Saturday, July 8, 2006

"Wordplay", etc..

"The advertising industry is one of our most basic forms
    of communication and, allegedly, of information.  Yet,
    obviously, much of this ostensible information is not
    purveyed to inform but to manipulate and to achieve a
    result - to make somebody think he needs something
    that very possibly he doesn't need, or to make him think
    one version of something is better than another version
    when the ground for such a belief really doesn't exist."
Marvin E. Frankel

I want to apologize for my week hiatus from "Wordplay".  I had a brain freeze.  I do have a few week's worth of fresh ideas for you, so keep coming back and thanks for playing!  Also, I have decided to post "Wordplay" Saturday mornings as it is an easier and slower morning for me.  Wednesday mornings have become too full of activity.  So visit my journal Saturday mornings for "Wordplay" and I will try to be very consistent!  I wanted to thank Paul for advertising "Wordplay" in his last posting
of CarnivAOL.  Thanks, Paul!  If you want to know how to have one of your entries posted in CarnivAOL pay him a visit!  Submissions are due by midnight Sunday for his Tuesday postings!


The quote at the top of the page will make more sense when I introduce today's "Wordplay".   It has to do with advertising and wording in advertising.  Choosing the right words in advertising is so important.  There are many slogans and ditties that have stayed in our brain over the years because they have been ingenious - the wording that is.  The words stick in your head forever.  For today's "Wordplay" I would like you to take this 10 question quiz
How many did you get correctWhich ones did you have a hard time withDid you enjoy taking the quizFor those of you living in the U.K. and out of the States, was it harder for youWhat do you think about advertising?  I only missed one.   I had to guess at three of them and got two out of the three that I guessed.  Seven were easy for me.  One answer I was very surprised with.  So, go take the quiz
and see what you get and tell me your results and enjoy!!

I hope everyone is having a very nice weekend!  I am so excited because my son, Matt, is coming for a ten-day visit on Monday!!  Yay!!  Have a nice day all! xox


  1. I got 9 outta 10...I missed the gas one...  I was thinking Pepto....  trick question!!!  lol

  2. Hi Val...

    I got 3 wrong, I forgot gas is petrol here in me!

  3. Hey Val,
    I got 3 wrong. The test was fun...the best thing about it that it wasn't too long. That is always my problem I hate to take long survey's or quizes. I like that one though.


  4. thanks to bob i missed he insisted i let him have a go at it with!!

  5. I missed the one about the car. I never watch car commercials. Had no trouble with the rest. Madison Avenue has me brainwashed. : )


  6. I got 7 out of 10.  I wish my TV had a fast forward button....I'd fast forward through the commercials!

    Have a great visit with your son!

    Don't forget to send me your order.

  7. At first I was singing every jingle and scaring son2... lol...
    and then I missed four, listerine, GE, volswagon and BMW...
    Good Quiz and very easy to play!
    Have a great visit with Matt!!
    Linda :)

  8. I got 7 out of 10. That was a fun quiz. The car related ones gave me the most problems.

  9. I got 7 also. I knew 2 of them, but 2nd guessed myself. LOL How exciting that your son is coming.  I know you're going to have a wonderful visit.  Take care hon.
    Hugs, Barb

  10. I got 8 right.  I missed the 2 that dealt with cars.  Wonder what that says about me?  LOL


  11. I missed 2, guess I'm not so perfect after all  LOL rich

  12. Dang volkswagon....only one I missed

  13. THinking of you Val... how long until the grandbaby arrives???

    be well,

  14. I got 8 out of 10--both of the ones I missed had to do with cars--I love my car so I don't pay much attention to car commercials!

  15. That was fun!  I found myself singing some of those jingles as I answered the questions.  I only got one wrong.  "Even your best friend won't tell you."  I chose Dial Soap and it was Listerine.  I guess they won't tell you if you have B.O. either.  LOL.  Kathy

  16. that was neat! thanks, cheryl

  17. I got 7 out of 10.  Some of them were a lucky guess, or good subconscious thinking.  Neat quiz!  Thanks for sharing!


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