Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Birthday, Baby!...

So, the picture I posted was a railroad track.  Ack, I guess it was just too hard.  Sorry about that!  I will post another, ummm, easier one very soon.  Thanks for trying, though!

Baby turns one this week!!  I don't know his actual birthdate because he was an outside, abandoned kitty, so I gave him the birthdate of October 12. 
Happy Birthday, Baby
!!  He is quite the handsome kitty now.  He is getting his winter coat in and is 13 pounds now!  He is still as feisty as ever and doesn't like to be held or petted.  He is quite cuddly when he is tired, though.  He sits next to me all the time and is my constant shadow.  He likes to talk to others all the time and is a chatterbox, too!  There is never a dull moment with him!  Hopefully I will have many happy years with him...

I haven't been writing too much about what is going on with me personally lately.  I am hanging in there.  I am still volunteering at a coffee shop at my local faith center twice a week and really enjoy it.  I am also trying to keep busy even though my brain pressure is giving me alot of pain and making me feel really stupid.  I have made so many blunders this week it is incredible.  I just have to laugh at my mistakes.  What else can I do?  I forget whole conversations I have with people and am just feeling so ditsy.  Perhaps I don't appear as daft as I am, but it seems apparent to me.

I can't wait for the leaves to change!  This is my very favorite time of year!  I wonder if the colors will be very brilliant?  I heard that it had to do with how much rainfaill there was the previous season.  Does anyone know if this is correct?  We had a pretty dry Spring and Fall and our water tables are low so I am thinking that perhaps we will not have very pretty trees.  I live in the mountains and the trees are usually just outstanding.  I am looking forward to long drives in the mountains to see the foliage.

Well, I am off to shower and get ready to go volunteer.  Have a good day! xox


  1. Your kitty is a little stunner!  Give him a birthday pat from me.  As you like Autumn, you will enjoy what I posted today xxxxx God bless you and hang in there.

  2. Happy Birthday Kitty........Autumn is a wonderful time of the year...Harvest festivals ....The beautiful colours of the trees and just everything about it....Hope everything will be OK for you...Ally

  3. hello friend what a cute kitty he looks so soft and cuddly to bad he does not likt to lol I bet you enjoy him very much you are still in my prayeres and I do hope you feel better soon I also am glad you arre still volunteering and love it good for you hope the colors change soon for you i do not realkly know when they do beiing from calif and all i shall enjoy that too have a great day God bless you kelley

  4. Happy Birthday Baby...have a good one...hope you get some catnip! LOL   You sure are cute!!!

    Railroad track, wowwwww...I did not even think of that one.  The leaves here are just NOW starting to turn...but most dropped off with the lack of rain...so sad here.

    Hugs and have a great day...

  5. don't worry about them being too hard!  it's good to have a challenge once in a while (just don't make them ALL impossible - rofl!)

  6. Hope you get to feeling better soon:) Love the pics of baby!!!!


  7. Val,

    Glad to hear you are hanging in there and still getting out to do things you enjoy and that support your faith, you probably really need that right now, with the possiblility of surgery looming ahead.  Thank you for sharing your pictures of your beautiful BABY!!  He is a handsome boy!  Happy Birthday to him!

    Be well,

  8. Happy Birthday Baby... what a sweetie. I dont know my dogs birthday either, but I never even gave her one now that I think about it ! I will have to do that .


  9. Aww! Happy birthday to your pretty kitty!

  10. Happy Birthday Baby.  Has it been a year already?  Wow, it seemed like just yesterday when you came to live with my Sissy.


  11. Happy Birthday Baby!!
    I just pick an aproximate date too for the pet's birthday...
    Sending hugs...
    Linda :)

  12. Think you could be right about the rainfall affecting the autumn foliage colours. We have had a generally very dry season and our leaves are mostly turning from green to brown and crispy.
    Sylvia xx

  13. Baby's Birthday?  Wow, is that a year already?!
    Happy Birthday Baby, look after your 'Mum' for us ;o)
    Sara   x

  14. Pleased to have found you Val, will be back :)

  15. Happy Birthday to Baby!  Wishing and praying that things will be better soon for you Val.  The leaves need enough rain during the season and then the stress of not much rain before turning color makes the resin flow and more colorful follage.  I believe that is what was explained.   Take care,    mark

  16. hi, Val, thanks for reading my entry in AS I AM.  I do have a current journal that I post often.  It's listed at the beginning and end of that entry (I also had a hard time reading because of the background, and that was ALOT of info, so I certainly can understand how that contact stuff can get lost in the midst of everything else) but let me go ahead and give it to you here, k?  Thanks again for reading the entry!!
    Debra of journals.aol.com/dkb11161970/DebrasDose

  17. Sorry bout' the background Val, I'll remember that.  I get to where sometimes I just can't help it...LOLL.  Vivian calls me a "graphics ho".

    "As I Am"

  18. hello, i like the look of your cat. i think your cat and mine should go bowling. mine is called mr. poppysockets even though it is a girl. i am sure they would have a good time together. ha ha...

    have a great day, dave

    smile     http://journals.aol.com/otto9613944/SillyCerebralMe

  19. Oh my he's an adorable cat. I love cats.

  20. Happy Birthday Baby!Hope you are feeling better Val.I love Autumn too,I dont mind winter either but my favourite season is the Spring.Thank you for coming to my journal Val x x

  21. Awww... look at that little hunny. She must be a source of joy for you. Hang in there, you will get your brain back soon. Meanwhile you are definetly not stupid or even ditzy. Even with the struggles you are having you write beautifully. Keep at it Val.


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