Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wordplay and Update on John...


I want to change the title of my journal.  I really, really want to change it!  I have been wanting to change it for months now.  When I started my journal I thought I would be the only one reading it.  When I signed up with AOL I saw this neat little link that let me start a journal.  I pressed it and created a journal.  I was new to the journalling world.  I had NO idea that anyone would read it.  I wrote a couple of entries thinking that it would be safe for only my eyes.  Then one day I see at the bottom a comment from my daughter in Florida.  I was wondering to myself, "How in the world did she find my journal???"; "How did she put a comment in there?"  Silly me.  Then I realized that anyone could find it if they wanted to.  I started journal-hopping and the rest is history.  Going back to what I wanted to talk about, the name of my journal, I don't like it because it isn't creative.  It is boring.  I want to change it.  It was picked on the fly.  What should I change it to?  Any suggestions from anyone?  I have a couple of ideas, but nothing is grabbing me.  This builds up to this week's wordplay...


What is the title of your journal
?  Why did you choose it?  What does it mean to you ?

Tell us all about it in the comments section or copy and paste this question and tell us about it in your journal and don't forget to come back and leave a URL to your entry in the comments section.

Kellen is starting his second
Journal Tournament
.  I had so much fun playing his first one!!  Go ahead and sign up and play!!!  We need to support his hard work!  He did a superb job in the first Tournament!  Let's give him more players this go-around!!  I know some of you are competitors out there!  Please advertise this in your journal, too, if you can.  Congratulations to Deb for winning the first Tournament!!

I talked to John and Krissy again last night.  John's white blood count is 3.7!!  They had to lower it to 0 for the transplant and it is already back up to 3.7!!  Yay!!  He had a blood test five days ago to see if he is engrafting.  The results won't be back for up to 12 more days, but he is already showing signs of engrafting so we are hopeful!  He sounded strong and like himself again when I was talking to him.  I could "hear" laughter and joy in his voice.  Krissy was sounding good, too.  They sure miss home, though.  Thanks for everyone's support and prayers.  It is keeping them going!

I have done everything I can to get pictures to upload on my computer.  I really want to resume "Up Close With Val".  I got a new USB cord.  It didn't upload the pictures.  I re-installed the software.  That didn't work.  I gave my camera to someone with my USB cord and had them see if it worked on their computer.  It did.  So, I think it is a problem with my computer.  Oh my.  I am going to have to take pictures and go over to Krissy's computer and upload them and send them to myself.  My software still works if I email the pictures to myself, so I will have to do that.  Crazy.

I need to give you guys the answers to last week's "Wordplay".  As a group all the questions were answered correctly except the last one.  No one got the answer to the egg question.  My Dad provided me with most of these riddles.  He is a riddler.  Thanks, Daddeeoo =)  Here are the answers:

1.  WWI was called "The Great War" until WWII came about.  You have to have a WWII to have a WWI.

2.  30 B.C. was not called 30 B.C. at that time.  B.C. means Before Christ.  How did they know Christ would be born in 30 years?

3.  A dog can run half way into the woods, then he is running out of the woods

4.  There are 12 three cent stamps in a dozen.

5.  There would be no egg.  Peacocks don't lay eggs.  Peahens do.

6.  They were able to determine they were Adam and Eve because they had no belly buttons!  Great job Mark!!

7.  2/3 an egg

One last thing, my counter re-set itself.  Does anyone know how to fix it?  I saw some complicated instructions.  Is there an easier way does anyone know?

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day yesterday.  I did ;D!!  I'm off to go take care of Krissy's kitty cat again.  He is wonderfully loving.  Have a good day, everyone! xox


  1. The title of my journal is Confessions of An Angel Waitress.  I chose that name because when I started my journal I was a waitress.  I was going to write about all the things that happened to me in a regular working day.  After I became an "addict" to jland.... I quit my waitressing job and am now a cashier in a grocery store.  Everyone knows me by the first name and Confessions Of An Angel Cashier...just sounds wierd.  So since I am a waitress at heart I am keeping my name.  That's my story and I am sticking to it.   PS I don't think you should change your name....I like you just the way you are :) Barbara

  2. Random Thoughts was once Randomacts Ramblings. Randomacts or "Random" is my user name in Casual Chat. Wonderful place, the link is in my journal. Random Thoughts is because that is how my mind works. I think of one thing and forget and think of something else. So is my journal. A bunch of random stuff thrown in. As I Am came about because we, the disabled and ill are different from the rest whether we want to be or not. But we are fun, loving people. Take me as I am. There is Val's World. But you will find the right one for you.

