Thursday, February 9, 2006

Wordplay, Etc......

The building in yesterday's entry that was on fire is now flattened.  A wrecking ball came in last night and took care of it.  So sad.  It was an icon.  It was in the national news because Presidents have stayed there.  I forget which ones, though.  The air in my town is smokey.  I have chunks of black soot in my yard and I can smell the fire in my apartment.  It isn't pleasant.  It has even made my asthma act up, although not terribly.


I think this week's Wordplay will be fun!!  I have a few wordplay riddles.  Put your answers in the comments section or send your answers to me via email at  It was fun collecting these riddles!  I hope you have fun trying to solve them!  Here they are...

     1.  Why was WWI named approximately 30 years after this war?

     2.  An archaeologist claimed he unearthed a coin that was stamped 30 B.C.
          It was found to be a fake.  Why?

     3.  How far can a dog run into the woods?

     4.  How many 3 cent stamps in a dozen?

     5.  If a peacock lays an egg on the top of a barn and the wind is coming from
          the south, which way does the egg fall?

     6.  An anthropologist found Adam and Eve in a block of ice!  How were they
          able to determine with certainty that they were Adam and Eve?

     7.  If a chicken and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half, how
          many eggs will one chicken lay in one day?

I talked to Krissy and John last night.  Yep, I got to talk to John !!!   It was heavenly to hear his voice!!!  He is showing signs of grafting according to his doctor so that is wonderful news!!  Yay!!!  He was in the hospital for a week with a fever, but that has gone away.   His spirits are up and he sounds good.  Krissy sounds pretty good, too!  Have a good day, everyone! xox


  1. So many questions! I didn't study! I think my head will explode.

  2. 1. Because that is when WW2 began
    2. Coins were not made until after 30BC
    3. Halfway
    4. 4
    5. Peacocks don't lay eggs.  Peahens do
    6. There was a rib missing from Adam
    7. 2
    Am I right?

  3. We have mutual J-Land friends and I followed your journal over here to say hello.  I was greatly surprised and interested.  I'll be playing your anagrams soon.  Nice to meet you.  Stop by my journal and say hello sometime too.

  4. thanks for the update from Krissy and John; glad you got to talk to them.


  5. 1) Because one and two were almost 30 years apart. (If I understood that right.....LOL).
    2) No coins that far back
    3) Until he runs out of woods. He'd be on the other side of the woods when he does.
    4) 12
    5) A peacock is a boy bird and doesn't lay eggs.
    6) The scar from the missing rib? LOL!
    7) One (I hope so. Bad at math)

    Very happy to hear that John is doing well. I hope Krissy is too.


  6. Thanks for the update on John. Hope Krissy will hold up okay under all the stress.
    Love to you Val, pass hugs on to John and Krissy please?
    Take care.
    Sylvia xxx

  7. I'm so glad John is doing well now after the setback last week. Give them my love. Sad about that building, the photos looked horrific, I hope nobody got hurt in it. Jeannette.

  8. I know some of these answers are wrong, but I didn't cheat & look at the other here goes......

    1) WW1 was called The Great War, because it was the biggest one to date until the second "great war" that involved the whole world ended 30 yrs. later. They were then called World War 1 and World War 2.

    2)It was a fake because it was not known in 30 B.C. that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem 30 yrs. later.


    4) 12; a dozen=12

    5) to the north

    6) carbon dating?

    7) a half an egg?

    Glad to hear Krissy & John are doing well. These riddles were fun. Take care, Val.


  9. So glad John is doing better!!!!! And Krissy I'm sure is happy about that!!!
    Off to ponder wordplay...
    Linda :)

  10. I'm going to enjoy following your journal.  I once lived across the street from a house that burned up and there were kids inside.  It's a horrible, horrible thing.  I was a teenager and will never forget it as long as I live.  So sad. Thank you for commenting in my journal.  All comments are like presents to me!

  11. 4) 12    6) by the apple cores     7)1    That is fantastic news about John having signs of grafting!    mark

  12. 6)   because they had no belly buttons.     mark
    7) 0   because the operation to remove the half chicken failed caused the demise of the chicken.  ??????lol

  13. check your e-mail for my answers--glad john is doing better...roberta

  14. Happy Valentines Day :)


  15. I'll get back to you on the busy!
    love, Kellen


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