Thursday, August 16, 2007

What up with me...

Wow, things have been so crazy with Chelsea getting ready to move away and my sending Matt back to college that I was unable to do the Hunt and LOLpets this week.  I promise to get things back on track next week with a Hunt subject and an LOLpets entry.  Please forgive me.  I am grieving a bit here, but will be okay.  Thanks for understanding.  Talk to you all very soon!  Hugs!! xox


  1. Hope your feeling well these days!

  2. Take your time.  You are very busy right now.


  3. Hi Val.  Take time for yourself.  We are so waiting for you to come back though, I LOVE your entries!

    Your sissy Krissy :)

  4. Take your time....we will be here.


  5. No hurry.... you are busy with your family right now....
    and I'm busy getting the boys settled back in school, lol...
    Linda :)

  6. aw Val--take care of yourself!!!!!!!!!!!

    I missed the hunt--but I understand!

  7. My dear Maire, please take all the needed mourning-time you need.  And it's not always just to cry, take my word.  Feel everything you need to, get it right the first time - you won't have a second.  Missed you!  xoxo CATERI


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