Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's Day!... On shamrocks...


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!  Are you wearing green?  I am about an eighth Irish on my mom's side, with ancestors originating in County Cork, Ireland.

You know, I have often been confused what a real shamrock is.  I know that it has three leaves, not the four that we sometimes show as being lucky around St. Patrick's Day in this country.  I was reading about St. Patrick and found that he used the shamrock to illustrate the doctrine of the Trinity.  I had a shamrock plant once.  It would open and shut about four times a day.  It seemed to do this independent of sun or darkness.  It was awesome!  It looked like it was praying.  It had small whitish flowers on it.  The leaves were a lot larger than the clovers we see in our grass.  Webster defines a shamrock as:  1.) a trifoliate plant used as an emblem by the Irish; 2.) a yellow-flowered clover often regarded as the true shamrock (Is this what I owned?); 3.) wood sorrel (I looked this up.  It looks like our clover in the U.S.); and, 4.) white clover.  Hmmm... what IS a shamrock?  I guess our clover in the U.S. is a type of shamrock.  I am assuming.  I am not sure.  Or is shamrock a type of clover?  Maybe it is the latter.  I used to love to sit in clover patches when I was a child.  Actually, I still do.  I have found over a thousand four-leaf clovers, hundreds of five, dozens of six, and a seven.  I am looking for the elusive eight.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful St. Patrick's Day!!  Erin Go Bragh!!  

                              This is what my shamrock plant looked like.

Addendum: my ancestors are from County West Meath, not County Cork, as I had thought.  To read more, my sister did an entry on our heritage here.


  1. Happy St Paddy's day to you, too.  I have two Irish great, great grandmothers...I'm not sure what percentage of Irish that makes me.  I just found that out in the last few years doing some research on my family tree.  I then knew why I always loved the color green.   I know one thing, in Ireland, this day is more of a religious holiday than the craziness that goes on in our country on March 17th.  Have a good day...Linda in Washington state

  2. A friend of mine gave my mom a shamrock plant (a teeny tiny one... just a couple of strands) and now she's got 8 gigantic ones that all came from the one Susan gave her.  We'd have more but we just don't have the room, so she's been giving them away.  They ARE really cool.  She also has one she didn't get from Susan that has dark purple leaves instead of green.

  3. Thanks for the information, Val!  It was cool!  Erin Go Bragh!


  4. Erin Go Bragh Sis!  The yellow-flowered shamrock (trifolium dibium) is the true shamrock, absolutely.  My Irish Mam made sure I knew this kind o'ting.  I managed to learn a bit o'latin on me own lol.  Always thought shamrock meant "fake stone" LOL.  Luv ya dearie!  XOXO CATHY    

  5. I am emailing you about this entry (because what I have to say is extremely personal and I don't want everyone on the Internet to be able to read it.  Happy St. Patricks Day to you again, sweets.  Merry

  6. hello friend love the gif and thank you for sharing about the shamrock it is a awasome way to decribe the trinty hope you have a great weekend God bless kelley

  7. Sissy, the family is from County West Meath, not County Cork.  Stop by and check out my St. Paddy's Day entry in my journal to see our family history (the Irish side of the family).  Love you Sissy,

    Krissy :)

  8. Hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day.

  9. Wonderful Site! Thank you so much for creating such magic!

    Peace, Light & Blessings, Ms. Bella Donna Lynn~ (Autumn Rain)
    'Don't Listen To Her, Listen Through Her.' Stevie Nicks, Blue Lamp.


  10. Happy Patricks day to you Val. I apologize if I havent been by much. I am at my parents house, and limited Internet time keeps me from stopping by as I used too. I am looking for work and am hopeful. I got your email and I didnt create that Indian Art blog. Sounds cool though.  ~Raven

  11. I am still looking for one 4 leaf clover!  lol

    be well,

  12. Very nice!  I have shamrocks in my yard, they grow like weeds around here.  The ones that I have are rounder with little pink flowers! : )  Love, Shelly


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