Saturday, June 11, 2005


"The ever-present phenomenon ceases to exist for our senses.  It was a city dweller, or a prisoner, or a blind man suddenly given his sight, who first noted natural beauty."

- Remy de Gourmont

This week's Scavenger Hunt's subject is "beautiful".  What a joyful subject!  I think we don't take enough time to stop and see the beauty of things around us.  Most of us don't anyway for a long enough time because our lives have become too busy.  They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I think that most things that are beautiful to me are beautiful to you and vice-versa, because beautiful things have a virtue to them.

I wanted to go out a few times this week with my camera, but we had alot of rain.  I finally got out on Thursday on a trip to my church.  I took these pictures of flowers in my church yard.  I thought they were absolutely beautiful!  I like them because they are smaller and the colors are so vibrant!  What do you think?


I was really happy to see white bleeding hearts!  They are one of my favorites!  They had pink ones, too!  This purple flower below was tiny and beautiful.  I think it is a pansy.  Is it?  I just love flowers.  It makes me realize that God is such a wonderful Creator and painter.  How He thought up all the colors and shapes and flowers, birds, trees, etc. of the world, well, it astounds me!..



"Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them."
- David Hume

I also wanted to share with you two "beauties" daughter and her best friend, Cara.  They are having a yard sale today and are hard at work with their other friend, Lucy, who is also beautiful :-)!


I can't help but smile when I see the two of them together with the big smiles on their faces.  Cara is a sweetheart!

And lastly, I wanted to share with you something that I noticed in a picture Chelsea took from Krissy's wedding.  It is my favorite shot of all of them.  I think it portrays beauty.  It also portrays joy!  Take a look at the expression on the priest's face after he announced Krissy and John as man and wife!  This is Father George.  He is a wonderful man!  Look at my Uncle Gene.  He is Krissy's Godfather and a Deacon.  He is also my favorite Uncle and he loves Krissy and John very much.  There is alot of beauty in this picture!  See for yourself... 


So, I sure hope you had a few moments of fun and relaxation seeing my glimpses of "beauty"!  If you want to participate in Krissy's Scavenger Hunt give it a whirl.  It is lots of fun!  Have a beautiful rest of the day! xox


  1. Such stunning flowers Val, well worth the wait.  Gorgeous colours. I love them and also the photo of the girls and and one of Krissy and John.  Love your postings.  Oh, I made my 20,000 can hardly believe it and we had Nathan for the day as well.  Oh joy!!  God bless you my dear friend xxxxxx

  2. You definately captured 'Beautiful' in all three of these pictures Val :o)
    The flowers and the girls are lovely, but Krissy's wedding picture is my favourite, what could be more beautiful than the look of joy on those faces, and Krissy and John sharing their first kiss as husband and wife.  
    Sara   x

  3. love the pictures your daughter and her friend are very beautiful ao is the one of your sisters wedding pictures are great with so much going on yuo may have not noticed that but the picture caught it so you can enjoy it forever God bless kelley

  4. All beautiful choices!!! I love the shot of Krissy's wedding. I was going to include wedding pictures in my "Beautiful" entry but saving those for an anniversary entry.
    I also am always in awe of all the wonderful and beautiful things God made for us.
    Have a "beautiful" weekend!

  5. Very nice photos Val.  As usual, you always put your heart into everything that you do.

  6. Wonderful shots, Val.  It's great to know where beauty really is.  Penny

  7. This entry is so beautiful Val. And the little purple flower is a viola (part of the pansy family), but I prefer it by it's Olde English name...Heartease. The name itself is you agree?
    Sylvia xx

  8. Excellent choices, Val!

  9. BEAUTIFUL! The entry and the pictures were beautiful - such perfection for the subject. :-) I'll have to remember the challenge and try to submit something myself.  It will obviously be late (goal is to get in on Sunday)


  10. They are all very beautiful.
    The purple ones are pansies but we always called them monkey faces when we were kids!  :-?)  When you look at them just right, they look like they are little scrunchy faces!  :-)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Miss O

  11. lovely pics :)............

  12. All your pictures are just lovely.  You sound very upbeat and happy.  You have a great day, my friend.

  13. I think the small flowers are Violas, just a smaller version of a Pansy. I really love flowers though because of their natural beauty.  The two girls are gorgeous too! :-)

    Sandra xxx

  14. I enjoyed your entry on beauty.  The flowers and the wedding and the joyous faces were indeed beatiful and joyous.
    Have a good week.

  15. They were all beautiful pictures....Loved them..................Kasey

  16. I love all of your small flower photos...also the family photos...Great entry!  Joyce

  17. quartrlyfecrysisJune 13, 2005 at 6:25 AM

    Awww.  Beautiful!!!

  18. Absolutely beautiful entry Valerie.  I love all your photos.  Absolutely beautiful and joyous. -Krissy

  19. Great job!  everything you pictured is true beauty!

  20. I love the expression on the priests face! Chelsea and her friend is a beautiful photo too!


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