Monday, January 23, 2006

Good News and Stuff!...

I'm gonna be a grandma, I'm gonna be a grandma!!  Yep, Yep!!  So, congratulations to Chelsea who is due on September 13!  Wow, a grandma!  She is making me a grandma at 40!!  Did I just say my age?  LOL  Chelsea is doing very well.  Just a little bit of nausea here and there and a little bit of apprehension.  I just wish she wasn't in Florida and I was in Pennsylvania.  I am going to have to figure out how to save enough money to get down to see her sometime after the baby is born.  I wanted to help her out a little and see the little one.  So, I think the baby is a girl.  I said it here first!  I really think so.  So, yes, I am gonna be a GRANDMA!!  Do you think I am excited?

I have been pretty darn sick the past couple of weeks with a chest cold and asthma attacks so I wasn't able to do "Wordplay" last Wednesday, but it will resume this Wednesday.  I have been chastising myself all week for starting a game while I have been ill.  Should I have done this again?  I need to have a regular schedule.  Regular posting times.  I hate to confuse you guys.  I have lost alot of readers already.  I am so inconsistent with the "Up Close With Val" game as it is.  By the way, I have not been able to purchase a USB cable for my camera yet and that is why I haven't posted that game in awhile.  I do hope that life will slow down and my energy will pick up and I will be able to do both consistently after I purchase the cable.

John and Krissy are now at The Transplant Center.  John has received four days of chemotherapy thus far.  He will have two more and will get Wednesday and Thursday off and will have his transplant on Friday.  He will be in Hershey for a couple of months.  Thanks for your prayers and support, everyone!!

I was tagged by
Tom with these questions.  If you would like to do them, go ahead and copy and paste and do them!!  I am not going to tag anyone.  Have fun and I hope you enjoy my answers!  That is all for today.  See you on Wednesday for "Wordplay!!  xox

1) What is your middle name? 
Maire... it is Gaelic for Mary

2) What size is your bed? 
Twin long

3) What are you listening to? 
An airplane in the sky, cars going by my window

4) What are the last two digits of your phone # ? 

5) What is the last thing you ate? 
Maple and Brown Sugar Oatmeal (Mmmmm... love that oatmeal!!!

6) Last person you hugged? 
My boyfriend

7) How is the weather right now? 
Cold, windy, 33 degrees, dusting of snow

8) Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? 
My friend, Roger

9) What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex? 
Probably their smile and how confident they are

10) Do you have a bf/gf ?

11) --- whoops ---lol 
Where is number 11?  I am curious what it asks! LOL

12) Do you drink? 
Nope, I'm loopy enough without drinking :-o !!

13)Have you ever gotten so drunk that you don't remember the entire nite? 
A long time ago, 20 years ago maybe, when I did that kind of thing... ugh

14)Hair color? 
brown - I have to dye it, though, because there is alot of grey in it now!

15) Eye color? 

16) Fav baseball team? 
I don't watch baseball.

17) Fav animal? 
Kitty cats!  I love all kinds of animals, though!

18) Favorite season? 
Fall, although Spring is in stiff competition

19) Ever cried for no reason? 
Sure, but no reason is a good enough reason for me!

20) Last movie you watched? 
Good gravy, my memory is soooooooo bad... let me think... In Her Shoes at the theatres.  I probably watched a movie or two at home, but I can't recall which ones.

21) What book are you reading? 
"90 Minutes In Heaven".  I have also started a couple others.

22) Piercings? 
Three in left ear and two in right.  Daring, I am ;-)

23) Favorite movie? 
"The Sound of Music", although these "favorite" questions are hard.  Favorites change for me!

24) Fav college team? 
Go Penn State!!!

25) What are you doing right now? 
What do you think I am doing?  Who wrote this stupid question?  I am answering these questions!  LOL

26) Pets? 
Two wonderful meow-meows

27) Dog or cats? 
Cats.  I do love dogs, too, though.  If I had a big enough house and enough energy, I would have a dog, too.

28) Favorite flower? 
Poppies, violets, hydrangeas

29) Have you ever been caught doing something you weren't supposed to be doing? 
I would imagine so, although I can't remember the last time.  Haven't we all sometime in our lives?

30) Have you ever loved someone? 

31) Who would you like to see right now? 
My children in Florida.  I would also love to meet some J-Land friends!!

32) Are you still friends with your ex's? 
Some of them

33) Have you ever fired a gun? 
No, and have no desire to.

34) Do you like to travel by plane? 
I have never been on a plane and the idea makes me nervous, but I would like to get over the fear and get on a plane someday.

35) Right handed or left handed? 

36) If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? 
My children

37) How many pillows you sleep with? 
Seven strategically placed.

38) Are you missing someone? 
Yes ~sigh~

39) Do you have a tattoo? 
No, but I would like to get one.  I can't because I am on a blood thinner.

40) Do you watch cartoons on Sat. mornings? 
No, but I did when I was a kid.

41) Are you hiding something from someone? 
No, thank goodness.  Hiding takes too much energy.

42) Do you play an instrument? 
I used to play the violin and guitar in my youth.  I want to learn the wooden recorder and piano someday.


  1. Congratulations for being a grandmother later this year! Wishing your daughter a healthy happy pregnancy!

    Hope you feel better soon from your asthma/cold.


