Sunday, July 3, 2005


"To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by a morning walk or an evening saunter; to be thrilled by the stars at night; to be elated over a bird's nest or a wildflower in the spring - these are some of the rewards of a simple life."
-John Burroughs

Matt, Krissy, John and I went to our local park yesterday to relax and feed the ducks and take some pictures of water for the Scavenger Hunt this week.  I had such a relaxing time!  Boy did I need it!  I was running around like a kid looking at everything.  Sometimes I think I am a kid in a big person's body :-).  Atleast when it comes to nature.  I can't stop looking at it.  I was discussing this with my sister yesterday and we recalled our Mama being the same way.  She used to point out every little wildflower and sunset. every bug and tree!.  When we went on car rides she was constantly saying, "Look!  Look!"  I don't think you can actually "learn" this from someone, though.  I think it comes from something internally.  You have it or you don't.  I am constantly pointing things out to my kids outside and I get groans back.  She is doing it again!  "Oh well, their loss."  I think.  So, onto The Hunt!!:

This week's subject is water.  Krissy and I took alot of pictures and I noticed a few had a theme, so I am posting those today.  The theme is "oddities in and around water".  Hope you enjoy them!

The first one is of a duck that was going under for food alot.  He kept poking his bottom up into the air.  So, here you have it - An upside-down duck! LOL


The next picture is a tree by the water that I thought was very interesting.  Look at the trunk.  I like how knotty it is.  It must be very, very old!



Finally, the last two trees by the water are very, very crooked.  I had to turn my camera at an angle to get in the whole tree for both pictures.  The second tree was even more crooked than the first.  Interesting.  It really was a gloriously beautiful day by the water!



"The tree that is beside the running water is fresher and gives more fruit." - Saint Teresa of Avila

Have a good holiday weekend everyone and be good to yourselves and to one another!  Sending love! xox


  1. Cool pics...have a great holiday weekend...and be safe..................Kasey

  2. I am just like you, I even still point out birds outside the window.  I notice everything lol.  I love the pictures but particularly the one of the gnarled tree.  If only it could take, the tales it could tell.  I must be so old and now I am wondering, just how old!  xxxxx

  3. I love your pics Val, especially the one of the knotty tree!


  4. Enjoyed your journal and the photos.  Have copied the photo with the ripples to help me on my canvas.  I like seeing photos at a different angle, and out of the ordinary way of viewing for a change.  It looks like all of you had a really good time yesterday.
    Take care,

  5. Lol, Jason does that constantly while we're in the car!  He says 'look at the trees Mummy', or 'Mummy, there's a church'!  He loves trees, they make him happy, and church's he can spot from miles away!
    Like your water photo's Val, especially the wonky trees ;o)
    Sara   x

  6. oh I love the pictures it does look like a beautiful day and alot of fun.  It is nice to get out and enjoy what God has made for us just think if it is this pretty here how must it be when we get to heaven. Have a good day God bless kelley

  7. Love the pictures.. love the trees and the duck! :) Mel

  8. At last I know I'm not alone - always "see" a kind of deep beauty in everything natural. Take care my friend. So glad you all had a bit of fun and relaxation.
    Sylvia xx

  9. Val, honey, it looks SO relaxing!  What a wonder to behold.  Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures with us.  Love, Penny

  10. I love these photos. I too love knotty old tree trunks. Have one in my back yard that  I love to see out my window. : )

  11. OK call me a little MAD (tee hee) but I rather enjoy the crooked photos of the water and tree. Very artsy. Dang! I mist another of Chrissy's wonderful photo hunts. Perhaps THIS week. What is the next subject? I'll have to pop on over and see.

    Glad to hear you four got out and enjoyed the day. Hope you all have many more opportunities to do so.


  12. Yep, I like that knotty tree too.  I see lots and lots of faces in that one's trunk.  Need it a little larger so I can really gaze at it and see what it has to show me.

    Marlene-Purely Poetry

  13. lol I like the crooked trees too!

  14. Hello Val,
    Love your photo's. Very clever twist..on nature's bonsai trees! LOL! Glad everyone enjoyed the day. Hope you enjoy your day.      ~Deborah

  15. Enjoyed looking at your pics.  I can see why you enjoyed your day out.

  16. I love the angle photos...very nice...
    Sounds like all of you had a great time...and I am one who loves to feed the ducks in our local pond, it is very relaxing for sure.

  17. Very interesting trees! Such a clever choice for water shots...

  18. quartrlyfecrysisJuly 6, 2005 at 7:41 AM

    I love the photos!  Very cool how the tree was leaning, and very cool how you took the shot of it so it looked upright :)

  19. nice photos val.....roberta

  20. Hey, I have water photos going on in my journal - I should've played along!! But, mine are of boats on water - so would that count? ;-)  Sounds like a day at the park was PERFECTION. :-)


  21. Love your photos Val,especially the tree.They say you should always hug a tree here in England.

  22. Val, I love the knotty one -- how cool is that!  And the leaning ones?!?  How strong must their roots be to keep them from topeling over into the water?!? Truly amazing!  :-)
    ~Miss O


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