Sunday, July 16, 2006


Good morning everyone!  I hope you all are having a fine day!  I'm pretty quiet this week because my son, Matt, is visiting for ten days.  We're off to go see a movie and then out for a bite to eat this afternoon.  That should be lots of fun!  Matt's changed a bit this past visit.  He is more laid back.  I like it.  He came with a brow piercing and a tattoo this time.  The tattoo is a treble clef on his left arm.   Next, he is getting a double-bass clef on his right arm.  I guess it's the artist in him.  I like the tattoo and the brow piercing.  Am I a bad mother?  LOL  I will try to get a picture of the tattoo before he leaves.  It's really cool.  He found the clef on the internet and the tattoo artist did a really good job.  Speaking of symbols on the internet, I wanted to do "Wordplay" this morning.  It has to do with some interesting symbols.  So, here goes...

My sister Krissy sent me a fun site.  It translates English into hieroglyphics.  I was skeptical when I first saw this.  Could they really translate today's English into ancient hieroglyphics?  

I looked up hieroglyphics in Webster's and it says, "The picture script of the ancient Egyptian priesthood." 

I also found out that this writing uses more than 2,000 characters that represent common objects in ancient Egypt.  Hieroglyphs can represent the sound of the object or an idea associated with the object.  Alphabet characters were the basis for hieroglyphic writing.  I was surprised to find this out.  The basic hieroglyph characters are referred to as the alphabet.  The characters are read as the "sound" of the object they represented.  Vowels were spoken in their language, but  were usually not written unless a word began with a vowel or where it might be confusing if it was left out.  I found most of this information at
this site.  I know, this is getting kind of confusing.  It will make sense in a moment, hopefully.

For "Wordplay", I want you to go
and type in your first name in the search box and hit "Translate into Hieroglyphics"Learn what characters make up your name in hieroglyphics!!  Neat!!

I tried to copy and paste and save and paste and it's forbidden.  It will allow you to print it out if you want to, though.  Come back here and let us know what symbols make up your name!

My name, "Valerie" is - 
viper, arm, lion, vulture, mouth, reed leaf,

What symbols make up your name?

Have a lovely rest of the day! xox


  1. arm, water jar, stand, vulture, lion, arm


    Glad my name wasn't Englebert Humperdink. ; )

  2. i am water, quail chick, vulture, lion, vulture

  3. its me again  jason is a cobra,arm, mouth,quailchick,water
    take care

  4. Mine is Jar Stand, Quail Chick, Reed Leaf, Hand, Quail Chick.

  5. I am Cobra, Quail Chick, hand, double reed leaf.

    My daughter is Cobra, arm, hand, vulture.

  6. I am basket, mouth, reed leaf, mouth, double reed leaf!  Ironic how there are two mouths in my name, LOL.  I like to talk a lot!


  7. I am a leg arm mouth leg arm mouth arm?????What the heck does that mean?  I know it doesn't have anything to do with exercise...but it sounds like cheerleading

  8. Good Morning Val and thank you for stopping by my j and leaving a nice comment. I have you on alerts now. So I'll be back.

    Ok, did the higo thingy. I am a Leg, Eye, Vulture, Wiggle Line, Hand, & Arm.


  9. How interesting!  My name is Kathy and it translated into:

      basket       arm         th         double reed leaf

    Thanks for a neat idea!

  10. Hi Val, it's John.  Mine is Cobra, quail chick, water.  Thanks, this was fun!


  11. Mine is lion, reed leaf, water, hand and arm....
    This was interesting....
    Have a cool week!
    Linda :)

  12. Hey Val,
    I'm finally trying to get back into gear again. Here's my entry:
    Take care, Chrissie

  13. Thanks for the link,
    basket arm mouth vulture (aka. Kate)

  14. Just coming by to say hi & hope you have a nice wkend.
    Hugs, SUGAR

  15. I got the symbols but did not have my printer hooked up to get the printout of words.    I enjoyed reading your entry and the comments.      mark

  16. Just saw this, love it.  I studied Egyptology years back as one of many hobbies, I notice they're using modern Phoenician glyphs, the most current interpretations.  Here's mine:  Basket, arm, "th", double reed leaf.  Cathy (very entertaining, thanks Val!)

  17. Very cool websites!! My name starts with a "jar" which makes so much sense! I will post this on my blog,
    I found your journal through Krissy, "Fisherkristina"'s journal.  It looks great!

    God bless!



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