Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sharing news, a new journal...

Hi everyone!  I had a wonderful Mother's Day!!  My daughter and grandson paid me a visit and my son is staying we me and with Chelsea and Desi (they are across the street) for 2 1/2 months!!  WOW!!  That is a LONG visit!!  The longest he has ever had.  He's made it through a year of college!  Matt, I'm very proud of you!  My Dad and I picked him up from the Philadelphia Airport the other day.  It was a 13 hour day on the road.  My kids don't like to fly into the local airport because they don't like the small commuter planes and they don't like to pay the extra $200.  I don't like the long ride!!  LOL  We hit a lot of traffic and Pennsylvania has the WORST roads.  They are perpetually doing road work and signs are almost non-existent.  When they do exist they are poorly placed.  Oh my.  If you are ever visit PA, KNOW where you are going!!   When we were driving home and Matt and my Dad were talking I had noticed how strikingly similar the two of them were in looks and demeanor.  Matt has started shaving his head because he is going bald.  He looks a lot like my Dad did at his age.  He even sounds like him.  It's neat to see.  They get along well, too, and keep great company talking about things I don't even understand.  Matt is an intelligent one!

Oh, good news... Chelsea found out that she is having another boy. CONGRATULATIONS, Chelsea!!  She is due October 7.  She is starting to really show.  Awwwwww... another little one to be best friends with Josiah =).

Speaking of babies, my lovely friend
Merry is going to be a first-time grandma either tonight or tomorrow!!  Good news all-around!!  CONGRATULATIONS, Merry!  They know it is a boy!  His name will be Jonathan David.  She is so excited!!

On a final note, I have a very special friend in my life, Leslie, who has cerebral palsy.  Leslie has started a journal about her life with her service dog, Brom, who is a black lab.  She has done her first entry and I would love if some of you would help her feel welcome.  I have not taught her how to put in pictures yet, so I am putting in pictures of her dog here in this entry.  I am sure she will soon share loads of photos of her wonderful dog in her journal as well  as stories of her relationship with him.  Brom is the most special dog I have ever met!!   He has a gentleness that is incredible and is wicked smart!!  Josiah loves him!!  He squeals when he sees him (as well as Leslie) and Brom allows Josiah to pull his hair and ears and tail.  So, if you are able, please
visit Leslie
and welcome her.  Thanks!!  I hope everyone is enjoying there week!!!  Hugs from me to everyone! xox
Here is Brom carrying a potholder:

And here is Brom as a puppy:



  1. It will make for an interesting 2.5 months having your son,daughter, and GD (grandaughter) living with and across the street from you.    I will write you more but have to leave at the moment.   hugs,  mark

  2. So you are going to be a grandmother a second time!   Wow !     I have visited you friend Leslie's journal and read about her remarkable recovery since owning Brom.     I have had a cold this week and have been feeling the weather as it changed after a rain to cool.    This week has been one of rest and I will see the Surgeon for the first time Monday morning for my back.    I hope you have a good weekend.    mark

  3.  Wonderful news on the new baby.  How sweet.  Love the puppy and will stop by her journal.  My son is here from Phili this week.


  4. Congratulations, dear Chelsea!  I know your new son will bring you great joy.  And yes . . . you have the capacity to love them both!  Val, Thanks so much for telling about Leslie.  I will go there when I'm finished here.  Love, blessings and prayers, Penny

  5. Since I live in PA too, your right!  The roads are the worst.

  6. Another grandson, boys are the best, lol... And Brom is too cute, I'm off to welcome Leslie...
    Have a great weekend!
    Linda :)

  7. (((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))))Beatiful pics.Have a nice weekend.

  8. Brom is so cute!


  9. brom is so cute.  congrats to your friend merry!  bob and my dad both share october 7 birthdays.  

  10. I'm so glad things are going so well!  So many good things!  The Lord is showering blessings!  Praise!
    Love, Kellen

  11. Hi Val Sis~Have a great weekend! I loved the photos of Brom and Leslies's story. I went to visit her. God Bless, Deb

  12. My dear friend, Val, I am so glad you had a Happy Mother's Day. I am glad your son is there for a long visit!! And CONGRATULATIONS on another grandson!  I guess we will just have to get your grandsons with my granddaughters later in life!!!My daughter in law is having a girl in July (due the week of my birthday!)
    I love the photo of your Mom at 17.  There is a photo of me & my mom on my wedding day in my mother's day entry in my journal. I miss her so much. I wish she could have seen her great granddaughters. She'd have loved them so. I also found out I have nephew whose wiife is pregnant in OCT also. Take care friend.
    Love ya.


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