Friday, September 10, 2004

Time Capsule

Time to do Mr. Scalzi's weekend assignment.  I have not attempted to do one yet and this one sounds pretty exciting.  He has asked us to create a time capsule for our great-great-great grandchild 100 years from now as he is preparing to do a report about us for school.  This is what I would toss in it:

1.  A completed, extended photo album of my family.

2.  My art box filled with all of my supplies (which is busting out right now.  I would also make sure that it has a couple of completed projects in the box.  Perhaps a quilt or a painted picture.  My art is so much of who I am.

3.  My CD carrier case that holds all of my CD's.  Music is so important to me.  It would be so interesting to see how music has changed.  I am wondering if the cycle of music would come around in 100 years or if any music would die out?!

4.  My spiritual materials which would be my Bible and my Catholic Catechism and my notes that I have taken over the past few years as I have taken the journey from being a Protestant to becoming a Catholic.  Being a Christian is the center of my being and I would love for that journey to be seen and known.

5.  Since it is September 10, there is alot in the news about September 11 and what is going on in the world and in this country.  I would probably grab a good newspaper or magazine and put it in there showing what is going on in the world today.

For extra credit, Mr. Scalzi asked us to put in something that would be completely puzzling.  Hmm...  Maybe I would put in a pair of panty hose as I sure do hope women aren't wearing those anymore in 100 years.....or perhaps that obsolete floppy disc!



  1. You should tell us more about 4...........or me anyway!

  2. A very good time capsule.  And I totally agree with you about the pantyhose -- DOWN WITH PANTYHOSE!  -- Arielle Marie

  3. Yes, down with pantyhose!  So glad you visited, Arielle!!!! Love, Val

  4. brilliant time capsule there. I havent a clue what I would put in one :).....Jules xxx

  5. I love your answers Val!  I will just borrow your time capsule and put my name on it too, lol. -Krissy

  6. I do not do the assignments but I loved reading your entry. Some great answers xxxxx

  7. I love pantyhose!!! I hope they *NEVER* go away!!!

  8. Pantyhose will never die

  9. Pantyhose makes a lady look good. Bare legs are just the pits..
    Down with bare legs.


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