Sunday, February 4, 2007

"Wordplay" #39, etc...

Good morning all my journal pals!  I have had a hard weekend.  I have been hurting a lot with fibromyalgia pain.  It has been the worst pain I have had in over a year.  Weather changes bring on pain for me.  We have had severe drops in temperature and strong winds in my area and that always does a number on me.  I have weird skin pain on my legs that hurts down to the bone that feels like a sunburn.  It's a nerve pain thing.  Nerve pain is always worse than muscle pain and is harder to treat.  So I have been slow moving and haven't accomplished very much.  Enough whining for me.  Chelsea, Desi and the baby will be leaving this Saturday!!!  They are actually coming!!  I am so excited!!  Josiah was sick all last week with a chest cold and asthma.  Poor thing.  He inherited asthma from his Grandma.  He was doing better when I called Saturday night.  I called to make sure everyone in the family was okay after I heard about all the tornadoes that hit Florida.  Wow, what damage.  My kids and their families are fine.  They were only 20 miles from the damage.  Scary.  My heart and prayers go out to all who were affected by the devastation.


I am doing a "Wordplay" that comes from John, my sister Krissy's
husband.  He wanted to know what is your favorite color and what word or words remind you of that color?  Please answer this in the comments section.  If you would like to do this in your own journal, please come back and leave a full URL address so that we can all read it.

My answer:  My favorite color can change daily, but for today, I will pick
blue and red.  I know, I am cheating and picking two colors, because it is hard for me to pick just one today.  Blue reminds me of tranquility, calmness and centeredness.  It makes me happyRed reminds me of passion, energy, love, and beauty.  I really enjoy looking at red.  I think it is a beautiful color.  What about you What is/are your favorite color/colors and how do you describe them?

I will be posting everyone's favorite colors and their descriptive words in a few days or a week or so.  Thanks for playing!!

Hope everyone is having a good Super Bowl Sunday!!  xox


  1. My favorite color is green.   Green reminds me of spring, warmth, growth & life.

    Hope you are doing well!


  2. I have sort of adopted PURPLE as my "favorite" color.  I like it, but actually favoring one color over any other is sort of strange.  Anyway, I chose purple because of it's connotations: passion and royalty.  I used to pretend to go wild when co-workers, ladies, wore purple.  That made folks laugh.  
    I had a purple vest that I wore oftern.  It got lots of comments.
    If someone said, "I like your vest," then I would say, "It is that new material that appears in different colors according to your personality.  White to virgins. Green to the healthy. Red to the tempermental."  
    They would ask, "What does it mean if you see purpole", and I would wink and say, "It means we have a date for tonight for dinner and DESERT afterwards."

  3. Sorry you've been in so much pain....really.


  4. sorry you are not feeling well today val... get better fast... chelsea is supposed to come see me tomorrow if she does with the baby before she leaves town...

    ok colors how can one choose one? bright sparkly pink, (at this point irodecents and metalics should count as to part of the color) perky, fun, girly, pretty, spunky, not quiet, sweet, yummy, hot

    another color? well we are supposed to pick one but Im doing two also... black- the under rated color! grounded, deep, rich, strong, clean

    truth be told I love color.. and that means all color but I thought I would choose two that I find appealing today, and since red was taken by val already, Im typing my answer with nails I had perfectly painted with candy apple red and white poka dots on my ring finger of each hand... now thats lovely!

  5. Sorry about your pain. I have mild fibromyalgia, so I know what you mean. Sometimes, nothing works for the pain and yes weather changes coming and going do effect it, as does stress. I hope you feel better soon. The winds were bad today here too.

    I'm going to pick two too. LOL! If you can, I can. : )

    Purple......Godliness, spirituality, wisdom.
    White.....Purity, Angelic, Devine light, glowing.

    (a third would be blue......peace and tranquility)......I'm so wordy. LOL! I love words.

    God bless you,

  6.  Sorry your hurting, this weather really kicks it in doesn't it.  Take care.
     My favorite color is Yellow.  Bright, sun, intense, joy, radiant, they all sound like yellow to me.


  7. ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))))I hope you feel bette soon.And your grandson feels better to.Have a nice week and a good time with your family.

  8. Val, Have you tried Neurontin, aka gabapentin, in dosages for nerve pain?  That's what I get from the pain MD.  Dadeo. . .

  9. Lavender is one of my constant favorites, to me it is calming and peaceful. Makes me think of my mom she was one of the calmest people I know. Maybe that's why lavender seems calm to me.
    I am sorry tht you are in pain.
    Glad that your daughter and family will be close by soon. I know you will enjoy that.

  10. Hi Val~Hope the pain improves ASAP!
    My fav color is purple! It reminds me of royalty, irises, lilacs, other beautiful flowers, when I'm lucky I see it in a sunset, ripe plums and grapes. I love all the shades of purple too--esp. lavender like the herb. For me purple is soothing and calming. Whenever I wear it I feel pretty. ;-) Good question, John and I send you my best! Blessings, Deb

  11. Val,
    You poor dear.  I am so sorry about your pain.  Especially the nerve pain, seems as if there is nothing the docs can do for that.  My podiatrist (of all docs) gave me an ointment.  It's called Solaraze Gel.  It's  used for some sort of skin condition, but has anti inflammatory properties.  It works great.  It's pretty much the only thing that helps with my nerve pain.  Helps with the arthritis pain too in my feet.  It's so very expensive, but you use very little.  It lasts a very long time.  sometimes gives me samples.  Ask about it.

    I'm glad about your family in Fla.  It was sure horrible.  When are they do to arrive?

    Thanks for the well wishes for me and Lauren.  She is fine.  I am still fighting bronchitis.  Ugh!  The doc had me on 60 mg of prednisione.  I was jumping out of my skin.  Boy it sucks.  Gary said the test went well.  Easier than he thought it would be.  Looks good.  Keep praying.  He gets the results in five weeks.

    Hugs, Lu

  12. Today, LOL, my favorite color is red.  The words that come to mind are life (how much of thise has to do with John getting blood, LOL?), creativity, brilliance, energy, spunk, and power.

    Love you sissy!  Krissy :)  

  13. It hurts to know what you're enduring, sis.  I do think of you often.  Let's see, about this color-thing - I've always thought all the hues of blue appealed more, but just like Sassy, I find it's actually a kind of violet/lavender I'm feeling.  This is the color of the rainbow closest to the earth, if you look at one.  The ultra-VIOLET rays are most dangerous, and closest, and it can either have a wonderful or frightening emotion in people, isn't that something? xoxo CATHY  


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