Sunday, November 27, 2005

Christmas Fun!...

I'm still here, everyone.  I have been getting used to an increase in my pain medication this week and it has made my head loopy.  Very loopy.  You wouldn't have wanted to read an entry from me with a loopy head ;-).  My head is feeling much better today.  I am so excited about having better pain control, SO, SO excited.  I don't know why I didn't do this much earlier.  I hadn't had an increase in a few years.  I take a medication that you build up a tolerance to and I feared to increase it.  I had been at my wits end so I increased it last week.  I don't know how I dealt with the pain before this.  Wow, it feels SO GOOD to be in less pain!!  I hope this lasts for quite some time!

I am very disappointed because I can't get any of the pictures to transfer from my camera to my computer.  I think the problem is with the connection cable.  Whatever that is called??  When I try to transfer them it says I have no connection device.  Yes I do!!  And it is plugged in correctly!!  I guess something is wrong with it.  I will have to go purchase another one.  I sure hope the problem is not within the computer, the camera or the software.  I hope the cable is easy to find and not too expensive.

Want some neat Christmas countdown banners?  They are at this
site!  You can paste them in emails or on your website and count down Christmas!  How fun!  They have a bunch to choose from!!  Yay Christmas!!

Want another site that you can get lost in for a long time?  Make
!!  You can write a message and they are saved!  They are so beautiful!  Give it a try!  If you make one, don't forget to send it to me so I can see it!

I just love The Christmas season!!  All the lights and Christmas carols and smiles and fun things to do!  Mostly I love it because it is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is my reason for living!

Hope you all are having a good weekend :-)...xox


  1. Val, I've had that problem with my camera connection too.  It will even say on my camera that it's connected to the computer, but I get this little message on my monitor that it's not connected. So, I'm down on my hands and knees checking out all the cables and wires..everyting seems to be connected.  So I unplug my camera and forget about posting a picture.  Then a couple hours later or the next day it works fine.  Go Figure...

  2. Glad the pain is less severe - hope it continues.....Get you camera checked as we all love photographs....Ally

  3. Glad your pain is more under control Val. You certainly sound happy. Yes, Christmas will be upon us before we know it and then gone again.  The christmas lights in our village were switched on yesterday and Mike has started putting some outside lights up but had to stop because it is so cold he got frozen.

  4. Hi Val.  So good to hear your pain is in much better control. That's got to be a blessing.

    Thanks for the fun links.  I'll have to check them out.

  5. Glad you are feeling better:)


  6. I'm glad you have got your pain under control. I made some snowflakes this morning; good fun!! Jeannette.

  7. Hope you had a good weekend too, Val!

  8. The birth of Jesus is the true reason for the season. And I am thankful to Him that you have your pain under greater control. We share the same love for Christmas!



  9. Tom (comment below mine) has the right idea.  Jesus is the reason for the season!  Anyway, I have been playing with making those banners and making snowflakes half the day!  I even got John to choose two signature banners and make a snowflake.  How fun!


  10. So glad that the increase in your meds is working for you Val :o)
    Now, off to play with the Christmas countdown thing, and the snowflake thing!!
    Take care m'dear.
    Sara   x

  11. Great news!! Pain really sucks! Enjoy the Holiday Season. rich

  12. I love the cat....


    Mostly I love it because it is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus, who is my reason for living!

    I agree here.

  13. Dear Val,

                Thats ok to be loopy.....I am that way all the time without meication.
    Its good that you have better pain control  but be careful  and dont overdo..
    Yes, Jesus is the reason for the Season........but you wouldnt know it with all the greed and materialistic stuff going on...  Love to read your journals.....

                                                            Hugs to you


  14. Hello Val,
    I'm very glad your happy about the increase of your pain meds. Hope this works for a long long time. I made snowflakes on Monday, so will have to check the Christmas countdown banners. Take care.   xox Deborah

  15. Oh, too cool! Another graphics junkie! I'll e-mail you some of mine.
    I'm so glad to hear you are feeling better, Val and welcome to the group.
    Best Wishes,

  16. Try unplugging and plugging it back in, several times.  It is probably a USB cable.   Sometimes the contacts where it plugs in become oxidized and don't make good contact.  Plugging it in and out removes some of the build up and contact may improve.  Also you may want to re-install the software for it.  You may have to re-boot your computer before things start working.   I bought a USB with a gold connection for better contact.   It is good that you are able to live in less pain.   Hopefully it will be at a level that will continue to give you relief and won't need to be raised again.  Have a good holiday season and will look forward to reading about how things are going.    mark

  17. Hi Val:

    Your take on life and the condition you have is truly inspiring. I want to urge you to continue enjoying the small things in life for they are actually BIG TIME for the soul's ability to cope and be merry. Also the idea of remaining child-like is great especially to remain capable of wonder and awe and to enjoy playing and sharing; just don't remain ignorant or too innocent for that would not be natural. It is important to grow and mature while difinitely keeping the best of childhood values like the ability to forgive easily and to make friends.

    Blessings to you and thanks for your comments.


  18. I love Christmas season too!

    Please check out the "Exodus Report" I posted today on AOL's numbers.


  19. One last check of things before I head out for DC.So... so..... SOOOOOOOOOO... glad to hear your new meds are working out. Being on meds can be a drag but when they provide a benefit then it's worth the effort.

    Tis a wonderfult time of the year indeed... she snow, bitter cold, bundling up in several layers, holiday lights chasing the winter gloom away, celebrating the birth of our Saviour and the promise of eternal life. If only this spirit of giving and good cheer (for some) could last the year!


  20. glad your feeling better val, i love taking those pills also. its nice to be pain free for a little bit...keep it up...  roberta

  21. Hi Val,
    I'm still here as well. Getting my cards together and hopefully get to send it this week. I am hardly posting cause I'm getting lost again with all these AOl banner exodus thing. Just when I decided that I'll stay the VP letter came out...which disheartened me. Now I'm confused again.
    Sooner or later I'll be back to my own senses again.
    Gem :-)

  22. Thanks for stopping by my journal.  I suffer from 2 chronic illnesses & live with pain 24/7.  I don't know what is wrong with you but I would like to get to know you so we could commiserate.  :) Here's a link to one of my entries that will tell U a little about me.  I have read a couple of yours and can't wait to read more.  Buuuut I have have to get the lead out & finish my Christmas decorating. I LOVE Christmas & I live with a Scrooge.  Go figure.  Getting lights up is like pulling teeth.  LOL  Feel free to email me ANY time.  I'd love to talk.

  23. Val, I have the same thing happen when I try to transfer pictures into my journal.  I finally took my little memory card to Wal Mart and had some pictures printed there, then brought them home and scanned them.  That was the only way I could get them into my journal.  I thought maybe it was something with my computer, but I've read in other journals besides yours of others having the same problem.  It is another AOL trick ?


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