Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who Is On Your Christmas List?

"Love does not consist in words or feelings, but in deeds.  It is an act of the will, it is a gift, that is to say, a giving." - Saint Faustina

Hi journal friends and happy Saturday!  As many of you know, my brother-in-law, John, is having a bone marrow transplant in January, if all goes as planned by the doctors.  I am sure many of you know I have been trying to help gather things for John and Krissy (my brother-in-law and sister) that they need.  I decided to go ahead and tell John and Krissy that you all are sending them things, as I didn't want them to be anxious and unprepared for John's stay in the Transplant Center and their time at Hope House.  I hope this is okay with you all.  Your outpouring of love and support for them has astounded and moved them beyond belief.  They can never thank you all enough.  Not only are you giving them financial and material support, but great emotional support as well!   I can't even put it into words what it really means to all of us, so I won't.  I think you all know...

This got me to thinking.  I came from a family of eight.  A set of parents and five sisters and a brother.  We don't exchange gifts for Christmas.  We just make sure that the grandchildren are taken care of.  When we were teenagers and young adults we used to throw our names into a hat and choose one name and buy one thoughtful gift for that person.  That was really fun!  It is a thought for those of you who have large families or want to try something different.  Perhaps if you have a circle of friends you can try this, too!  If you concentrate on one person it makes it SO special!  Also, every Christmas I add Jesus to my list!  This is my most favorite gift of all!  Now, what is she talking about??  I try and think about this gift for awhile and come up with something that is true to my heart.  To give to Jesus is to give to someone else.  You can empty your cabinets of the food you aren't using (or are) and give it to a food pantry.  You can serve in a soup kitchen.  You can visit a lonely elderly person on your block.  You can buy a present and give it to a person that you have been fighting with for a long time and end the feud.  You can place some money in a Salvation Army bucket...oh, there are so many choices!  I pray for awhile before I make my choice.  Sometimes I give Jesus two or three gifts!  Let's not forget Jesus this season!  If you are not a Christian, you can put "humanity" or the "lifting the human spirit" on your list!

One way you can help humanity is by clicking
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That's all for today.  I will be back next week with a new game I have decided to start!!  Yay, how fun!!  Have a good weekend everyone!! xox


  1. I like the Idea of buying one present for one particular person....
    Am thinkinbg of John + Krissy........I know you will keep us informed of his progress........Ally

  2. great ideas, Valerie! I think one gift for one person is excellent for people with large families. I did small gifts for my family with a letter on how much I appreciate them.

    And giving to the Lord is the best gift of all; its a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year :)


  3. All great ideas Val :)


  4. Thanks for the reminders Val.  Even tho we know these things, we sometimes get caught up in the activity of the season and forget what's really important. Linda in Washington State

  5. Good ideas! rich

  6. With large families, it's the only way. We had lots of aunts and uncles when I was young, so you can imagine the cousins. It never was expensive because everyone got special visits with special Christmas kisses. : )

  7. Great idea for present giving, but I would still make sure my grandkids got their pressies and lots of fun.
    Glad to hear John and Krissy are receiving such deserving help.
    Take care,
    Sylvia xx

  8. Good ideas here. I hope John and Krissy are doing OK. Jeannette.

  9. Thats what friends are for. The Lord shall supply all their needs in one way or another :)


  10. oops..this posted twice...I am adding your comment, Linda, from the other post and erasing it.  Hope you don't mind...

    I like that, I hadn't thought of it that way but a gift for Jesus...
    Great suggestions.
    Always having a special place for John and Krissy in my thoughts.
    Have a blessed Sunday!
    Linda :)
    Comment from fasttrack58 - 12/10/05 11:59 PM

  11. We used to struggle to buy for everyone at Christmas, then go without ourselves!  Since J arrived though, we have told everyone that we will only buy for the kiddies, that has made it so much easier :o)  I will be sending my package for Krissy and John early January, hope that is OK.
    Sara   x


  12. A great sense for sensitivity and authenticity! This year mu Christmas list of gifts are more geared at actions and attitudes rather than material gifts alone.


  13. We've been drawing names for the past few years and it works out so much better.  Of course we all take care of the kids but then we just have one adult to buy for.  It's much easier on the finances to do it that way.  It's a shame how some people go beserk and find themselves in serious debt just because of a holiday that they obviously forgot the true reason for the season.

  14. I was talking to the carpenter that I have been doing some work with on my home and him and his wife have been at the church for the last 3 days making up packages of food stuffs for needy people in the area.   Donations have been from food stores as well as people from my understanding.   He asked me how I was doing on food and I told him that I had plenty and did not need to be on the list.   I have been to their church and met the minister who people refer to by his first name.   I was writing Ally in Norfolk (Norwich) about my next door neighbor and how he is 83 and lives by himself with one cat.   He has had a serious health problem once and did not seek medical attention until his sister found him.   I talk with him several times a week.   I will see him over the Holiday period.    mark

  15. All great ideas, Val! I like that pic of Santa & the message above it. No, it is not Santa's birthday, it is Jesus' birthday -- praise His holy name! Thank you for reminding us of the reason for the season and of the spirit of true giving, as Jesus' taught it. Prayers going out to Krissy & John.


  16. We draw names too!  We call it "Christkindel" instead of the secularized "Secret Santa".  I guess the first name comes from the German tradition if I'm not mistaken.  


  18. Hi Val,

    Sorry to hear your brother -in-law and sister are having such a hard time at the moment. I hope everything goes well for them. It sounds as if you've been shown a lot of support here and I'm sending my own very best wishes too.

    Thanks for your comment (pesky computers!) and also for the hat idea. I think the children would find that fun.

    Look after yourself.

    Tilly x

  19. Val~That is a great idea about your thoughtful gift to Jesus. I also try to do this; usually I pick a name or two off an "angel tree" and buy the gift, wrap and deliver it. I'm thinking it would do me some good to do the soup kitchen thing or perhaps visit Children's Hospital and deliver my gifts in person. Everybody loves Krissy & John! ;-) xox Deb PS. You pretty sweet too ;-)

  20. Do you ever hear from Amy of Amy loves Pecarries? I never see any new entries on her new journal--thought maybe she is back on her aol one and I don't have that link any more. Thanks,


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