Friday, April 20, 2007

How I'm doing, pet food recall update...

Hello everyone!  I know I haven't done a decent journal entry in quite some time.  I have been fatigued and having problems with sleep and it has been hard for me to put my thoughts together - to come up with anything coherent.  It is a curse of having fibromyalgia.  I would like to tell you how I am doing (well, but tired) and how Josiah is doing (he is growing, crawling, and saying a few words!), but I am having problems as I said.  I promise an entry with substance as soon as I am able, hopefully soon!  I also promise a "Wordplay" soon, too!  I received the information below in an email from the ASPCA and thought it would be important to pass on to you.  For those of you who have a cat or dog, I know you are following these updates closely.  They are recalling some dry foods, chews and even a protein supplement.  Take care and pet your furry ones!  Pats and hugs from my Baby and Honey!

  LAST UPDATED: 04/20/07 6:50am ET 

- Royal Canin recalls dry pet food containing rice protein concentrate

The Blue Buffalo Company has recalled Spa Select Kitten Dry Food

- FDA Press Release: T.W. Enterprises Issues Nationwide Recall of Dog   Chews     Due to Salmonella Contamination

ASPCA Issues Urgent Advisory As Pet Food Recall Widens

FDA Press Release: Menu Foods Refines Recall List

- FDA Press Release: Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. Issues A Voluntary         Nationwide Recall on Specific Venison Dog and Cat Food Products


  1. happy to hear josiah is doing so can wait to see a new pic of him.  i do hope you are feeling better soon
    hugs and prayers

  2. Val, Josiah is beautiful!  You know what John said?  He was in the front seat on the way to Hershey, and never once did he ever actually get to see him.  He was disappointed.  And he was sick and all, so didn't get time to turn around and look at him when he was walking into the cancer center.  So he will have to meet him when his counts get better, LOL.  Love,


  3. The weather change for me has been difficult to adjust to so I stayed in bed as my pain level was down the most last night and I was up til 6 a.m.    If I don't rest and try to get up I won't feel well enough to do anything so I just continue resting.    I have been getting up by setting the alarm for 6:30 am this week as I had a delivery coming from Menard's Home Center for the Siding for my home addition.    One day I was able to stay up the entire day and able to get to sleep by 3 am.    I bought the siding because it was on sale and it will be covered with plastic raised off the ground for when I am able to work on the building.    I am just waiting to see the Orthopedic Back Surgeon on May 21.     Let's just both do the best we can with what we have.    I am trying to organize things for the future which keeps me busy and planning and not feeling like things will  never get accomplished.     I am glad you are helping people keep up on the cat and dog food recall.    Hugs,    mark

  4. Have a good weekend.  Our Merlin is on the road to recovery now from the tainted cat food.  Amen!!

  5. ((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))I hope you get to feeling better soon and you can come back and give us a goood entry,letting us know how you are doing.Have a nice weeken.

  6. thank you for the update!!!!

    I threw away some of my cat's pounce treats and e-mailed del monte--the stupid company sent me coupons to buy 2 new bottles of pounce--I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Val,
    Nice hearing from you, never mind about doing a 'decent' entry. An entry is an entry and at the very least a sign of life :-)
    Thanks for your update on the petfood recalls. It does not affect me, but I hope that someone reads and benefits.

  8.  I heard today they think someone put poison in the food deliberately.  Don't know if that is true but how awful.  In the wheat grain.  Hope you feel better soon.


  9. Hope you get some energy and start to feel a bit better.  I know that Fibromyalgia is a pain in the butt...sometimes litterally.


  10. I can't believe Josiah is crawling and talking, we need new pics, lol....
    Feel better and pet the kitties for me... Raisin is sitting here next to me, he says Meow and he is still mad about this whole pet recall fiasco and if they take away his whiskas pouches, he will really be mad, lol....
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)

  11. Hi Sis, nice news about Josh!  Wish you felt better, hey if wishes were horses...  Thanks for the info on the pet food, I'll stop eating it now - or was that cat food?  Not sure, but I feel like chasing a car for some reason.  Love you, stay sweet xoxo CATHY

  12. Hi Val~Sorry to hear you have been feeling lousey--me too! I hope you will be better sooner than ASAP ;-) I love those baby ages; enjoy cuz they pass so quickly...I finally got a Josh Groban CD; yup, I can see why you love him! xox Deb

  13. Hey Val...thanks again for the medal work.  You're amazing.  
    I hope the sleep issues will get taken care of soon.  I'm praying for you...


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