Sunday, July 23, 2006

My Name in Pictures...

Good afternoon all my journal pals!  I've been busy, busy, busy these past couple weeks with Matt here.    We had a wonderful visit =D!!   Now I am so behind.   When my kids visit I let alot of things slide with the thought in mind that I will catch up when they leave.   I only see them once or twice a year and it's hard to not spend as much time as possible with them.  My boyfriend has an injured knee.  Seems he has a cyst behind his knee and it blew up like a balloon.  So I was taking care of him alot while Matt was here.  Now everything is kind of out of whack.  I am trying to get things back on track.  I had to go to Baltimore to the neuro-ophthalmologist for a checkup (all is well!) and that ruined a couple of days of energy for me, too.  I got DSL.  Yay!!  Did I tell you guys this?  I don't think so.  I have been so busy that I haven't even been able to install it yet!  Hopefully I can in the next couple of days.    Seems like I am always complaining about being behind.  I need to either get caught up or stop complaining =).

I wanted to wish a very
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a couple of very special ladies - Kelley (private journal) and Tammy
!  You two arevery special to me!  Hope your year coming up is filled with the best joys ever!  If you are able, please go wish them a happy one!

Time for The Photo Scavenger Hunt brought to you by
.  The subject of this week's hunt is "things that start with the first letter of your name".  My beloved sissy didn't say if this was your first or last, so I decided to do my full name.  My initials are V.M.F. - Valerie Maire Fisher.  Yes, I spelled my middle name correctly.  It's Gaelic for Mary.  It is pronounced more-uh.  The first picture I have for you today for The "V" in my name is my "V" Tree.  Do you remember me posting my "V" Tree about a year and a half ago?  It had no leaves on it.  You could see the "V" in the limbs clearly.  I thought it would be interesting to show you the "V" Tree in full foliage.  Here is my favorite, glorious tree - my "V" Tree.   It is across the street from my house and when it has no leaves  you can see that it forms a perfect "V".  It shouts my name to me =) !!...


The second picture I have for you to represent the letters of my name is a picture of mallard ducks and fish.  That would take care of the "M" and "F" in my name.  These ducks and fish reside in the creek at the park down the street from my house...


I have two final pictures for you.  They are violet flowers.  They represent my simple initials V.F.  I'm getting complicated, huh?  LOL  These are in my front yard -   these pretty violet petunias...


I like how this picture turned out, too, so I am posting it...


Thanks for coming to visit and seeing my V.M.F. pictures!  I will be back later with "Wordplay"!!    Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!!  xox


  1. Beautiful photos Val.  I love them all.  But the V Tree is particularly stunning!


  2. Thanks for the Happy Birthday wish friend!

  3. I like them all.  Thoses Baker cysts are really painful, hope your boyfriend gets better soon.


  4. Hi Val...

    I wondered what happened to you... pleased you had a great time when your family visited...sorry to hear your boyfriends knee is playing him up, hope he will soon be better! love the pics, the are glad your Neuro check-up was ok! Best wishes take care!


  5. Very creative with your pictures.  Sorry to hear you are so busy, but I know you are having a blast with Matt!  I know how much you look forward to seeing him.  Of course we all miss your journal entries, but we understand.  Get some rest, play catch up, and I hope you boyfriend's knee gets back to normal soon.


  6. Great way of doing it, Val. Some people in this part of the world spell your middle name Mairi, but like the Gaelic touch nonetheless.


  8. Hi Val! Good job on the photo challenge; I have a V tree too. I like the effect in that lst flower shot. ;-) Glad you had a good visit with son; that's so more importnat that the everday stuff you need to catch up on. Hope bf knee gets better(remembering cute guy w/ guitar::::::::::grin) Love and God Bless you & yours~Sassy

  9. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

  10. Very creative and very pretty pictures!!
    Have a great week!
    Linda :)

  11. I love the pics!!!  I am glad you had a nice visit....

    be well,

  12. Hey, how do you do that?  Turn a photo into an illustration?  I wanted to do that for my teaching website, so I didn't have to post a pic of myself, but my software won't keep the details or colors like yours does... Shana

  13. I'm so glad for all the happy events in your life!  Say "hi" to your kids for me!  LOL!

  14. Wonderful photos . . .  I was a little confused on the logo for HEALING GARDEN.  I thought we were picking one to go over on Tammy's journal . . .  but I got ya . . .  my brain is SLOW . . .   but fortunately, it hasn't stopped!  LOL!

    Thanks.  Hugs.

  15. I am enjoying again your photo of the flowers edited into a graphic.    I hope your BF's knee improves as it must be very painful.    Glad that your doctor's check-up went very well.    I am just resting and reading and up on the computer finally after a painful week of sharp back pain after bending forward.    I think I have some heat exhaustion which is not serious like heat stroke.    I always enjoy communicating thru our emails.    Hugs,   mark

  16. Val, your Journal is so packed with creativity I LOVE coming here!  Blessings for being such an outgoing, sharing, caring person.  Cathy


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