Saturday, December 17, 2005

My Lists...

I was tagged by Deb of Frosty Thoughts to list Ten Things That Make Me Happy.  Here they are in no particular order...


1.  My relationship with God...prayer and time spent with God daily is so important to me.  I need to stay connected with God or I feel lost.

2.  My close friends and my family...they keep me grounded and love me and I them.

3.  My five senses help me live life, and I LOVE to live.  They help me appreciate a song or a pretty picture.  They help me taste a wonderful chocolate bar or pet a soft rabbit.  I use my senses to live life to its fullest and also to calm myself down.

4.  Meditation and solitude...I spend some time in meditation and solitude everyday.  I have to.  It is my time and I love it.  I can connect back with my body and my spirit and find relaxation and peace.

5.  Nature...trees, mountains, lakes, birds, etc. help me connect with God.  They provide inspiration and awe.  I try to spend some time in nature daily.

6.  Seeing, giving and being the recipient of acts of kindness...smiles, hugs, laughter, volunteering, positive attitudes, helping out when needed brings me inspiration and makes my day so much more positive.  They really inspire me to be a better person and make me feel more positive about living in this world.

7.  My journal and on-line friends...I spend so much time with them daily and they offer support, encouragement and wonderful friendship.  I love you guys!!

8.  My kitty cats...They are a life-force in my home.  I live alone and they are constantly moving about showing me that I am not alone and I am loved.  They are so precious, but you hear enough about them...

9.  My hobbies...painting, taking pictures, my computer, reading, making jewelry.  When I work on a hobby it allows me to get out of myself and I receive energy and inspiration.

10.  Humor...I love to laugh.  What feels better than laughing?  I laugh harder and longer than anyone I know at a joke. Humor heals alot.

Those are the ten things that make me happy.  I noticed that some people were also listing five things that were quirky about themselves.  So here is that list also...


!.  I take tags off of all my clothes before I wear them...everything....shirts, pants, underwear, shoes, bras.  I even take tags off of sheets and pillows.  I can't stand tags!!   They make me itch.  I don't even give them a chance to touch me.  I just cut them off before I put a garment on!

2.  I am almost always barefoot.  I don't like shoes.  I throw them off first thing when I walk in the door.  If I can get away with it, I go barefoot outside.  I have been known to go barefoot outside in the winter-time even.

3.  I HATE, HATE, HATE the telephone.  You will never see me own a cell phone.  I have the answering machine answer all my phone calls.  I do call people back, but on my time.  I know this seems rude to some people, but the phone makes me nervous and exhausts me.

4.  I run fans all year-round.  I run ceiling fans during the day and a fan at night to sleep with.  I like the sound and I like the moving air.

5.  Lastly, I like to sleep in the winter-time with my window open.  Yes, I am in cold Pennsylvania.  I can't do it right now where I live because the window in my bedroom won't open.  Oh, how I miss the air!!

So, that is it.  Hope it was a bit interesting.  Have a good weekend, journal friends! xox


  1. Way to go Val nice answers:)


  2. You're not alone, and I'm glad I found someone else...I too like to sleep with the window open!  Can't tell you why and it drove my brother nuts when we shared a room.  Kinda helps you get up to in the morning.  As my great-uncle says, 'HEAT MAKES YOU LAZY!"  

  3. We sure have the phone quirk thing in common. I HATE the telephone. Like you, I call back unless someone really needs me.

    Angela : )

  4. You are a simple person. satisfied with the joys and pleasures of life!!  You are lucky indeed, to be able to "see" the small pleasures in life and appreciate them as the big picture.  So many people cannot even appreciate that they are alive, can see, breathe, touch, smell, etc., because they are so wrapped in the material things of life.  I admire your candidness :)
    xoxo ~Myra

  5. I love nature.....trees and mountains etc. I locve my two cats too and I love solitude, can't stand being in a crowd. We sound so similar we could be twins!! Jeannette.

  6. I liked reading the quirky things; my son has to have tags taken off his shirts or they irritate him.


  7. I don't like talking on the phone either.  I do own a cell phone, but hubby is the only one with my number, and he knows to just text me :o)  Actually I don't mind talking to hubby on the phone, and 99% of my calls are from him, so I don't do too bad!  Good lists :o)
    Sara   x

  8. Loved your answers, especially the things that make you happy!


  9. Lovely to meet you today at the ball it was great and a very differant experiance for me. Love Joan.

  10. Enjoyed reading about your most enjoyable things Val.   Have a great Christmas and New Year.    mark

  11. You are always so faithful to visit my journal, I thought I would return the kindness.  I love your answers.  We have a lot in common.  I could not go on without my Heavenly Father to guide me in my daily walk.  I could not go on without my family.  They are the reason I breathe.  I particularly enjoyed nature when we lived in Colorado.  It is so beautiful there.  The things I saw there reinforced to me that there IS a God.  There would have to be to create such a beautiful world.  Since moving back to Alabama, I enjoy the catfish pond behind my house, the path through the woods, and listening to the birds sing.  I am big on treating others as I want to be treated and going out of my way to be kind to others.  I could not go on without the wonderful friends I have made in J-Land.  They sustain me through lifes turmoils.  Their friendship is immeasurable.  I have three cats.  I love taking pictures, my computer, and reading.  I love to laugh.  My kids are very humorous and keep me in stitches.  I hate tags too and shoulder pads.  I cut shoulder pads out too.  I hate telemarketers and people who don't know me to call me on the phone.  Love to hear from friends and family and I don't have a cell phone either.  I, too, run fans all year. :)  I love sleeping in a cold room too.  I sleep much better!  I think we have lots in common.  Thanks for visiting me, please come again!


  12. hello friend thank you for the link i was missing you i loved the answers and getting to know you more very intersting lol jhave a good week God bless kelley

  13. I thought I was the only person who hated the telephone! Especially cell phones! lol I also like running fans to sleep with. . . .



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