Sunday, October 30, 2005


Happy Sunday everyone!  Wow, I love having an extra hour of sleep!  Love it, love it, love it!!  I feel so robbed in the Spring when they take away an hour, but boy do I love it and am so grateful to have that hour given back in the Fall.  Sleep has always been a problem in my life - I never seem to have enough - so when I can have more, I am happy.  I have had problems with insomnia for over 20 years.  I am beginning to lick it with the right medications, relaxation techniques, pain control and a memory foam mattress.  It has been a long, long haul.  Does anyone else have a memory foam mattress?  If you have fibromyalgia or general pain in your muscles from any condition this is for you!!!!  It changed my life!!  I also have a memory foam pillow.  I went from having miserable sleep, to sleeping quite well most nights!  Wow!

So, I got an incredible present on my birthday.  Two friend's of Chelsea's called around 9PM and said they were coming over to bring me a present.  In they walked and lo and behold, the present was CHELSEA!!!!  Chelsea has been here since Thursday and will be here until Friday!  She is the best birthday present I have ever gotten  :-)!!  They kept this secret from me for a month...sneaky, sneaky!

This week's
Scavenger Hunt's subject is "cute".  I must admit that when I saw the subject my nose wrinkled in dislike.  I don't like the word.  I like the words beautiful, pretty, handsome, stunning, eclectic, joyful.  I own nothing cute.  When I hear the word cute I think of children and babies (which I love).  That is all.  I looked up the word online.  It is defined as "attractive or pretty especially in a dainty or delicate way".    Hmmm....  I don't think that is exactly how we use the word cute nowadays.  I wanted to take a picture of kids in their Halloween costumes, but trick-or treaters don't come out until tomorrow in my town.  I searched my home.  No bows, no frills, no dolls, nothing "cute".  Actually, I think I would safely call myself anti-cute.  This is the best I can do for "cute".  Here is my kitty cat (oh no, NOT another cat picture!) Honey getting away from Baby.  This is her favorite spot now.   She comes here when she doesn't want to be bopped, chased, stalked or generally bothered.  Baby just won't leave Honey alone.


I wanted to congratulate Matt, my son, for getting a superior rating at District's on his solo!!  Good luck at State's!!

Toodles, all!  Chels and I are off to eat Chinese and visit family!  Mmmmmm....xox


  1. Congrats to Matt!  That is so funny that Honey is hiding on top of the fridge to get away from Baby.  That is very cute!!!  It is so nice that Chels came to surprise you.  Yes, I am jumping around from topic to topic, lol.  I don't have one of those memory foam mattresses but I have a memory foam pillow.  Well, I better get off of here so I can join you all and the family for Chinese!  See you soon.  Love you all!


  2. Honey is gorgeous. My Persian hides in the kitchen sink to get away from my baby Maine Coon!! Animals are fuuny aren't they?! Have a good time out with your family. Jeannette.

  3. hello freid so glad you had a good b-day hope you enjoy your time with your baby girl i know how much you love her and miss her I like the picture of your kitty lol i think he is cute to lol have a good time this weekend with your family God bless kelley

  4. Sorry I missed your Birthday Val, belated happy Birthday greetings. I read on Krissy's that you saw Chelsea, how lovely.  Those mattresses sound a good idea, I could certainly use one. I wonder if they do them over here?

  5. Hope you had a lovely birthday,  So glad you saw Chelsea, lovely birthday present......It would not have been half so nice had you known she was coming....enjoy your Chinese....Ally

  6. Congrats to your son,  happy belated birthday - read about Chelsea's visit in Krissy's journal. What a nice birthday gift.

    Love your picture of "cute" for the scavenger hunt.


  7. That's lovely news, Chelsea turning up for your birthday. Have a lovely rest of the weekend. Take care.
    Sylvia xx

  8. I wish I could find a comfortable pillow because my neck is always very stiff in the morning, just age I suppose but a bit of comfort would be nice! :-)

    Sandra xxxx

  9. Love the picture of the cat meow:) Congrats to your son and enjoy your visit with your daughter


  10. what a cute pic. Hope you had a good time


  11. Hello, Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat!


  12. I've heard women in the past describe a man as being "cute." Are men attractive or pretty especially in a dainty or delicate way? UGH! Don't you just hate that word?LOL.

    BTW, thanks for stopping by my journal. Pumpkin carving is fun!

  13. i had a black cat too, oliver ran away and i say goodbye. he was sooooo bad.happy haloween to y'all.     roberta and pumpkin

  14. OWahhhhhh aint this such a cute picture... ok... ok.. nuff about bugging Val. I know just what you mean about the verbage cute. Can relate to Honey's plight. Poor Tootsie has been pestered by Triston until she's frantic to fins a safe spot.

    YAY! Matt. Go get em at State.

  15. Hope you had a great birthday Val! I saw a photo of Chelsea. .shes the image of her Mum!! I enjoyed the extra hour too!

  16. I had trouble with cute at first too...
    And kitties are always a great choice for cute!
    Linda :)

  17. So glad you enjoyed your b-day and suprises. Your daughter is so beautiful. (Saw the photo in Krissy's journal.) Hope you enjoyed your Chinese food, and time with your family.  Love the photo of Honey on the frig, she will be safe...until Baby learns to climb. lol.      Take care.      ~Deborah

  18. I am so in awe of that picture under that black cat all in shades of looks like a van go..sorry about the spelling of his name..
    But it is so beyond real.


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