Thursday, March 17, 2005

I'm Checking In Here...

Wow, it has been awhile since I have written a proper entry.  I missed reading journals and I missed writing.  I guess it has been about three weeks except for a quick on and off to wish Chelsea a happy birthday.  I feel bad, too, because I didn't wish Krissy  a proper happy birthday on March 13.  So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Krissy, my favoritest big girl in the whole wide world!!!!!  So, I think it will take me forever to catch up on journal reading!!  You see, I only give myself some time in the morning and then I get off and don't get back on until the next morning.  So, if I have not visited your journal I will be coming!  I promise!!  Just give me a little bit of time!!  Be patient!!  Thanks!!

My last few weeks have been crazy, to say the least.  I took a trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a week.  I was there helping a friend who had to retrieve things that belonged to her mom who passed away.  Although it was wonderful spending time with Chelsea the whole week, and nice to be away from my home at times, and good to be with friends, it was also stressful to be away and to put my body through what it went through.  When you are with three others who have different lifestyles it is just hard.  It was cold and rainy as well.  We were very busy, too, and it was an emotional trip.  I actually only got to the beach twice for a total of about twenty minutes.  I did get some pictures, though.  Here are a couple.



The second one was taken right before a thunderstorm.  This view was actually right out our condo. window.  We had an amazing oceanfront view.  It was incredible.  That was really appreciated because we didn't really make it down to the beach.  It was nice to be able to hear the sounds of the waves by just cracking the door.  I was able to go to bed each night with the ocean sounds!!  Now, that was heaven!!

Here is one final photo I took of a pretty sunset.  I was going to use it for Krissy's "Looking Up" Hunt, but couldn't get it in on time.


When I returned home I thought I was going to be able to get a bit of rest, but, without getting into much detail, for safety reasons, Chelsea has had to get a P.F.A. and leave home for a bit.  It has all been very, very hard on both of us and our friends and family.  I have not gotten much sleep and my body has been in knots.  I think that it has brought up old wounds and past traumas of what I went through as a young woman and wishing that I could take away her pain. 

So, I am off here as I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder and typing really hurts.  I hope to have my usual two to three entries a week now and a soon-to post "Up Close With Val".  It is good to be back y'all!! xox


  1. Wecome back, Val!  I missed you.  The pictures are really lovely.  You're in my prayers, girl.  Love you, Penny

  2. Val's back :o)
    I love the beach photo's, and the sunset, and going to sleep to the sound of the waves on the beach sounds heavenly!
    I don't know what a P.F.A. is, but I'm so sorry Chelsea had to leave home.  I hope whatever it is can be sorted and that she'll be back soon :o(
    Have a (((((hug))))) honey.
    Sara   x

  3. Sorry I missed Krissy's birthday, too~Happy belated Birthday to her, if I don't get by her place....

    Take all the time you need to heal yourself and the issues in your family..... I'm not going anywhere  :)

    Thanks for sharing the beach!! I miss it so much......  I love the 2nd picture, it's awesome :)  Sorry it was under sad circumstances though......

    Its always sad to watch our young loved ones stumble or struggle.... but I think, in the long run~it makes them stronger.....

    Take care of yourself, Val... don't overdo it... J~Land will always be here  :)


    Happy St. Patrick's Day, too  ;)

  4. welcome back Val!  wonderful photos...happy st pattys day :-)


  5. They're lovely photo's Val, sorry about the shoulder, hope that gets better soon. xxR

  6. Those photos are beautiful. Especially the sunset....  :-)   Sandra xxx

  7. Those photos are beautiful. Especially the sunset....  :-)   Sandra xxx

  8. the photos are lovely. Its good to have you back, missed you. Hope the shoulder gets better soon.........Jules xxx

  9. Welcome back! Those pics are lovely. Thinking of you my friend.
    Sylvia x

  10. Glad to see you back.  I absolutely loved your pictures.  Especially the thunderstorm and then next the sunset.  Those were great!!!  

    Hope you get some rest and things settle down soon.

  11. So glad you're back!! Missed ya!! BUT, you just take your time "catching up" We don't want to see you hurt yourself! One Day at a Time! rich

  12. No clue what a PFA is, but I hope things are back to normal for you guys soon. Great photos too!

  13. Oh Val, the photos are beautiful!  I don't know which one I like best.  Not too many mentioned the birds, but I absolutely LOVE that one!  That and the sunset are my favorite. -Krissy (the birthday girl)  


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