Friday, July 1, 2005

Kids and The Moon...

Madman Michael wrote a wonderful and informative entry about the moon and asked us if we had any "moon stories".  That got me thinking.  And reminiscing and laughing....


When Matt was young he had an active imagination.  One morning when he was about 20 months old Chelsea, Matt and I went behind my home onto a playground to play.  It was early enough in the morning where you could still see the moon.  It was big and bright and very, very close to the earth.  When Matt saw it his eyes got as big as saucers and he said, "Moooommmmmy!  A ball!"  Then he tried really hard to reach out and touch the moon!  Then he looked at me and asked me to get it.  He kept saying, "A ball!  A ball!"  Poor thing wanted to play with that ol' moon!  LOL  I had to try to explain to him as best as I could that the moon could not come down to the earth and play with us.  He was getting frustrated!  He wanted ME to pull it in!!  Ah, memories!  I laugh about that one alot still.

Another moon memory I have is when Chelsea and I and her father were driving in a car and Chels was in the back seat and she saw the moon or recognized it for the first time anyway.  She was just a tiny thing.  She looked back at it.  She was amazed.  Then wherever we went that night she kept commenting on how it was following us.  She became VERY upset that it wouldn't go away.  She was despondent that the moon kept following her!  Awww, poor thing.  She started to cry.  I guess it was hard for me to explain the moon to my kids at such an early age.

Do you guys have any moon stories when your kids were tiny?

I am off to see my Matteo...he just awoke!  Love to all! xox


  1. Lovely moon stories, children are wonderful!!!!

  2. Cute stories Val :o)
    I remember one evening around six months ago, hubby, J and I were driving back from my Mother in law's and J spotted the moon through the car window.  The whole way home - almost an hour - he kept saying 'Look Mummy, there's the moon, there she is', and I had to reply 'Ooh yes, there it is'!!  Drove me mad!!  
    Sara   x

  3. Aren't children precious?


  4. Awwww such nice stories.. I remember when I was little I loved to focus on it if I could when I was in the car and would try to watch it the whole time on a car ride to or from somewhere.. it kinda helped pass the time..
    I think its so cute.. that  Matt tried to play with it thinking it was a ball.. lol* :) Mel

  5. nice moon stories, kids are brilliant :)..........Jules xxx

  6. those were sweet stories I hope you put them in their baby books i cannot think of any moon stories right now to tired. Hope you have a good weekend God bless kelley

  7. Kids are just too smart lol!!! They crack me up all the time.


  8. As a kid, I always looked for "the man in the moon", never found him still looking lol.
    Love Sylvia xx

  9. Very nice story about the moon.  Those are some great memories.  Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Hmmm this explains why I had so many comments for this entry, thanks for the honorable mention!
    Your moon stories remind me of a few children's books I used to read to my preschool children. Naw, I can't remember the names of them but they dealt with either someone trying to capture the moon or the apprehension of being "followed" by the moon and trying to frighten it away. This does tell me that your children's fears and interest in the moon are not uncommon (although your children surely are:>)
    Thanks for taking up the challenge, I enjoyed reading this entry, as always.

  11. dont' you love it when they are little & they think you can get the moon for them!

  12. Ahhh, to see through the mind's eye of a child -- a truly amazing thing!  Your Matt reminds me of my Jarod!  :-)
    ~Miss O


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