Tuesday, January 2, 2007

100th Hunt Participants!...

Photo Scavenger Hunt #100

The subject for this week is: 
Show us a photo of a milestone in your life.  If you are unable to scan old photos, how about a Christmas or New Year's celebration photo.


This week's Hunt was great fun for me!  I was able to view grandbabies, milestones, artistic endeavors, holiday cheer, wedding photos, all kinds of happy photos!  It was truly a CELEBRATION!!  It was truly fitting for Krissy's 100th Photo Hunt!!  I wanted to thank the following journals for participating this week!!  Please visit their journals and  see their milestone or celebration!:

     Mark's Daily Journal

     Photo Trek

     ALMOST Paradise

     Caregivingly Yours
  (for explanation of photo
                                       see comments section.)
     My Photo Journey

     Ye Olde English Posy

     Footprints in the Sand

     Linda's World

Weren't those very happy!!?!!  Please visit Krissy at Sometimes I Think
today to see what next week's Photo Scavenger Hunt subject is.  While you are there shout her out a congratulations on a job well done for these past 100 weeks!!  Thanks, Krissy, for getting us to take out our cameras and having us share our worlds with one another!!  It's been great fun!!  May you have many more weeks and years to come with your Hunt!!  Love you, sis!! xox


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  1. I need to get in the groove with these scavanger hunts!!! GAH!
    Luv ya!

  2. I guess I'm clueless about these things ... I should put an explanation here? The photo is of a lighted wrench being dropped on New Year's Eve. Our town of Mechanicsburg unlike Times Square drops a "wrench" at midnight. <grin> Thanks for hosting.

  3. Hi Sweetie, Just wanted to pop over & wish you and yours a Belated Happy New year. I pray it brings you nothing but good health & happiness.  I have been so busy with the holidays & this & that. Don't know if you've been by my journal but just in case you haven't...For Christmas one of the gifts the kids (oldest son Chad & his wife malizza) gave me was a box of sox. Under the sox a baby bib that says Grandma loves me!! YES! They are pregnant, A little more than 11 weeks.  Sadly the first part of the week, Malizza;s mom went in for stents to control her high blood pressure & has had a snall stroke.  We are hoping it isn't too severe.  Maliza is such a type A personality & she has had some cramping & I''m scared for her losing the baby. He nother is going to need some rehab.  I don't know what they will do,  Malizza just graduated from Nursing school & has a job in SICU. ANyway, lots going on around here. How are you doing, dear?  How you feeling.  How's that precious little grandson??
    I'm doing so so.  Started the yearly New Year's diet. We'll see.  LOL
    Take care and drop by one of these days. Love you lots. xox
    Hugs, Barb

  4. great Netry! I come here form Penny's journal!
    yours, natalie


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