Thursday, February 15, 2007

My pets...

The subject for this week's Photo Scavenger Hunt with Krissy is "my pet or pets".  You all have seen photos of my kitty cats before.  I talk about them a lot, don't I?  Ah, I am owned by cats.   My cats are little souls running around my home that add life and humor and love.  Unfortunately, I don't have any updated photos of Honey and Baby because I still can't upload pictures to my computer.  I have been working on this for a year!  Help!  LOL  I wanted to participate, though, and hope you enjoy these older photos.  Maybe I can add some information, too, that I have never told you all before.

The first photo is Honey.  Honey's original name was Joy Faith.  She was an outdoor, stray cat that stayed with her Mama until she was four months old.  She was the runt of the litter and was pampered by their Mama.  Here she is behind the rocking chair in my living room where she greets me every time I enter my home...


I found Honey in an advertisement in a newspaper.  I was very ready to get a cat as I was pretty lonely living alone in an apartment.  I prayed to find just the right cat.  Honey was so, so sweet and full of antics and love!  She stole my heart!  Her name went from Joy to Joy-Joy then to Honey-Honey and finally just to Honey.  Here she is on one of her favorite spots, warm laundry just after it is folded...


And her other favorite warm spot is in the window...


Honey is so sweet.  She is a laid-back cat.  She communicates her needs very well.  She was my shadow until Baby came into the picture.  Now Baby is my shadow.

Here is Baby as a kitten...


Baby was abandoned by his Mama around two weeks old.  His given name was JoJo by my neighbor who took him in.  She named him after the fellow who found him.  His name was Joe and he was on a crew outside working where the Mama cat had dropped Baby off.  She was very smart and abandoned him where people were working so he would be found!  My neighbor dropper-fed JoJo then bottle-fed him.  She took him to work and held him in a sling next to her body for warmth so he would survive because he was so tiny.  When I received him it was over a month later after she got him.  See how tiny he still is!  She couldn't keep him because she grew allergic to him.  It was so sad.


I found I was calling JoJo "The Baby" or just "Baby".  It was just natural.  Then his name just turned into Baby.  For a year or more we called him this.  He has been rough and tough and tumble and a moose.  No one has ever been able to pet him or hold him with any regularity.  He really is un-adoptable.  The only time he is really sweet and when you can touch him is when he is falling asleep.  He sucks his toes and kneads the bed.  He likes to sleep with me.  Sometimes he likes to sleep on his back.


He has grown to 22 pounds by two years old and is now called Boo.  For some reason I just call him that.  These two pictures were taken around 18 months old.  He has grown larger.  I know no other larger/heavier cat except my sister's cat, Michael.  Here is Michael.  I will show you him as Krissy does not have time to post this week.  She is very busy.  I hope you don't mind, Krissy =).


Isn't he lovely?!!  He is so sweet.  Krissy got Michael from a pet shop.  He was very sick.  She and John nursed him back to health.  They saved his life, really.  He's a Maine Coon and is very clever.  He loves his Aunt Valerie.  I hope you enjoyed the cats and cat stories!

If you have any pets come join in the photo hunt!!  We would love to see them!!


  1. Your babies are beautiful.  And I've seen pictures of Michael in Krissy's journal.  My son had a beautiful Maine Coon for years..her same was Sima and she had blue eyes.  And then the summer of 2005 I took in a 25 lb Maine Coon for a few months while his people decided if their baby was allergic to him or not.  He was a dear but I was happy he was able to go back to his people.  So a couple months after Alex went home, it was kind of a culture shock to get little 5 lb Gabi (with a flat face).  I just love all cats, mostly they all have sweet personalities and love being with their people.   Linda (and Gabi) in Washington  

  2. (((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))Beatiful entry of your cats,I love it.I will be doing mine,hpfully tonight.A memorie of my pet/pets.I hope you have a nic day/weekend ahead.

  3. Baby was so cute as a kitten!  We love our kitties too! They keep things lively for us.

    Hope you are doing well and staying warm!


  4. all of them are adorable.

  5. Val~Jojo is so big and I loved seeing him as a kitten! All are so cute! I just got my "Cuest Pets of 2006" book in the mail yesterday. For a pretty price they printed my photo of Dutch's dog, Dancer--turns out the price is worth it as I keep looking at all the cute pets over and over again! It does my heart good to see just how much people love thier pets! Blessings, Deb ;-)

  6. Great cat pictures, Val, thanks for sharing

  7. Those are great stories of Honey, Baby/Boo, and Micheal (the Cat)!    I can see in your sidebar how you believe strongly in spaying, nueteuring your pets so more strays do not suffer starvation and contribute to a diseased population.     I have a ferel cat right now in my barn that is part of the population where I live.     I did my entry on my dog if anyone would care to visit:


  8. Beautiful cats, Valerie!

    Krissy :)

  9. It is true what they say...cats don't have owners, they have staff.  Great pictures, so cute!


  10. Your cats are very cool.  If I wasn't so allergic to cats I would have one.  They are facinating animals.  
    Hugs,  Kathy

  11. ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOOU)))))))))))))))))))))Hope your having a good weekend.Here is my link for the Scavanger Hunt about my pet/pets.This was fun to do.Let me know if you got the link.Thanks.

  12. love it!  they are so cute

  13. Here's my entry!

  14. Very nice photos.  I'm not a cat person.  My grandparents had wild cats on the farm that just hated me.   LOL I've slowly overcome my cat phobia...LOL Am consiering a kitten for the girls.  
    Hugs, Barb  

  15. Val,

    Thanks for coming to visit my journal and seeing the pics of my pets.  I LOVE my fur babies.  This weekend we are puppysitting my nephew's 8-week old rednosed brindle pit bulldog.  He is a cutie named Zeus.  We have had a ball with him.  Our male Beta is named Edward Scissorfins.  Can you guess what my daughter's favorite movie is, lol?  Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful.  I have chronic pain issues as well, so please know you are in my thoughts and my prayers.



  16. P.S.  Your cats are gorgeous!  I enjoyed seeing the pics of them.

  17. Hello Honey, Baby and Michael!!  You guys are all too cute and Baby I am gonna get that belly!!
    Linda :)

  18.  Love your cat pictures they are so sweet, Zoey is being a brat and won't sit still for a picture unless she is sleeping.  How many sleeping Zoey pictures can I post? LOL


  19. Ah Val, your cats are so precious!  Ever so photogenic!  And I am not a cat person. But those guys are special!  So is Krissy's cat.  He's really big. Our son Tim, has a cat (Bobcatt is his name) that is HUGE...he was just a stray Tim tok in when he was still single.  I don't have any GOOD pcitures of Kaycee and Ted. They both have staining, and I don't know if I want to post them. We love them anyway, of course!  Just as you know I love you!  Merry

  20. such cute kitties!

  21. You must go and check out my babies. Tish.

  22. awww...they are darling!


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