Sunday, January 4, 2009

An update, pics of my grandbabies!...

I really needed the small break I took from posting here. I caught a stomach bug right before Christmas and then a head cold right after, that I am still fighting. So I have been sick for a few weeks. When I get sick, it tends to linger. I had a nice Christmas and New Year's Eve. They were quiet and calm. I like quiet and calm.

I saw my new neurosurgeon a couple of weeks ago. He said it looks like I need another Chiari decompression surgery (translation... brain surgery). He said there is no rush. I need to have two more MRIs and have to visit the ophthalmologist before I return to have another talk with him. I really like this neurosurgeon. He did my mom's neck/spine surgery when she had a fracture a few month's back. The surgery went beautifully. Mom's doing well! He also does Chiari surgery. I will explain what Chiari Malformation is again really soon. I know I have some readers who are scratching their heads. I see my neurosurgeon again on Feb. 17. I don't think the surgery will be until Spring or even Summer. I will certainly keep you all updated.

I will be posting six new letters for the "Weekly Sentence Game with Val" tomorrow morning! If anyone wants to be on an email alert list for this game (I put the letters in the email), just let me know in the comments section.

Lastly, I have some new pictures of my grandbabies. These were taken over the holidays. Josiah turned two in August. He is walking and talking and is potty trained. Jonah turned one in September. He is walking and saying a few words here and there. I haven't seen them in six months. Oh how I miss them. Grammy loves you, my boys!!!


  1. Oh, Val, they are adorable -- just like their grammy only shorter!! Love ya, Jennifer

  2. Your Grandkids are adorable and I hope you get to feeling better. *M*

  3. They grow up way too fast... but they are!

    Happy New Year, Val! Hope you get to feeling better :)


  4. Six months feels like a lifetime to a grandparent. They are just gorgeous and getting so big. I you and Missie's family are the only ones I know that deal with Chiari. I hope you are getting better now from all that sickness. Everyone seems to have started this new year out that way.
    Take care, Chrissie

  5. Josiah and Jonah are so cute! so sorry you've been under the weather though Val! glad that you don't have to have surgery right away but can plan for it and get things done prior to it

    hoping the new year is a good one for you and your family!


  6. potty trained.
    that's a present in itself
    happy new year
    dear, sweet Val

  7. Gorgeous pics Val, thanks for sharing them x Glad you enjoyed the break :o)

  8. Hope you are feeling better now.... and loved seeing pictures of your grandsons, they have really grown!! :)

  9. Hope you ar eseeing one of the Chiari experts in PA . Best wishes

  10. ooooooooooh they are precious thanks for sharing. Hope you are feeling better.. keep us posted on the surgery dates etc.
    love ya

  11. What adorable children! Sorry to hear you've been down sick. Praying for better days.

  12. Those grandboys of yours are darling! Linda in Washington

  13. WOW! They are getting so big! Those are the first pictures I've seen of them in awhile! Astounding!

  14. Val,
    Those grandbabies are just adorable. I cannot believe you are a grandmother. Yeah!!! God Bless those babies.

    Keep us posted on your surgery.

    Hugs and Happy New Year, Lu


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