Saturday, March 19, 2005


Happy Saturday, everyone!  For all of you who inquired, a P.F.A. is a Protection From Abuse Order.  It is given when someone is in danger of being harmed physically and emotionally.  I can not give any more details for Chelsea's security sake, but I would appreciate prayers for her.  Thank you all!

I went downtown today to find pictures for the Scavenger Hunt.  It was the first time I went out all week.  It was rather nice to get out of my house.  It was so pretty outside.  I was a bit fearful all week, but I just needed to get out.  I grabbed my camera and went and was so glad I did.  It was great to stretch my sore, achey muscles.  I went down to our local park and grabbed these pictures of children.  It was funny because as I was taking them I thought the parents were thinking that I was stalking their children.  It feels weird to take pictures of other people.  What are they thinking?  I was hiding behind trees and poles! LOL  So, here are my pictures of the subject "FUN" for this week's Scavenger Hunt brought to you by Krissy at Sometimes I Think.


Nothing says fun like playing at a playground on a tire swing on a Saturday afternoon!!


I really, really loved this shot of a father and son feeding ducks and fish.  I love how he is holding his son.  This one was really hard to get!  I pretended I was shooting the ducks and fish in the water. LOL

              This photo was taken last week at our condo in Myrtle Beach.  Chelsea and her best friend, Ali, were gabbing and laughing on a couch.  Nothing says fun and love like these two!  They are inseparable!!  When I see these two together I always get the biggest smile!!

The last photo I took was of a thrift store window.  It was filled with children's toys!  Now how fun is that!!?!!  I wanted to go in and grab them and play with them all! LOL  I played around with the photo and made it look a little different.  I know, I know, it is strange.  It is supposed to be.  There was a glare on the window, but you all get the idea.  Hope you find it interesting!


So, a journal-friend of mine is having a really tough time and it would be nice if she could get a few words of encouragement.  Please visit her here.

Everyone have a good night and take care of one another!


  1. Prayers, you got, plus anything else I could do to help. rich

  2. I like Talleyrand is really nice there. I live in Boalsburg though so I don't get to Bellefonte that much.

  3. thanks for explanation of PFA.  I spent an hour yesterday looking through medical diectionaries trying to find it.  Sorry it is necessary.  

  4. Oh how sweet!  The father and son pic is very, very nice.  You captured a very sweet moment.

  5. love the pictures, will pray that Chelsea stays safe..........Jules xxxxxx

  6. Thinking of you and Chelsea. Sending you both understanding & hope. Wishes  for answers to your prayers and dreams.
    Love Sylvia x

  7. I LOVE that picture of the father and son.  All the pictures were so good for this.  I hope all is well with your sister, I'm keeping all of you in my prayers.


  8. All are fun! I missed the hunt this week. I haven't even seen Krissy's assignment post yet. Soooo far behind. Ah well.

  9. Sorry I'm late, poorly boy here at Smiles House!!!
    Lovely 'fun' pics Val, I love the one of the father and son :o)
    Thinking of Chelsea, and you - of course!
    Hope the situation is resolved shortly.
    Sara   x

  10. I love all your pics Val!  Very fantastic shots really capturing "fun".  They are all great. -Krissy

  11. Lovely pictures Val, prayers are with you as always my dear friend xxxxxx

  12. nice pics.  I love that "cartoon like effect" - so cool.


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