Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Wordplay Wednesday"#3!

Thanks so much for all of your congratulations for Chelsea and me on the birth coming up in our family!!  That was so nice of all of you!!  I heard from Krissy last night and she is holding up.  John finished his chemotherapy yesterday and is still able to sit in a chair, so that is a good sign.  The doctors called him a "Star Patient".  Please pray for his transplant on Friday.  I will keep you all up-to-date as best as I can.

Today is Wednesday so I have an installment of "Wordplay".  I hope you guys take a stab at this one.  It takes some thought, but it will be lots of fun!  Here it is...


One of my favorite poems to write is the haiku.  I like the flow and rhythm of them.  I like that they don't rhyme. 

Haiku defined from Merriam Webster - an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively.

Paper holds choice words
          Plucked while dancing in my thoughts
          A haiku is born

I would love to read a haiku you have written!  Leave it in the comment section or write it in your journal and leave me a link so I can go read it!  Write on a favorite subject of yours!  Go ahead, give it a try!!  You know you want to try it =)!!  Thanks for playing!

Have a good day everyone! xox


  1. A haiku about a favourite subject... hmm... OK, here goes...

    Latte is yummy
    Makes my tummy happy
    Off to have one now

    He he, well you did say it had to be about a favourite subject ;o)
    Yours was fab :o)
    Sara   x

  2. Hi Val,  hmmm..... Here we go:

    I Love my dog Jake
    He is the most faithful hound
    And makes me smile

    Not very good, but I! :o)

    Sandra xxxx

  3. I can't even write a regular poem. LOL! But it was fun reading yours and others. : )

    PS.....Calling friend in another prayer group about your brother-in-law's transplant.

  4. Here's mine:

    Koda is my pup
    He runs, plays, has too much fun
    Running through the snow


  5. My head is a mess
    Too many football games watched
    No trip to Detroit!


  6. Precious babies sleep
    Babies God's special angels
    Children gift from God

    I haven't written a haiku since I was in school.

  7. A bit late, but CONGRADULATIONS OF GRANDMA-HOOD!  (lol)  
    Here's my Haiku:
        Music is hobby
        Music is inspiration
        Music is my life


  8. hello friend dugh have no idea on this one sorry i do not even know wht that poamn is have a good day your family is in my prayers God bless kelley

  9. Let's see.......I'll give it a try:

    A cat named Boo Boo
    Boo Boo is my cat
    My cat loves to play.


  10. Bless America
    God please keep her in your hands
    All  I ask of You.
    How's that? Barbara

  11. That will take some thinking Val.    I like the idea and will let you know.    Hugs  mark

  12. Wisdom is a challenge
    Life can have it's ups and downs
    Prayer will lift me higher

  13. Here's one my son wrote...
    Linda :)

  14. Its 4:20 in Utah...Is Johns transplant over?   I have been thinking of them all day...
    I think I better think on the word play.......maybe get the yeolecontractor to help me.......He can say words and put them together like no one I have ever read.
    Maybe I better think of my own word play, huh?  ok    take care love and hugs to you........Do you go to school or teach school?  Love Myke    
    And what birth coming coming up for you and Chelsea?

  15. i wish i could haiku, val, val
    but words do not come to me
    in a three line haiku..... roberta

  16. OK you are part of the game I am calling - Hey I'm country!  Stop by my journal in a little while and check it out!  But give me time to finish the entry- you'll see why!

  17. OK I made it back to read a little more about you!  Congrats on becoming a grandma!!  I am not far behind you.  I just turned 30 - BUT I have 3 stepkids that are 18, 16 and 15.  Then my 5 kids are 13, 9, 6, 4 & 3.  So I am probably just a few years behind you!
    Now I really stink at this poetry thing!  So I am not even going to try!  HeHe!  You have the link to my main journal!  Here is the link to my other one also!


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