  2. Congratulations Val...that is so will be like me...a young grandma...I have 4 now and so happy I am young enough to enjoy them...but I am now...a way bit older than you!!  LOL...
    I hope you are feeling better.  My daughter is real sick now, sinus infection, but meds should clear her right up.  Hope your daughter has a very easy pregnancy!!
    Many hugs,

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are just about to embark on the best bit of being a parent :)

  4. How wonderful Val.  Yes, you are excited but you have every right to be, it is a wonderful feeling.  CONGRATULATIONS. Glad to hear that John's treatment is progressing well

  5. Woo Hoo Congratulations, Grandma. I was a grandma for the first time at 36. Cograts to you daughter too. I now have six grands and it's the best job in the whole wide world.

    Here's a bumper sticker for you to fine. "If I had known being a Grandma was so much fun, I'd have had them first" gigggle.



  6. Congratulations Grandma Val:)


  7. WOW I've been gone awhile and I come back to this great news! Congrats!!!  How exciting.
    And John and Krissy are in my prayers (as always)


  8. Congratulations Val, grandchildren are so precious. I'm thrilled to bits for you. We have a third grandkid expected on 5th July, really looking forward to welcoming another little one into our lives.
    My postings are getting thin on the ground of late: Where does the time go? Doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day, or maybe it's me getting old and weary. Keep laughing. Give my love to Krissy please?
    Take care my friend.
    Sylvia xxx

  9. Hi Val,   from one recent Nana to one who soon will be...many congratulations, you will love it, it`s one of the best feelings that there is!  Thanks for the update on Krissy and John, I`m looking forward to Krissy`s news when she has the time.  I`m sure all will go well. I hope you`re over your asthma and chest cold and are feeling well again.  :o)


    Sandra xxxx

  10. Hey, congradulations! May the baby be healthy and happy.

  11. Sorry to hear you've been sick BUT thrilled to hear the Grandma news. Nothing like the first grandchild. I have six. LOL! I too was a young grandma the first time. My mother was a grandma at 36. Yes, she was married at 15 and had my brother at 16 and my brother had his first child at 20. The first grandchild really does make you relive your youth. I hope you get to go to Florida to see her and help your daughter. Pray on it. : )

    PS...Tell your sister and her hubby prayers are going their way.

  12. Congratulations!! rich

  13. Sorry you've been sick, Val. Not to worry, if you don't post in awhile, I'll e-mail you! lol I'll always be a reader. Congrats on being a grandma! Hope you get to see the child soon. Great answers to the survey! Have a great day!


  14. Sorry you've been sick....congrats GRANDMA !!!!


  15. Hi Val! Sorry you have been poorly.CONGRATULATIONS! You are to be a Grandma. . .thats fabulous and such a YOUNG Grandma too!! Great news,I am very happy for you Val.x x x x

  16. Granbabies are wonnnnnnnnnnnderful.  I know what you mean about being so far apart from Chelsea.  Got webcams?  Webcams, didgital cams, and phones.  Help you stay in touch.  And don't let me have to hunt you down and make U take care of yourself.  We Love ya-

  17. I hope that everything goes smoothly for your daughter and the expected birth of your granddaughter.    I have been reading on my board and cushion and doing just sit up exercise.    I had to stop using the dumbbells until after I get the lump removed in my shoulder on Feb. 2.    It seems that the dumbbells are causing the lump to leak from the sack it is in as it makes me feel sick as the one that burst in July of 2004 did.     I have been sitting on my stool in front of my computer now for 3 hours and need to lay on the board and read.    The dumbbells seemed to be causing back strain also.     Working on my home construction became to stressful so I have not worked on it for a month.    Later today I may try to do a little easy work on it as the temperature will rise to about 53 degrees F here in S. IL.    Hope you get over your over the chest cold and asthma soon.    Hugs,   mark

  18. hello friend so sorry you have been feeling bad hope you are up and around soon love all the answetrs getting to know you better my oldest daughters middle name is marie also you will never loose me as a reader i hope it warms up there soon take care God bless Kelley

  19. sorry you havent been well. Congratulations on becoming a granny, I bet you are so excited, say congrats to Chelsea............Jules xx

  20. Val's gonna be a Grandma, Val's gonna be a Grandma!!
    I'm actually singing that out loud, yay!!
    So, you think the baby is a girl?
    How cool and wonderful and all kinds of stuff like that :o)
    Sara   x

  21. Val, congratulations on becoming a grandma come September.  Could feel the excitement in your words.  Hang in there, this is the season of colds and flu, did about 3 weeks of this myself, but starting to feel good again.  My prayers are with John and Krissy as he awaits his transplants.

  22. Congrats on being a grandma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    May i ask how old your daughter is?????

  23. Congrats Grandma VAL!!!!!

    Yay!  A baby!

    Be well,

  24. Congratulations!  You are going to be a young grandma.  Hugs,Lu

  25. Congratulations!! How exciting!! And you are a very young grandma... :)
    Have a good rest of the week!
    Linda :)

  26. Oh VAL! WHAT WONDERFUL NEWS!!!!  Isn't this the most exciting time for us?!  I never dreamed that I would be so excited to be a grandma.  Keeping Chelsea in my prayers.


  27. Val,  I am so behind in my reading journals.....I finally got to you and find out you are going to be a Grandma........Great fun for you.......make sure you send e-mail pictures so we can see her....her? him maybe??  I am so happy for you....
                                                              love Myke

  28. Congradulations! Grandma Val, know your going to love being a grandmother. Hope you are over your cold. Thanks for the update on Krissy and John. Praying all went well his transplant.  Liked your answers on the quiz. Take care.   ~Deborah


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