Friday, January 16, 2004

It's soooooooooo cold!

I am getting very, very tired of all the snow we have been getting.  I feel like we are living on one of the Poles.  I wouldn't be surprised if a penguin or a polar bear would peak through my window.  We had snow yet again.  I am so ready for Springtime.  I used to like the Wintertime and the white slop that came with it.  Not anymore.  Central Pennsylvania is so dark and cold and grey this time of year.  We can go 30 days and not see the sun.  The sky is a permanent blue/grey.  I painted a picture and named it PA winter.  It is this blue/grey color with a barren tree and some snow on it.  So typical of this area.  I think I am suffering from some SAD.  I would pay $100 just to hear a bird sing or have the sun shine for a day.  When I was a small child I could go outside all day without a coat on during the middle of winter.  Now, I won't even go outside during the wintertime.  My how things change.  I thought that perhaps this nice blue font would bring some thoughts and feelings of the warm blue sea.  It is working a little bit.  I have to dig my car out of a half a foot of snow today before I can go get a hip x-ray because I fell on the ice.  This is the fourth or fifth measurable snow we have gotten since pre-winter.  I am losing count.  Hmmmm.... the consequences of winter.  I am tired of it.  I will probably be complaining in six months when I am too hot and can't breathe because it is too humid.  Weather really affects my mood and my wellness.  I realize that.  I think I will stay inside today and drink hot chocolate and play on the computer and watch some TV.  Perhaps the sun will melt the snow off my car.  Fat chance.  Ah, better chance, we are supposed to have gusting winds up to 50 m.p.h., I bet that will take the snow off! lol  The wind chill is supposed to be below zero.  I think I will leave that x-ray for tomorrow and let Mother Nature clean my car.  Atleast the sun is peaking out right now.  Toodles, all!

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  1. Hey mama! just wanted to let you know that it's freezing here in FL today too! about 65! lol ill try to send some sunshine your way! i like this journal that your keeping. i've gone to it a couple of times already and i'm looking for a new entry soon! if i had more time on the computer i think i would try to start my own journal thingy too! also, just wanted to tell ya that i love you bunches!!!!!!!!


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