Sunday, January 11, 2009

Winner of Sentence Game #38!...

Happy day, everyone! I have been sluggish with the snow that has been falling and the cold
winter air. I just want to be in my bed. How about you? I think I am ready for Spring already.
Oh my. I think we have a little bit of time yet to go. I guess I have been stuck in bed too much
with the flu so I am ready to go outside and see some sunshine. It's not going to happen. LOL.
It's time to announce the winner of "Weekly Sentence with Val" #38!...

This week's letters are EGOTAC. The judges and I would like to CONGRATULATE:

DB of Vagabond Journeys:

Even geniuses often take a cab.

Please stop by DB's blog and congratulate him and say hello!

Your award for your sidebar is below, DB. Right click on your award
and make sure you save as .jpg. If you have any questions
just pop me an email.

I would also like to thank all who submitted this week!!
Submissions are below:

Eternal God obviously tackles all concerns. (Betty)
Even getting online took a century. (Krissy)
Every great ocean tosses a canoe. (Linda)
Every Grandparent ought to attract children. (Lynne)
Ethel gyrated on tables after cognac. (Pam)
Everyone goes overboard totally at Christmas. (Jeannette)
Exceptional girls often take appropriate classes. (Merry)

Again, I am asking if you know anyone who used to play or who likes word games,
steer them this way. I have lost contact with some old players and cannot
find them. Thanks!!

I will be back later today or tomorrow morning with six new letters!
Take care! Val =)


  1. Congratulations to my friend DB for submitting the winning entry !! Linda in soggy Washington

  2. Congrats to the winner! Great sentence!


  3. Way to go on the winner. Glad to see that people are still taking part. Glad I checked dashboard because I did not know you had posted.

    Send me an email when you post the next set of letters, I will see if I can come up with anything lol. Hugs.

  4. P.S. Did you see the video I posted on Friday? Only a short one with the frozen lake.

  5. Celebration time to DB, my good friend-
    Val- I must not be recieving all your journal notifications because this is the first one in a while! I didn't know there was a contest # 38-Dannelle

  6. congrats to DB; off to congratulate him on his journal; so sorry its been a hard winter so far for you Val; I do hope that the sun comes out and shines a bit so you can enjoy it! if it does, sit by a window to catch some rays!! (don't shoot me but its 85 degrees and sunny here today)

    thanks for doing this game :)



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