Sunday, January 8, 2006

My "Fives"...

Hello you =)!  So, I have been tagged with three different tags and have not responded yet.  I better get moving.  I have to list five ways in which I am "weird" - um, not too hard, LOL.  I also have to list five things that drive me crazy - um, not very hard either.  The last tag is five funny stories.  So, WHO IS starting all of these tags anyway??  So, to get moving here are five ways in which I am weird...

Five Weird Things About Me:

1.  When I am watching television I have the remote control in my hand at all times.  I flip through the channels when a commercial is on.  I HATE commercials.  I often mute them.  I am a channel surfer.  I can be watching two or even three or four shows at one time.

2.  I love pillows!  I sleep with seven pillows.  I want to buy more!  I love them.  Give me more pillows...

3.  I only wear "outside clothes" when I have to leave the house.  In the house I love to be in my pajamas.  I love pajamas.  I wear pajamas or comfortable "inside clothes" inside my house.  This may have to do with being chronically ill, but I change clothes ALOT.

4.  I can eat anything cold out of the refrigerator.  Cold spaghetti, cold pizza, cold leftovers.  I have no "breakfast foods".  I can eat almost anything.  Food is food to me and it can be eaten "as is".  I can even eat most foods right out of the can.

5.  I like to sit on the floor.  I don't like chairs very much.  I find them confining.  I even like to lie on the floor.  I think this might have to do with pain, too.  Okay, am I weird enough for you??

Five Things That Drive Me Crazy:

1.  Loud voices/loud places and chaos in general

2.  Irresponsible drivers...oh my gosh, don't they understand that they are behind a machine that CAN KILL????

3.  When people can't stop talking, and talking, and talking, and talking, and talking... especially when I am very tired.

4.  Greed and stepping on the little guy or unfortunate

5.  This country's government and how they ARE NOT taking care of the children, elderly, disabled, low-income, and this might have to do with greed and maybe apathy, but I better NOT get started....

So, onthat note... my blood pressure is starting to boil, so I think I will take a few deep breaths...

John and Krissy went to Hershey this past week.  For those of you who haven't read Krissy's journal, John was to go into The Transplant Center on January 11th, but it was pushed back because the donor contracted the flu.  Perhaps it will be a couple more weeks.  Thanks for your prayers.  I will keep you updated!!  Now I am off to think of five funny stories...

Have a lovely week, all!! xox


  1. Loved all your answers Val...great job.
    Hugs and have a blessed day!

  2. Thanks for sharing your quirks with us!

  3. Weird? Not you. Now, I AM weird. (Peanut butter & bologna sandwiches). LOL  I love cold food too.I LOVE cold fried chicken-not fast food but my own. I am the SAME way about clothes.  I don't like the floor though.  I want comfy sofas & chairs. :)
    Read about John's procedure being pushed back.  I'm saying my prayers.  Have a good rest of the weekend!
    Love ya-Barb  

  4. Val loved your weird and crazy ways....Heard about John - hope it isn't delayed too long  Ally

  5. That's so like me again! I only put clothes on when I go out otherwise I walk about in my underwear at home, the ats never complain!! I also eat most food cold, the only time I have a hot meal is normally Christmas day, I just prefer it cold. I heard about Krissy and John, hope the delay isn't too long. Jeannette.

  6. I do that with the remote, too!  Rob tries to take it from me after I fall asleep and I slap him!  Blessings, Penny

  7. Val,
    We would get along very well as roommates.  Because, you can control the remote.  I can watch whatever is on television.  I also, only wear outside clothes outside.  I love comfy inside clothes.  I confess that in the winter when I would drive the kids to school or to a friend's house I would put my coat on top of my comfy inside clothes.  I also immediately take my underwear off the moment I got in my  bedroom.  then I either put on my PJs or jogging pants and a tshirt or sweat shirt.  Me too I eat stuff cold out of the frige.  I have been known to fall asleep laying on  the floor.  Lately, because of the terrible fatigue I have been feeling and getting all out of breath I will just lay down where I am.  Could be the kitchen floor, hallway, living room.  Anywhere.

    I agree with your five things that drive you crazy too.

    Hugs, Lu

  8. Again, another person who thinks she does weird things and I think she's perfectly normal.  I really wonder if there any truly weird people in the world.  All of the "weird" entries I've read so far seem normal to me.  Thanks for the update on John & Krissy.  Linda in Washington  

  9. I love your answers Val thank you for playing


  10. I don't think you are weird; just have some interesting habits! My husband and you have a lot in common with the remote control :)


  11. I loved all your five things... so I guess it is ten things!  LOL

    Be well,

  12. I have comfortable clothes to wear indoors too, and only wear outside clothes when I leave the house :o)  As soon as I get indoors I change into comfy!
    Sara   x


  14. My nephew was hit head on on the interstate south of Chicago.   He is going to therapy and has pinched nerve and dislocated discs with back pain.   The person who hit him did  not have insurance.    My neice is religious (Baptist), and tells me that I need to forgive the driver that hit me hit and run on my motorcycle.  Also the truck driver that passed out at the wheel and hit our car and drugs were found in his cab.    He was "out of the country" when it came time for trial.   I got $600 out of a $2000 settlement for a fractured scapula after being crushed.    I am just suppose to forgive the people?   My nephew is a Christain and I wonder how he feels about forgiveness.   I will never forgive the people that severly injured me and I believe that I am a Christian.    mark

  15. My best to Krissy and John!  As for needing to hold the remote...I am right there with ya! I hate hate hate commercials. You need a DVR (one of those Tivo thingies). We have one called Beyond TV. There is nothing better than being able to pause live TV and fast forward through all the commercials!! :-)

  16. I loved all your answers Val.

  17. HI
    I am chronically ill as well--and I wear my jammies outside of the house--except my boss told me I couldn't wear sweats to work anymore--so I bought some oversized overalls and wear them 3 or 4 days a week--LOL!!!!


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