  3. My "landscapeartwork" journal is because that is the type of artwork I am most interested in.    "MarksDailyJournal" is  not living up to its given name as I am not making entries but read and comment daily.     I am glad that you pointed out that Kellen is a he and not a she.   No suggestions on changing your journal name but wishing you the best on finding an appropriate new one.  Wishing you a late Valentine's Day and the news about John could not be better.   My prayers for his continued success.    mark

  4. Hi Val,  Thanks for the update on John, I`m so pleased that he is doing so well. :o)  I call my journal Sandra`s Scribbles because that is exactly what it is, sometimes I have no idea what I`m doing to say next and sometimes I plan it down to the last detail.  Why not call your journal "Wordplay with Val"  it`s a catchy title and it could never be confused with anyone elses journal...and you do all this interesting stuff with words! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  5. thanks for the update on John and Krissy.

    Let's see; I named my journal "Of mini-paws and menopause" because I liked how it sounded and of course the mini-paws is Koda, our corgi, and the menopause is me since I'm getting to that age in life with hot flashes etc.


  6. thanks for the update:) we picked Jckfrstross because that is what our sons nickname was in the army jack frost cause he was a good shooter with his gun cold as ice so they called him jack frost  and ross is our last name


  7. So happy to hear John is doing so well. Best news today. : )
    Changing the name of your journal. I did that once. I changed it to Life as I see it because I think life is seen by everyone in different ways and since I wanted to mainly talk about life in general, that's how I came up with the name. If you notice, I only write personal stuff here and there. It's more about how I see things in the world  from my perspective. You need to first figure out what your journal is about. If it's about personal and games to play, it should have a title with both in it......I'm thinking here. LOL!  From the bible verse, there is "A Time For Every Purpose." (Think of the song "Turn, Turn, Turn") That's all I could come up with this fast. : )
    PS.....Thanks for the answers. Adam and Eve made me laugh. : )

  8. I've had the journal name blues too.  Keep us posted (I won't say alerted...bad alert karma ;)).  Thanks for the update on John and Krissy. ;)  C .


    here's my explanation

  10. My journal is From Here to There. I chose it because I thought I would be sharing not only my daily life, but my life in Mexico.What does it mean?  I've been from here to there and back again and my adventures have built the person I am today.  I wanted it to be a reflection of that, sort of a mirror into my soul.  I'll think about your journal name.  Your honesty and straightforwardness helped me to to look at myself and get some help for my problem.  Maybe you could call it Straight from the Hip.  I love you gal, Penny

  11. Glad to hear good news about John. I get Krissys updates.
    I want to change my journal name too...
    "One day at a Time.."  Just meant that's how i try and take life...but that boring !


  12. Wonderful news about John - keeping him and Krissy in my continued prayers.

    As for the journal, I've changed my journal name a few times - have thought about changing it again.  I think as I change or my situation in life changes, I change it to reflect what is happening.  

    Originally my journal was Smilin Mon's Adventures - mostly because it seemed at the time anything I did led to some sort of mishap or adventure.  Now I have it as the Back Roads of Life.  That was selected one sunny afternoon when Sonny and I were on this little back logging road in the four wheeler - driving slowly and savoring the beauty around us.  At the time, we had a lot of time to hit the small back roads and basically smell the roses and take in all the beauty.   We still do that - just not often enough and most of my stories now are travel - customer service related.  So, any suggestions for me too? :-)

    Sorry to have rambled on so long!


  13. brilliant news about John, I sent a card today which they should receive soon...............Jules xxx

  14. Hey val my names cherry and i suffer from a disease also its called sickle cell anemia and i have the worse form of it which is SS. What disease are you suffering from and i understand the part about life moving slow my disease makes the days seem like that.

  15. Hello friend good news about john and krissy how much longer do they think untill they can come home it must be hard on them they are still in my prayers ok the title of my journal is life at out house because that is what it is about life and waht goes on at our house it means to me my family and our home that is everything to me beside my faith which you know but God is in our house too i do not know a name for you and your jourankl sorry but i would give you a few words to help you they make me think of you kittys family God loving kind sweet humorous hope it helps have a good day GOd bless kelley

  16. I am so glad about John.  I think about Krissy and John everyday.  

    Val, I dont have a journal because what would I write about.  I have a stupid life and it wouldnt be interesting.  Hope you are feeling ok......Love and Hugs

  17. This was a good choice for wordplay...
    I'm so happy for John and Krissy!!
    Here's my entry:
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)


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