Friday, October 21, 2005

My Shunt is Working!...

"It is only possible to live happily ever after on a day to day basis."
--Margaret Bonnano

I have good news to share today.  My shunt started operating properly late last week!!  I have had alot fewer headaches and much less body pain, so life is back to normal.  Whatever normal is.   Makes me think of the quote above.  We make life what it is on a day to day basis.  I like to decide how happy I am going to be for the moment and hopefully that will carry on for the hour and on for the day.  I am someone who likes to live in the present and get as much as I can out of it.  That is why I take life slowly.  I try not to miss anything.  I think I learned this from lying in hospital beds and lying in bed hurting, but I am not sure.  I think one can decide whether they can enjoy mundane tasks or not.  One can be happy in their mind.  This didn't always work for me when I was chemically depressed and my medicine wasn't working for my bipolar so I know it isn't always possible, but I strive to be as joyful as I can be.  It doesn't work now when I am very, very worried about something either or there is alot of chaos going on around me.  I do try to have my environment as stress-free as I can make it now.  My life is so much different than it was in my 20's.  So, so much different.  I have also learned that stressful situations don't last.  I used to panic and make them worse.  Now I can ride them out so much better.  I am not sure why I am writing about this this morning.  Maybe I needed to hear it. 

There is a wonderful new disablities journal,
As I Am, that is filled with courageous entries and information.  I highly recommend it for anyone who is intrested in the subject!  Thanks for starting it, Tammy and Andi!

I am taking a break from volunteering for a few weeks to take some personal time.  I want to have as little stress as possible.  I was wondering if stress could have caused my shunt to clog.  I was having some high-stress situations around the time it began to malfunction.  I am also trying to do some more fun things in my life.  I bought a book of sudokus and can't stop doing them!!!  Does anyone else do these?!?  I am so addicted!!  I am going to pick up painting again!  I am feeling the creative streak and I think I will start to make some Christmas presents for some friends and family as well.

This is a week of birthdays in my family.  I wanted to wish
to my Uncle Gene, Therese, and Carl!!!!  And, well, one other person has a birthday and she is turning 40, but that is a secret.  LOL

The Literacy Site
has double-click week and The Breast Cancer Site has triple-click month!!  They only take two seconds to click!

I am off to enjoy my day...take care! xox


  1. So very happy to hear the news Val and it sounds like you are now going to have some fun.  Becky's Birthday today, got me thinking back to the day she was born, so much like today, heavy rain in the morning and sun in the afternoon. xxxxxx

  2. Great news Val :o)
    I got hooked on those sudoku puzzles when Stuart had the daily sudoku in his journal, I have a book of them too.  Can't do the hard ones though, lol!!  
    Good to know that you're feeling so much better.
    Take care my dear.
    Sara   x

  3. Great news Val, hope it makes things a little easier

  4. Val o Happy that your shunt is working again...I am going to be sending you I have a few ????.......thanks again ...Kasey...also thanks for the new journal link,I think I will be going back.

  5. That's good news! I hope it keeps working OK!

  6. Glad to hear that you are doing better!

  7. Now what would you have to be stressful over, lol?
    Glad you are going to have some fun like making Christmas presents!  I am also glad you are going to take a break from volunteering, b/c you deserve it!
    Love you lots!


  8. I`m very pleased to hear that your shunt is working and your headaches much less, take care Val. :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  9. Glad you are going to have some fun time,  and time for yourself....Good the headaches a less severe. ..  Relaxing will help with the stress level.  Take care...Ally

  10. Awesome news!  I am so happy for you... more prayers coming.

    Be well,

  11. Glad the problem with your shunt has ceased. Happy birthday to all those in your family, including the secret one!! Jeannette.

  12. Ah, the joys of being stress free!  I'm glad you can take life easy.  I love hearing good news!  -Kellen

  13. Hi Val,
    That IS good news, glad the shunt is operating properly again. Happy Birthday!, to your family celebrating birthdays this month. If they have a sense of humor...I have a cake for you to bake. Check this out.

    Glad to hear you are taking some personal time, you certainly deserve it. Take care.   ~Deborah

  14. Wish everyone a Happy Birthday for me :) Glad the shunt is working ok:)


  15. hello sweetie so glad to hear you are feeling a little better I will still pray for you and all in your life yes take time off if you feel you need to I hope it helps and that you get some paonting done and other fun things take pictures of yur finished work I would love to see it have a good weekend God bless kelley

  16. So happy for all the good news!!!
    Have a relaxing weekend!
    Linda :)

  17. Very good news !!! I agree, the less stress the better !  

  18. I am so happy for you that everything went well and it is working. You are a very strong young woman...I am so happy we met.  Take care of yourself this weekend...get some deserve it!

  19. Great News Val ! I really like this entry. . .its very inspirational to read.I am going to the journal "As I am" . .thats a good name for a journal isnt it.Have  a lovely day Sausage!

  20. Val, I am so glad to hear the good news.  I'll bet you feel like celebrating.  :-)

  21. Happy you are feeling better, one day at a time val


  22. Yeah!!!  I am sooo glad you are feeling beter!  <<HUGS>>
    ~Miss O

  23. I am happy that your health has improved and that surgery won't be needed it appears.  When you have some of your painting to show it would be fantastic to see some photos.   You asked if anyone likes sudokus, Stewart is in Scotland and is our age and posts sudokus.   You may want to visit him if you haven't already.  Here is his link:  
    Take care Val and have an excellent week ahead,    mark


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