Saturday, September 4, 2004

Picture of Me

Today has been a day of housework and getting caught up on things that I have neglected.  I slept in a bit today.  It didn't really matter because with fibro. it never feels like I get enough sleep and I wake up with pain.  The more I sleep the more my muscles "gel" into a position that is uncomfortable and the longer my body is without pain meds, so the sleeping in wasn't really a reward or a good thing.  Krissy took this picture of me.  She took it on the same occasion I took the picture of her that is displayed on the sidebar of her journal.  I kind of like it because it was a spur of the moment picture.  I have no make-up on which is unusual for me in a picture.  I was just playing around and didn't care how the picture looked.  Maybe these make the best pictures.  But the lighting isn't the best.  I had to pick it because, you see, I HATE getting my picture taken and there aren't many pictures of me floating around in this world.  

Chelsea and I have been pretty busy getting situated as room mates and getting our schedules and likes and dislikes understood.  It has really been wonderful having her here.  We went to a grange fair on Friday.  That really was fun!  I got a terrible sunburn from walking around and I lecture her about the sunscreen.  Shame on me!  The fair we went to is the only tented grange fair left in the world, actually.  It is in Penns Valley, Pennsylvania in Centre County.  It has been going on for 130 years and is going strong.  People put the tents in their will and it is impossible to even get one as they are passed down from generation to generation.  I saw so many cows, goats, pigs, quilts, pies, vegetables, wares of all kind, food galore, a parade, jewelry, rides and more rides, etc.  We were there for five or six hours and didn't even make a dent in the fair.  You would have to go every day to see it all.   That was alot of fun!

Oh, I am asking for prayers for those in Florida along the path of Hurricane Frances.  Seems it is going to hit my son and his family again.  They are staying at another resort. Please pray for everyone down there.  I also have a sister who lives down there.  This is all making my daughter's and my stomach churn.  May God take care of everyone down there.  Amen.  





  1. Lovely picture Val.  I join my prayers with yours for all in the path of the hurricane.  Little Nathan is glued to the t.v. right now watching Scooby Doo lol.Just given him his bath, oh my poor back!!!!!

  2. Your still just as pretty minus the hair ;-)

  3. sigh  your=you're

  4. Hi Val [waves cheerfully]! Nice to see you! :-)

  5. Valerie, you look gooorgeous!  
    I have been praying for those in the wake of the hurricane. -Krissy  

  6. Hi there.  Glad Chelsea is settling in.  Have been hearing about her from fisherkristina journal.  I have family in FL also.  They made it up to Georgia from Jacksonville.  So I think they are fine.  Take care.
    Sonya from (MySouthernHome)

  7. It's nice to see you Val.  I agree with another commenter, with or without the hair, you look nice.  The grange fair sounded fun.  There are none near my, but if there were, I'd probably go.  I love the things that bring the community together.  Seems to be something that's lacking in most of today's society.  It's good that you and Chelsea are getting more settled together.  It will take time, but I'm sure it won't take that much time.  Have a good day and talk to you soon.  Take care.

  8. your hair was so pretty, I am sure it will grow back just as nice. I know how you feel with the fibro, sleeping doesnt help nor does lack of sleep! I was told to exercise gently every day to help, that is why my gym have made an exercise plan just to suit me.
    I love country fairs and am happy you had a lovely time.
    People in Florida will be remembered in my prayers :)..........Jules xx


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