Tuesday, February 20, 2007

"Wordplay" #41!...

Hi everyone and a good Tuesday to you all!  It has been glorious having Josiah across the street!  Chelsea and Desi are almost completely settled in and Chelsea's flu is almost gone.  She just has a hoarse voice.  I have babysat Josiah twice the past two weeks.  He has the sweetest disposition.  He was a little cranky the first time because he had a runny nose and was teething, but he was still a little darling.  I think he remembers me from my visit to Florida.  When I sing to him he seems to recall the songs.   Maybe it is a Grammy's wish, though.  I sang to him on the phone over the past five months, too, so he could keep hearing my voice.  Chelsea is feeling quite a bit tired and very nauseous with this second pregnancy.  She is very fatigued.  Poor thing.  I was quite a bit sicker with my second pregnancy, too.  I told her to hang on until the sixth month and she will feel a lot better.  I do hope she has a girl this time.  I want to buy dresses!  Of course, I will take either sex!  So, I have a "Wordplay" for you all today and now on with it...


This one is fun!  It takes no thought and you can play with it for awhile!  I found a site called
Anagram Genius.  The definition for an anagram is, "A word or phrase made up by transposing the letters of another word or phrase."  You can insert your name or any other words you would like and find an anagram for them at this site.  According to Anagram Genius, an anagram for George Bush is "He hugs Gore".  LOL  I think that's great!   Visit this site and insert your name, or anything else you would like, and let us know what you come up with in the comments sectionIf you don't want us to know what your real name is, how about just giving us the anagram of your name and leaving out your real name in the comments name, or you could enter your screen name. If you do this as an entry in your journal, please come back and leave a full entry URL so that we can all go back and read your entry.  Thanks for playing and I hope you had fun!

My full name "Valerie Maire Fisher" came up as "hear if smearier evil". 
The anagram of "Valerie Fisher" was "safe, evil hirer". 
For fun I entered,  "Grammy to Josiah" and got "Joy! I am smart hog."

My daughter's anagram is, "Sincere hen appeal.", oh, I LOVE that!  LOL
My son's was, "Tape worthier apeman."
The craziest one I came up with was my mom's, "Joy! Harasser of barbarism."

What did you come up withPlease let us know in the comments section!  Thanks for playing!  I hope everyone is having a good week!  Hugs to you all! xox


  1. Mine was:  Joy! Defy short!

  2. Aloud Bold King LOLOL

  3. No salami gene...........I like it but it's wrong. Here's the site I use for anagrams. Gives a whole bunch


    Hope your girl is feeling well soon. Say hi to Krissy for me.


  4. The anagram for my full name (including maiden name) is "Farewell! Childless Moron."  Without my maiden name it's "If Charmless Loner", and just my first and last name is "Hero's mill".

  5. He he, I am - Jeers as animals - !!
    Hello Val :o)
    Sara   x

  6. ha that is funny my name becomes "break, crab bear"
    I am so glad that your family is next door it is such a treat to see the grandkids regularly. Makayla lives with us and I just love having her here. I also love that her mom is here too and I can say go see mom. hehehe.

  7. Here's me:  'Half-blindly array noble.'

  8. John's is "Jerk hand down ox."  I am not telling what mine is, LOL.  It is something about a sexy shrink.


  9. Mine is 'Manslayer in oddly'  hmmmm...
    So glad Josiah and his mom and dad live so close by now for you to visit!
    Have a great Wednesday!
    Linda :)

  10. Congrats on the second pregancy (I'm so out of the loop!  SORRY!!) and for the family across the street.
    Here's my anagram: Dyke well-read dragon for Kellen Edward O'Grady.

  11. Eerie! “Multiple Sclerosis” anagram is “Lo, it perils muscles”.

  12. I love that anagram genius, how neat!  Here's mine:  'shelly mundy'
    anagrams to
    'Slyly mud hen.'

    I'm glad you are enjoying having your grandson so close.  That's awesome.  Give him a hug and a squeeze from j_land! : )  Love, Shelly

  13. Oh yay!!!!  Grand baby #2 and Josiah across the street!  I am so happy for you Val!  ;-D  2007 is going to be a busy and wonderful year!

    be well,


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