Sunday, January 7, 2007

Photo Hunt, good news!

I haven't done a decent entry in a long, long time.  I was sick for three weeks.  Three weeks of a stomach virus.  I lost ten pounds.  I am sure I will gain it back quickly.  My immune system seems to be lacking.  I think it's my fibromyalgia.  I started feeling better January 1, but it is taking a long time to get my strength back.  It feels like I lost all of December.  I really didn't have much of a Christmas or New Year's celebration.  I did meditate on what Christmas means to me throughout December and the Christmas journal Krissy and I participated in really was special to me, so thank you Krissy!!!  I do hope that she and I can collaborate on future journals!

I got some FANTASTIC news about two weeks ago, but didn't want to share it with anyone until I was positive that it was going to come through - positive that it was really in the works.  Chelsea and her fiancee and my little grandson
are moving from Florida up to my state (Pennsylvania)... just one block away
!!!  Now how cool is that!!?!!  This is a grandma's dream!!  I was able to find them a suitable, vacant apartment one block down the street and they are having the owner hold it for them until late February/early March!  The owner is a kind Amish man who will, I am sure, be a very good landlord.  Chelsea has already gotten her old job back and her fiancee will be job-hunting as soon as he gets here.  I will do some free babysitting (as health allows).  I am sure they will get on their feet quickly.  Yep, Grammy is so excited you are coming to be near her, Josiah!!  And Mama is happy you guys are coming, too, Chels and Desi!!  See you guys soon!!

This leads me to this week's Scavenger Hunt.  The subject is "
our baby pictures
".  I do have two new pictures of Josiah that you all have never seen.  He is just over three months old in these pictures.  He is 4 1/2 months old today.  I am sure he is bigger now.  Chelsea called me up last week, mid-week, to let me hear Josiah laugh and giggle.  It was priceless!  I was laughing and smiling all day after hearing his wonderful laugh.   Here is Josiah dancing...


And Josiah after a bath...


Here is a picture of Chelsea as a baby.  I would guess she is eight or nine months old.  Do you think there are any similarities between her and Josiah?


Finally, my sister Grace has changed the name of her journal and has posted
a new entry
if you would like to go read and say hello!

I do hope everyone is having a good and relaxing weekend!  Take care! xox


  1. Josiah is precious.  I absolutely see similarities between Josiah and his Mama!  


  2. Happy news friend! Tammy

  3. happy new year val!  i love that baby of yours!  he is soo  beautiful!  you must be so proud

  4. Oh my what a lucky Grandmother you are.  That is the best news.  Love all the pictures.  I could never find my baby picture, still packed away with the pictures.  Glad your finally feeling better.



  5. how sweet, and how blessed you'll be when they move a block away.  Linda in Washington  

  6. Glad your feeling better! Was wondering where you've been. Great news that your daughter is coming home! Happy New Year.

  7. Fantastic news all around...and cutie pie pics!


  8. Glad to hear you've slowly recovered, Val ... what a sweet blessing to have Josiah just a block away soon ( as well as his mama and papa ) ... you're in my prayers sister-friend.  Hope to see you soon !  

    Oh, Boy ... It's A Boy ! ( My soon to be born great nephew )

  9. Val~I'm so happy for you that your family is moving up to PA. Great news, indeed! Happy New Year; hope there's many more days of health than illness. xox Sassy

  10. Josiah is gorgeous as always! I'm so glad they're moving home and will be near you! That's great news for the new year. Jeannette xx  

  11. Val, honey how could you contain yourself?  I would have spilled the news the day I heard it.  I am truly happy that Chels, her fiance and Josiah will be nearby.  I miss my daughter every day.  Love and blessings, Penny

  12. ((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU)))))))))))))))))))))))That is wonderful news,you will be baby sitting alot and I know you will love it.If that were my Mom and knowing that if my Brother and family came back home from London to stay,,She would have it all over the I have some pics I will share later in my journal.They are a pretty family.I sure do miss them.I am so happy for you.Have a ncie week ahead.

  13. Sorry, I don't see a lot of similaritites between Josiah and Chelsie.  Other than they are both REALLY CUTE!  

    You know the wedding was wonderful, but I lost Dec. being sick, too, so I know exactly what you mean.  I feel that Christmas was a dream.  And was glad when it was over and nothing BAD happened!

    I hope you take good care of yourslf so you can feel better by the time your daughter moves by you.  

    Love you friend,

  14. I'm so glad they're moving close to you!

  15. yeah they are moving closer, I am soooooo happy for you!!!!

  16. Such wonderful news!!  I know how much you enjoyed visiting them, now you can do it any time you want.  You can see the little one grow up without missing the important moments.  I know you are thrilled and I bet they are happy to be closer to you as well.  Sorry your Fibromyalgia is acting up.  That is an aweful disease, and one that I am starting to learn about since my Mom has been diagnosed with it (in addition to MS).  I hope you get back on your feet quick.  Maybe having the family close by will help you out with that.


  17. That is good news.  My Mom lives about 2 blocks from one of my brothers so she has both granddaughters close by.  Now if she could just get the grandson close by she would be in heaven.


  18. Glad to hear your family is moving closer. I know when we relocated to KY-my MIL & FIL were still in Chicago, after 1 year she couldn't take being away any longer and moved down here. How exciting for you.

  19. I'm glad you're finally feeling better...and so excited about the family moving!!!  :-)
    Here's to Josiah!

  20. I am so glad you are feeling better.  And the  news that your daughter and Desi and the baby are moving a block away is fantastic!! I am SO thrilled for you.  It will be be good for all concerned!!  Love the pics of Josiah.  He's a doll.
    So happy for you.
    Hugs, barb

  21. Val, what a bummer to be sick that long. Stomach virus?....that must have kept you in the bed..that is so awful...I hate that feeling.....I am glad to hear your feeling better but such a long time to be sick....vvery sorry about that.....I couldnt believe that your daughter will be moving so close....a parents exciting....your grandson is still one of the cutest babies I have ever seen...

    I am estatic for you that you will have your daughter with you....miracles still do happen....~Raven

  22. How wonderful it must be for you now that you will soon be able to see your family more often.

    By for now,


  23. Happy New Year!!
    I hope this year is filled with lots of grammy memories and great times!

  24. Such wonderful news that your grandson will be living so close and he is such a cutie... but you knew that... lol...
    Linda :)

  25. Hi hon,
    So sorry you were so sick. I'm sure it was your fibromyalgia. At least that is what does it for Johnny. He loses 9-12 pounds every time he gets sick, during the cold months mostly. Hooray! Great news about your grandson and fiancee moving closer to you. Adorable baby.
    Hugs, and love too

  26. I have somehow been missing your journal in my alerts for quite a while...but I am finally here.. and wow!  Josiah has sure gotten big!  I am so sorry you were sick... I was too, just this week! Ugh.

    be well,


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