Monday, June 20, 2005

Scavenger Hunt...

Happy Monday, everyone!!  I am a day late for the scavenger hunt.  Yikes!  I had my camera confiscated by my friend, Roger, because we had a car show this weekend called The Last Cruise.  It comes once a year to this town and I have some awesome car pictures.  I am not really interested in cars, but I even like the pictures, so I will post some later in the week.  The Cruise was SO LOUD!!  Cars come into town for a day and vroooom around!  There were thousands of people packed into my little town.  Too many people for me!  Oh, back to my camera...then my daughter took it for the weekend to take pictures of her going-away party with her friends.  It came back with dead batteries!  They are recharging right now, so I will do the hunt from pictures I already have.  I do have one new picture I did take to show you at the end of the entry.  It is very special to me!!  This week's hunt, brought to you by Krissy, was to be of something new about ourselves that we never told everyone about.  Let's see...I was going to show you all my frog collection.  Yes, I have many frogs.  I am not sure how many I have right now.  I never even intended to collect them.  I started out with a few and people kept giving them to me!!  I couldn't take a picture of them because I don't have the use of my camera, but, yes, I have a frog collection.  Frogs help me to remember to "F.ully R.ely O.n G.od" !!  I am not squeamish with real frogs and can hold them and play with them.

So, on to the hunt...The first picture I have for you is related to my spiritual life.  I had my First Confession and First Communion in The Catholic Church on June 9.  I have been studying the Catholic Church for several years.  I was baptised Catholic, but was Protestant most of my life, but re-verted back to the Catholic Faith.  It has made me very happy and very joyful.  This is Father George who took my Confession and gave me Communion.  


The next picture I have for you is not really about me.  It is about my children, who are about me!!!  They have a brother.  His name is Sammy.  He belongs to their father (my ex) and their step-mom.  Sammy is three and a cutie.  Here is Sammy and Matthew (my son):


I have one more special picture for you that has nothing to do with the hunt.  I caught it this weekend while my daughter was getting ready for a sock hop during The Cruise.  She was fooling around with two of her girlfriends and they were having a ball!!  Isn't laughing precious!?!!!


Chels and I are going to caverns today and doing some exploring with my dad.  This is Chelsea's last week with us before she moves back to Florida on Saturday.  We have alot planned.  It is going to be so, so hard to say goodbye, but for today I will enjoy her and we will have fun!  Hope you are having a good day today!  Sending out love... xox


  1. loved all the pics it sounds like you really enjoy your family that is everything. Hope we get to see pictures soon of the car show and the kids have a good day God bless kelley

  2. Enjoyed reading about the scavenger hunt.  I don't have a clue, but will give it some thought.  The photo is really nice with your daughter and her friends, and your son and his brother.  My niece gave me an address for daily inspiration emails.     Take care,  Mark

  3. love your pics, you have a wonderful family..............Jules xxxxx

  4. Happy Monday Val :o)
    Lovely pics.  I have a much younger half Brother named Sam too!
    I LOVE that pic of Chelsea and her friends having a laugh.  You can tell that it's real genuine laughter, a moment captured for a lifetime :o)
    ((((()))))'s to you my friend.
    Sara   x

  5. Great photos Val! Interesting about your faith...I know Krissy is very involved in the church, so I just assumed you were all Catholic. LOL

  6. My, my, my that is a young preist and your daughter is beautiful.  Looks like you are haveing some really fun and memoriable times.  God Bless you and your entire family Val.


  7. Matthew is adorable!  Love the pix of Chelsea!  F.R.O.G ... cute!  I like it!  Have a great week!
    ~Miss O

  8. Those photos are beautiful.everyone looks so happy.Thank you for sharing them Val.

  9. Please know that I said a prayer for you and your sister tonight.  I ask that God holds you all tight in the palm of His hand and may the warmth of His love be more than enough.


  10. These are lovely photo's Val. Thanks for sharing. Take care my friend.
    Sylvia xx


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