Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Good Tuesday everyone!  Wow, we've gotten a lot of rain in my area.  How about you?  I wonder if we will get flooding.  Some of my journal friends have had flooding.  I hope you are safe and dry wherever you are.

I have an LOLpet for you today!!  I hope you find it funny...


I also wanted you to check out Linda's
LOLpets entry of her kitty Raisin.  Thanks, Linda!  You ROCK!!  You have played the Scavenger Hunt EVERY week and now you are joining in with the LOLpets game!  Please visit her and leave her a comment!

If you would like to join in on the LOLpets fun there are four simple steps laid out in this
.  If you have any questions concerning uploading or posting feel free to email me at valphish@aol.com and I will help you in any way I can!

I am hoping this will catch on, I really am.  I am posting everyone's entry weekly like we do The Photo Scavenger Hunt.  If you know anyone who has pets please pass this game on!  Thanks!  Have a lovely day and pet your furry ones for me! xox



  1. How about sending some rain our way. We are in a severe drought here! Tammy

  2. Hey sis!  First time trying this, I followed your clear instructions, so I'm sure I made a goof lol.  Anyway, I left the full URL for the picture in my Journal - hope it's okay!  Thanks for helping me try something fun!  xoxo CATERI

  3. We've been completely swamped with rain.  Fortunately my house is pretty high in elevation compared with everything else.  A bit of leaking, but no worries.  The grass has been growing like crazy.  My dad just mowed now that the grass is finally dry for the first time in probably four days.  It looks like we're growing hay!!!

  4. http://journals.aol.com/fasttrack58/FootprintsintheSand/entries/2007/08/21/lolpets/3236
    Linda :)

  5. LOVE YOUR CAT PIC....cute....send some rain our way...the heat is overwhelming here...
    Hope all is well at your end.

  6. I think you did a splendid artistic work of your 'Cat in Blue'!    Things have been happening for me since my steroid injection June 28 but now it has stopped working.    I need to get the next one.    I am back to how I felt before.    It has also been near 100 F the last several weeks and finally a little rain after our drought but not enough to really help the brown lawns or some of the farmers.    I have not been doing anymore outdoor work and have been staying in since last Friday.    I have an appointment on this coming Tues. to schedule the next spidural at the hospital.    The change makes me feel better than I can remember having felt allowing me to bend and move and be active.      I will let you know more in the coming months.   Hugs,   mark  


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