Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's up with me, Sentence Game, fun typing test...

I have decided to put the Weekly Sentence on hold until after Christmas. People seem to be busy for the holidays and less are playing, so I think this is a good idea. I am busier, as well. I am hoping to mail Christmas cards out this year. I haven't in a few years. I also want to make some gifts, as my funds are low, and I want to do some holiday visiting. I will pick up the game in the beginning of the new year.

I have an MRI scheduled on the 17th for my cervical spine and an appointment scheduled with my new neurosurgeon on the 22nd. I am glad I got squeezed in before Christmas. That is what is new with me. How is everyone else doing?

I found this fun speed-typing test over at Sara's. Want to give it a try? Click on the graphic and give it a go. Let me know how you did!

93 words
Typing Test

I will check in again soon. Take good care, Val =)


  1. Let's just say you type faster than me, Sissy, LOL. I don't know how I keep up with you during our IMs! And I thought I was fast, buy good grief, you are faster. NO! I am not going to tell you my score. Not until after I give it another try when my sugar level isn't so low, LOL. Love you, sissy!
    Krissy :)
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  2. (((((((((((((((VAL)))))))))))))))))))I kept looking for your next Sentene game,I think its also a good idea to wait till after Christmas,I have all my cards ready,I just need to put them in the mail.But I am not sure if I have your addy.Could you email it to me?Thanks.I think it is hard for everyone this year.Hugs.

  3. OMG! YOU rock with that typing! I am scared to even go try! Hope all goes well with your medical appts! Take care of you! Blessings, Lisa

  4. Who's your new neurosurgeon? Kevin just had a cervical MRI last night to see the degree of his herniation. He'd like to see a neurosurgeon closer to home rather than going to TCI where we take Brandon.

  5. good idea to postpone the sentence game Val; I tried that typing test; my problem is with my work I have an expander program where I can type just a few letters and it expands out a word or a phrase so I think that when I'm typing on tests and often make mistakes since I'm trying to shorten words; I always have to read over my comments and entries I type to make sure there's none of my shorthand in them, LOL

    hope your testing and doctor appointment goes well and you get some answers that will help you not be in so much discomfort


  6. You're fast, Val, I did 82 wpm, 438 characters in 60 secs (and one wrong word lol)

  7. Valpish, Well, I expect more emails from you now that I know you type that fast! Personally I thought it was a little hard sine it was a bunch of words and not sentences like I had when I went back to school at 38 and then again at 51 or 2. That's my first excuse. Second is: you WERE a legal secretary, and I was only a chuch secretary for a couple years. I remember when I took keyboarding in college, I felt bad because I couldn't get my speed up high enough no matter what I tried to do. Some of that was anxiety, but some of it was because some people naturally better at thngs with their nands. I am unfortunately one of them. But then I never planned or wanted to be a secretary (that was a pt job for 2 years). I was a better social worker and and counselor for sure! Thank heavens. I am sure I did worse than any of your other friends, or if any one did worse they aren't commenting, LOL. I also really liked the clinical side of medical technology, we had some typing but not much. I use my brains, my fingers just never moved that fast even when I was younger. I had fun playing this though & will keep trying! I typed 55, that's pretty pitiful. But everybody has their weak points and this is mine. Maybe this is why I don't like to Instant Message very much. I talk much faster than I can type LOL as you know from talking to me. We have different high points but they compliment each other and I still think we make a good team. I don't even want to sign my name, If this will go through without me doing that, I won't but you will figure out how it is from because I am your friend who loves you to the moon.

  8. Valphish, sweetie:
    Valerie, Just HAD to add: I am praying for you, I sure wish you didn't have to wait so long to get that neurosurgery apt. or the MRI. Forgot to tell you that. Half the anxiety of test is due to the waiting and wonderng, at least for me. I am worried about you! You are my soul "sistah" and I don't want you to go through another MRI, and especially another surgery. But you are so brave. You never cease to amaze me. I think it's because you truly are a Christian and a very courageous girl! . Candle is lit and prayers are going up for you. Love U 4Ever friend,
    Ms. Merrykins J. Kenyon

  9. hugs to you.. hope your MRI goes well... sending good vibes your way
    love ya

  10. You have been blogging regularly! I haven't been getting blogroll updates to your blog, why!?!?! Life's mystery, huh?

    I hope all is well with you and your family. Is that a photo of your precious grandson smiling on the sidebar? :-) To cute!

    As for my typing, I never took any typing classes so, my speed usually tests out at 60 wpm. That's the usual range when I used to test for a job. I haven't tested in a long time. I suppose I could go try at the link. ::sigh:: Call me lasy!

    Wishing you a wonderful holiday filled with love and happiness!


  11. I have been trying to improve the quality of my life by exercising using 10/15 lb. dumbbells. I quit smoking again at Thanksgiving. I try to walk the 2 mile a day with Salty up and down the Lane in front of my home. Bought a new pair of $11 white sneakers just to motivate me. Well, I have not been feeling well with my upper back seeming to hurt more with my bone spurs of the spine. I have bone growth bumps below my cervical I can feel. My neurologist mentioned to me if the back surgeon was going to do anything about my cervical and I said we just discussed my lumbar. He is gone and I need to see a new neurosurgeon. The weather plays a part in why I am not feeling well today. Going from near 60 F to the 30's F this afternoon. I am sitting better at the computer this winter since my lamenectomy last April 3. It is just that getting out of bed and waiting for the medicine to help is depressing me. mark

  12. Wishing you the best Christmas ever! *M*


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