Tuesday, August 7, 2007

LOLpets #1, come join in the fun!...

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!... Wow, I just spent at least an hour doing my first installment of LOLpets Tuesday and in the blink of an eye... poof... it was gone.  AOL shut down.  Wow, that can get so frustrating.   Do I have the patience to do it all over?  I will do it for you all =)...

What is an LOLpet?  Well, LOLcat started as a made up language just spoken by cats, but has grown to include other animals.  I thought it would be fun to include all pets and even things other than pets if you would like!  Have fun, no rules!

I'm very pleased with the first LOLpet I have created!!  I hope you get a smile from it as well!!  I am very excited to let you know that I have found two new LOLcat sites as well as an LOLcat translator!  This should give some believability and creativity to our work!  Neat!!!  So this is how LOLpets works:

1.  Take a picture of your pet or choose one you have already uploaded (or from the net) onto your hard drive.

2.  Decide what you want your pet to say.  Remember that this comes from your pet's mouth.  Use the pet translator if you would like.

The Lolcat Translator

3.  Visit one of these two sites.  Upload your picture and words, by following instructions on site, to create your LOLpet!  I find the first site to be very easy.  The second one is a little harder, but is more creative.  I used the second one on my LOLpet.

Lolcats: Im in ur computer makin ur graphix


4.  When finished, save your picture by right clicking your picture and hitting "Save as.." and Save.  Post an entry in your journal displaying your LOLpet.  Please come back to Tuesday's LOLpets and leave your FULL entry URL so we can all view your work.  I will be listing everyone's LOLpet, so don't forget!!  Have fun!!!!!

And now my first LOLpet, featuring my Baby...


If anyone has any questions or problems feel free to email me!  Have a good evening! meow!  xox


  1. Such a cute idea!

  2. AOL has been being such a butte lately....
    I still want to try this, I took some pictures of the cats the other day to use....
    Too cute!
    Linda :)

  3. I am so excited to do this!  I have to wait until I can get to my documents (pictures) in September, but I will definitely participate.  Thanks for starting this game!

    Krissy :)

  4. Hey Val~I tried 3 times to load a photo of my kitten laughing, but it kpt cutting off her head even with editing. I will go back another time and try again. Good game!

  5. Cute cute cute.
    Hugs. Barb

  6. Too fun!
    Linda :)

  7. I will totally do this next week!  Yay!  

    be well,

  8. Dearest Valerie, I think you are absolutely NUTTY!  I love this!  I don't have a cat so I can't do this one.  But this sounds interesting and fun.   I also don't have yet know how to download my digital pictures (as you recall, Tim & Patti did them beofore, but still they aren't where they should be, and Father's Day Tim completely lost all I had taken.  He was nervous about hurrying to leave to get the baby to bed (It's a 3 hr. drive.)  Some day, I will break down and read my book.  That is UNLESS  you would FLY to Mason City and show me!  Would't that be cool?  I know you don't like flying any more than me, but I sure hope we really do get to meet IN PERSON some day. That's on one of my must do lists before I die. I know I am only 63 and I am planning on being here a while, b ut I think if we don't make definite plans we don't do stuiff.  We put it off, think we will do it tomorrow, which doesn't happen.

    I have a notebook (paper) journal.  I have written in it about 4 times in 5  years.  Two or three times when I was recovering from surgery, then another hopitalization when I had to recuperate a lot and finally when we had our kitchen remodeled and our floors put in.  (The last time was most nerve wracking of all).

    Let me know when you do dogs. Maybe I will know how to load the digital pictures by then.  Good Job, Val.  And  Baby is ADORABLE.  I THINK SHE'S beautiful!  (Or is BABY A HE??)  REALLY!   Love ya, Merry

  9. Val, a Question.
    Don't you have two cats?  I was thinking that,  but want to know for sure.  Also, is Honey one's name, and Baby the other ones name or were you just calling Honey, Baby?  And are they both female, male, or one of each or what.  Are the spayed or neutered?  I am sorry, I know I sound like Bob Barker here.  LOL

    I also lied.  LOL  I read that cats like Krissy has (isn't it Maine Bobcats or something like that?) REALLY BIG?  How much do they weigh, do you know?  Our son Tim has a adopted stray and his name is Bobcat.  Tim named him that  because he is HUGE.  He's just a regular shorthaired cat though, very chubby and tall, too.  

    Okay, I will leave you alone or email you.  One last thing When Tim was little we lived in apt for a while and could only have a cat.  I was scared to death of him at first. But he was a great cat.  He looked like your cat's picture except he was gray and white just marked like that.  Robin was his name (Tim named him Robin after the Batman and Robin Show startted. LOL  Boy, that's a LONG time ago now.  MJK

  10. Your site has won a Blog of the Day Award (BOTDA)


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    Thank you,

  11. Hum.  Cute and comical.  My children love it when I start talking like I'm the dog or something.  I did an entry about our new filly from her perspective.  Haven't tried the picture thing.  -  Barbara

  12. Think I'll try this, why not - my ole tomcat is long gone but I found an old pic.  I loved "Mommy stop coloring me!" lol great work as always sis!  xoxo CATERI


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