocks must fall back."

  5. sorry you didn't sleep well, Val; I know people who have fibromyalgia do seem to be susceptible to rainy weather :(

    okay, here's my sentence, LOL

    To survive campaigning, McCain firmly behaves.

    thanks Val :)

    enjoy the day :)


  6. To seem consistent, my friend backpedaled.

    Krissy :)

  7. Have a good week!

  8. Hope you feel better and yes this wet weather does not help with anything.

    Towards September, comes many fruitful bounties.

  9. This is a very good journal. Save this journal before aol changes the planned journal features in October 2008. Peace and Hugs, Autumn

  10. These sudden changes may frustrate bloggers.

  11. Karen from How I See It can be found at

  12. Hope you let me know where you will be on blogspot.
    My new place is:

  13. Hi Val,

    I'm sorry your hurting. I hope you will feel better really soon (((HUGS))).

    Since AOL is closing down the journal's, I am trying to get everyone's new journal address. Just let me know where your going and I will continue visiting Ü.

    Here is my info for my new journal.

    Well the count down has begun. I wanted to make sure all the journals I have as my favorites gets my new url. My journal here was called "LadyMagnolia's Daily Blog."

    My NEW on is called Dear Diary it's me~Donna

  14. I'm here, but don't have an entry for your weekly sentence yet. I'll have to think about it and come back.
    Take care and hope you feel better, Chrissie

  15. TSCMFB = The screaming creature made frightful bellowing.

  16. Two sturdy crutches, made for Barry. ;O)

    Hope you're feeling better soon.

    B. x

  17. Hi Val, I just wanted to say, I also have fms, and the rainy weather is just awful. The low pressure, is so difficult. For the pain, at least for me, ibuprofen works best. I know it is harsh on the stomach, but it works better than any other prescription meds.
    I hope you feel better!

  18. Valerie, i want this template too, LOL. I love it! I want it for SIT!

  19. You will let us have your new blog addy when you move ~ would hate to miss your blog ~ Ally x


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