Monday, April 11, 2005

Meet Marbles and More!...

Wow, I haven't written in here in eight days...eight long days!  I'm trying to catch up on life.  When I was away at the hospital, it seemed like life kind of accelerated and left me behind and I am trying to catch up!  I feel like screaming, "Hey life, shut down a couple of days so I can catch up!!"  But it is not going to do that.  Oh well.  I am going to slowly have to chip away and get things done.

Things went well at the hospital.  I was in there for two nights and two days.  The needle that was placed in my shunt reservoir slipped out the first night so I had to stay a second.  The doctor concluded that I had very, very low pressure and was wondering why I wasn't having alot of headaches.  "Nope,"  I told him, "I am just stupid all the time and have alot of memory problems."  So, he doesn't know if they are going to convert the non-programmable shunt into a programmable one yet.  He is going to confer with the neuro-surgeon.  We will see.   I will keep you posted!

         I wanted everyone to meet a new edition to my buddies that hang around my computer.  This is Marbles "The Partying" Moose.  Krissy gave him to me at the hospital.  I think he is the happiest looking moose on the planet!!  What do you guys think?  He took his rightful place next to Sheila The He Monkey and Scotty The Orangutan over the weekend.  They are all getting acquainted and he is fitting in very, very well!  Thanks for this, Krissy!  Krissy came to the hospital with me and was such a swell buddy.  She took really, really good care of me!!  You are THE BEST, Krissy doll!!

I was watching Baby, who, by the way is getting HUGE, over the weekend.  Let me show you...

          Baby just turned six months old here!  He is ten pounds already!  My, oh my!  Anyway, I was watching him chase his exquisitely long tail.  Round and round in circles he was going and I was laughing away.  Well, lo-and-behold, he caught his tail!!  With one paw he held his tail down and with the other paw he stomped and stomped the base of his tail.  I was laughing hysterically!!  I always wondered what would happen if a dog or cat caught its tail what would they do?  Well, now I know what this kitty would do!

My kitties are getting along better now that Baby is getting older.  He is getting a bit aggressive, though, now that he needs neutered.  I am taking him in this month to get that done.  The kitties were so happy this weekend because Spring had finally sprung and they had sunshine after a month of rain and clouds.

Here is what they were doing yesterday in my living room window...




In the last picture Baby was attacking a bug that got into the window.  That was a lucky shot!

Well, I am going to get off here and get a few things done that I have neglected for too many days!

I hope you enjoyed my pictures of my week and I hope they didn't take too long to download!  I am going to leave you with something that I read out of a book last night that I am reading on happiness.  I think it is oh-so-true!:

~ Once basic needs are met (food, clothing, shelter), the message is clear:  we don't need more money, we don't need greater success or fame, we don't need the perfect body or even the perfect mate - right now at this very moment, we have a mind, which is all the basic equipment we need to achieve complete happiness.

Taken from "The Art of Happiness"


  1. Glad you're back and things went okay.. well as far as having needles in your head can be ok yikes.  I know what you mean by wishing life would just shut down for a few days so you can catch up.  I'm always on catch up mode!  

  2. Welcome back Val....... I`m glad things went well for you in hospital.  Marbles is really cute and I`m glad he`s getting on with the other cuddlys` lol ! ;-)  Take care of yourself... :-)   Sandra xxx

  3. Hope you catch up on things too.  I have prayed that doc will make right decisions to help you feel better.  

    That is a cute critter Krissy gave you.  Critters like this have a lot of emotional attachment.  You will always think of Krissy and what the little critter represents....that Krissy wanted you to feel better and that she was with you.  Like my EEyore....reminds me of my family and of PreTeen and us being together in Disney!

    Oh, those cat pics are cute!!!!

    Have a good week.

  4. Am waving at Marbles!!  He really does look like a happy little fella doesn't he!!
    Glad you're back, glad you're OK, glad Krissy was there with you :o)
    I love the pics of your kitties in the window, they're beautiful!
    Take care hon, and don't worry about catching up with things all at once, take your time, you'll get there.
    Sara   x

  5. Glad you didn't lose any "marbles" in the hospital. Sounds like you're doing good. That's great!! rich

  6. So glad you are back safe in your own home!Best wishes to you Val and what a great sister you have .

  7. Hope you hear back from your doctor soon. Must be hard to be in limbo like this.

  8. Valerie, I absolutely LOVE your cat shots.  VERY artistic.  You should be a photographer!  I love the pic of Marbles also.  Love you so much Sis. -Krissy

  9. glad to hear that everything went ok.
    love the pictures of the cats.



  11. Glad things went well and you had a safe trip.  You're one brave cookie!  
    The kitties are so cute!  JoJo certainly does look a lot like Six :)
    Take it easy doll~

  12. Hi, so glad things went well, i have only just caught up on journals and hope you keep well, thanks or your comments on mine. xx Julie xx

  13. glad things went well. Marbles is so cute and baby is coming along lovely........ Jules xxxx

  14. so glad you are home and doing so well! Keep it up!

  15. What a delightful entry, Val!  I am trying to get caught up while its slow at work.  your pictures are great.  It's nice to have you home again.  Love Penny

  16. love that quote...I have the same book, a great read by the dalai lama, one of his best books.  glad all is well with you...


  17. Love the quote.  As for feeling left behind - I'm right there beside you.  I LOVE the moose Krissy got you - he's adorable/lovable. :-)


  18. I really like Marbles.  He's very cool!

  19. Love Marbles, he is so cute and cuddly.  What great cat pictures Val, I love the silhouettes.  Glad they are getting on well together.  I apologise for not dropping by sooner.  Got involved in other things and got behind on journals.  But you are in my prayers daily my dear friend. God bless you xxxx

  20. Well I hope what ever the dotors decide to do works for you.Love the pictures..will keep you and my prayers. I think you and Krissy are blessed to have each othe.......Kasey

  21. Love the photos and the quote and happy you are home from the hospital.
    Just dropped by to say, "Hi"


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