Thursday, June 30, 2005

And The Winner Is..And Matt!!...

Yay!!  Matt is here!!!  Matt is here!!!  Matt is here!!!  I am so happy and excited that Matt is here!!  He got here at 11 o'clock this morning!!  He will be here for twelve days!!  I may be away a bit from journals, but not totally.  So don't be worried :-)

The picture for "Up Close With Val" yesterday was my Baby's paw!!!  See...

   It is easier to see that it is a paw when it is smaller, right?  It kind of looks like a paw now, huh?  I think so.  Anyway, I got it from a larger picture of Baby.  I was taking pictures of him yesterday.  It's funny...Baby is like a toddler when I pull out my camera - he gets so excited! LOL  He meows and purrs and runs to it and then he poses!  It is the funniest thing...    


Here he is posing!  See his tail wagging?  Up and down, up and down!  And he is kneading his paws!!  See how they are curling?  Too funny!  The paw you see there is the one I zoomed in on and cropped for the guessing game.

Oh, the correct guesser?!  It was Krissy.  Here is your blue ribbon, Krissy!:


Amy, who has a brand new journal, also guessed the cat's paw correctly.  Go check out her journal and support her!  Oh, and one more, Sara!!  She guessed correctly on her third guess...LOL  So, thanks everyone for playing!  It was fun!

Now I am off to go find Matt and have some dinner.  Yep, did I tell you he likes to cook :-)   Oh, and he cleans the dishes as he goes!  Aren't I lucky!!  Toodles, all!! xox



  1. Welcome Matt!  Baby's paw was hard to identify, but Baby is a beauty.  Have a good supper.  Love, Penny

  2. I would never have guessed Val and now I can see it clearly.  Hope you have a good 4th of July, and have some good news to relate in your journal.  God bless, -mark-

  3. so happy for you that matt is home so does that mean I will not get any comments in my jourhnal. lol I hope you have a good time togather and try to stay cool take pictures you know i like pictures God bless kelley

  4. Enjoy your time with Matt Val, I know you will :o)
    Can't believe I actually got it right, even if it was my third attempt, yay me!!
    Sara   x

  5. now you have said what it is I can see it, lol.........Jules xxxxx

  6. Have a lovely time with Matt.
    Sylvia xx

  7. willandgrace1986July 1, 2005 at 4:00 AM

    Tell Matt I said hi! -Grace

  8. I am so glad that Matt is there, pass on our best wishes. Of course it is a cat's paw,  easy when you have been told - I can see it perfectly now lolol.  Beautiful cat, reminds me of Mrs. Slocombe

  9. I don`t think I would have guessed it at all!  Baby was obviously born to be a star!
    Have a lovely weekend  :-)

    Sandra xxx

  10. That gave me a slight "paws" in my thinking, BUT, I'm ok now!! LOL rich

  11. That was a hard one, never would have guessed...
    Enjoy your time with Matt!
    Have a great fourth of july weekend!

  12. Cute pics of Baby.  I'm so behind on journal reading that I totally missed guessing the "up close with Val" entry.  I got the answer before the question.  LOL!


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