Monday, February 23, 2004

Happy Anniversary To Me!

I am using a celebratory color today!  It has been one year this week that I had my brain/spine surgery.  Krissy, this is an anniversary for you also!  I was told that after one year I would know how successful my surgery was because swelling goes down and things fall into place by then.  I am greatly pleased, obviously, that they saved my life and for that I will ALWAYS be grateful.  Anything added to that is just icing on the cake.  I also am having pretty good pain control and about 50% decrease in symptoms.  Some are gone, some not.  I will take this outcome and celebrate!!!  Yay!!!  I had a two-year headache that is gone and only comes back now and again so life is pretty good.  I would say this past year has been a year of fear and grief and pushing away feelings of even having these feelings.  I am sure that I rushed my healing along physically and mentally WAY TOO FAST.  I didn't know exactly what I was up against as I had never had to do this before and hope I will never again.  So, looking back, I have learned a great deal about myself and how strong I am and how sick I really was.  I have learned to really trust what is inside of me and listen to my own heart and soul.  I have learned that I am strong and that no one can do any work for me or tell me how I am supposed to be doing or "behaving".  I have "lost" some time and even possibly a friend or two because they did not understand, but I am now happy that I am doing things at my pace and honoring my spirit. (Continued)


  1. Valerie, glad to have been there with you during surgery. And I am glad for all that we have shared afterwards. You are such a strong lady! You have often been my inspiration. Love, Krissy

  2. Krissy, thanks for the lovely comment!! YOU, honey are MY inspiration and I wouldn't want to share this anniversary with anyone else but you!!! Love you, flower girl!!


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