Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The lie is...

#2!!  I have never been on a game show.  I think that I would like to be someday, but I fear that fright would paralyze me and I would behave like a buffoon and die of embarrassment.  LOL  I can eat very well with chopsticks and I do live by a liquor store as well as a funeral home/crematorium, two churches, a pizza parlor, a loan office, a hair salon, and a Loyal Order of The Moose across the street.  I could live for the rest of my life just on my street if I could stomach just pizza.  I could get a loan for a lot of money, drink, go to church, get my hair cut and die.  I don't drink though.  I can't go into the Moose either because they don't allow women in there.  I find the place very mysterious.  It reminds me of the episode on The Flintstone's where Wilma and Betty tried to get into Fred's Lodge.  They dressed up in the garb and pretended to be men.  Does anyone remember this?  I envision the men in the back of the Moose wearing big buffalo hats and eating buffalo burgers and Pterodactyl eggs and paddling one another with paddles.  Well, they need to let me in there.  LOL  Thanks for playing.  Linda at Footprints in the Sand was the only one who guessed the lie correctly.  For some reason, most of you thought I couldn't use chopsticks.  My boyfriend was with me when we had lunch that day and he tried them for the first time and used them the entire meal.  I was impressed!  Have you ever tried to use chopsticks?  Are you any good with them?

P.S.  I will be back within a day to list Hunt participants and Hunt subject.  Thank you for your patience.  I had a two day migraine.          

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  1. I saw that episode of the Flintstones, lol. Hope your headache has gone.

  2. (((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))))Yoou are so funny,cant belive you live by a liqur stoor and a funreal home.LOL.Have a nice day.

  3. I saw that episode of The Flintstones....
    I can use chopsticks too....
    and Yay for me, lol...
    Linda :)

  4. I got sidetracked and didn't get my answer in, sorry!  I intended to.  I would have said that you could not use chopsticks, too!!!!  Because I can't.   Yes, I tried when I was younger, my parents use to go to a place when we went into Minneapolis to shop or see my eye doctor, etc.  But no, I never got very good with them.  I think they are HARD.  I think you live far enough East this is done more than it's done by Midwestereners.  Here, only the upscale and ritsy places would have people using them!  Myparents did know how, and so did my sister, but I was in early grade school during that time and never caught on.
    I thought you might be on a game show. You are so darn smart (as a whip) you reallly should go on one, you'd win!  How about you go on this new 10 Million (or whatever it is) one with Drew Caray that has just started. Gof for it!  If you go on Millionaire, you could call me to help you.  (LOL--actually I think Krissy would be a better choice).  

    You can't eat pizza?  Oh, my that is too bad.  We get these little mini ones. They are cheap, and just right for one.  If we get a medium Dave eats too much.  And I don't need to eat 2 pieces, then we have left over. When Tim was at home we did; he'd even eat left over pizza cold out of the refrig.  UGH!

    Neither do I drink.  Dave drinks occasionally if we are out, but we don't ever buy liquor to keep in the house.

    Dave is not into being a member of any of those men's lodges.  My Dad was a Mason, and then he became a shriner. He was so proud when he became a Shriner. They do do good things and have a wonderful hospital, you know.  My Mom was in "Eastern Star" and it was very mysterious sort of.  She'd sew her own formals for these big affairs.  I was small, but I remember that very well.  

    I am so sorry you had that 2 day migrane.  Merry thinks Val is working

  5. I said too much and it did not all come through.  I was just going to say, Merry thinks that Valerie has been working too hard.  Yikes a 2 day migrane.  I am sorry, hon.xoxo Merry

  6. I saw that episode of the Flintstones, LOL.

    Krissy :)


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