Sunday, September 2, 2007

week's news, Happy Labor Day!...

I would like to sincerely apologize to those of you who participated in last week's Photo Scavenger Hunt and LOLpets.  I have been unable to post your entries and give a new Hunt subject because I was busy with a little boy and a sick daughter.  My daughter was in the hospital all last week with a severe kidney infection.  I took care of Josiah.  When Josiah comes to Grammy's it's "play time" so I got no break!! LOL  Chelsea is healing.  She is very weak and still hurts some, but is recovering.  Her baby (in her belly) is okay.  She had contractions the first day in the hospital (every two minutes!) but they stopped, thank goodness.  She did that with her pregnancy with Josiah, too.  She had a lot of false contractions in her eighth month.  That never happened with me.  She is getting large now.  Her baby is due October 7.  They picked out a name - Jonah Alexander.  I like it very much!  I might be repeating myself.  LOL  I forgot what I have and haven't told everyone.  Oh, I am getting very excited!!  I better finish crocheting the baby's first blanket!!

I am so, so sore from taking care of Josiah and I am having a lot of muscle spasms.  My fibromyalgia has flared BIG TIME!   It was worse yesterday so I will be okay.  I am at my worst in the morning right when I wake up.  That's why I get on the computer.  I am in too much pain to do anything else.  I wait for my muscle and nerve pain medicines to work and for my body to kick in.  It takes about two hours.  Anyone who knows me knows that I DO NOT do anything for two hours after I get up except sit at the computer.  My body stops around 4PM, too, and doesn't start up again until 9PM.  I have a weird cycle.  I do very well late at night, too.  Very late evening is my best time of day.

I will be posting everyone's entries and a Hunt subject in the next day.  I just wanted you all to know that I didn't disappear.  I wanted to thank everyone who was praying for Chelsea, too, it meant the world to us!!  God bless and have a good Labor Day! xox


  1. Valerie, glad you are ok.  I hope you don't hurt too bad.

    Krissy :)

  2. ((((((((((((((VAL))))))))))))))))))I am glad you are ok and your daughter is ok and the baby in Her belly is ok to.I was wondering if I had missed another one.LOL.But,I just got my puter back.Missed you.Have a nice evening.

  3. I'm glad all is well - hope your pain subsides soon, Val

  4. ((( VAL ))

    sorry to hear that your in pain... What is "Fibermyalgia"? I have never heard of that disease before

    Take it easy for a few hours till it Subsides!!!!!

    --- Christopher

  5.  Hope you feel better soon.  Take care of yourself.


  6. Enjoy your Labor Day!

  7. Playing with Josiah is way more fun than journal games, lol.... Hope everyone is feeling better now and I love those names Josiah and Jonah!
    Happy Labor Day!
    Linda :)

  8. I will pray for the illnesses inflicting your family.  Hugs!

  9. Sorry to hear about your daughter, sure hope she's feeling better soon.  It's hard on grandma's to take care of little ones at times.   But thankfully, the good Lord always gets us thru it.  Take care, Linda in Washington state

  10. I hope things get sorted out. :o)

  11. hope chelsea is much better.
    i love the name she picked out

  12. Just want you to know that Chelsea has been in my prayers, Val ... and you, too!
    Love, Cathy

  13. See how far behind I AM??? What happened to Chelsea?????? I'm glad she is doing better and I like the name the chose for the baby. Oct 7.  That's not long. I have ThREE baby afgans to get made and that is another reason I am not blogging much.  Take care and I will try to keep up with better.
    Hugs, Barb


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