Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Sentence #33, what's up...

Good morning and happy Monday! I haven't posted in awhile, a real post. I was thrown for the biggest loop with the blog migrations. I don't like change. I really don't. I am a gal who likes routine. I can handle change, though, but it takes me awhile. I think I am okay now. LOL Things have been kind of crazy in my family. My mom is doing better since her surgery. It was a tough road for her, but she is getting better since her surgery. If you haven't been following my blog, my mom fractured her neck and had surgery - not easy for a lady in her 70's. John, my sister Krissy's husband, is doing quite a bit better, too. He is still away at Hershey. He had chicken pox and pneumonia and a couple of other problems. I will allow Krissy to fill you in on that when she returns. She sends her love to everyone. She is very stir crazy and is sad that she hasn't been able to blog in a couple of weeks. She hasn't even been able to migrate her journal.

I am going to start the Sentence Game fresh this morning. Since the migration, I don't think it would be fair to judge the last group of letters I gave you guys. There are a number of bloggers I haven't been able to locate yet. I wanted to ask a few things of you all before I post the letters because we are a bit scattered about...

- Please leave your first name, or a nickname you go
by, and...
- Please leave a URL to your MAIN blog. Many of you
have several blogs and if you want to be linked I want
to be able to link you back to the blog that you choose.

I thought a Halloween theme would be fun this week! Do you guys like themed games? I never really got an answer to this question. Let me know! Now on to the rules and the letters! If you have never read the rules, or haven't in a long time, please do!

Each Sunday I post a set of six letters. A sentence
must be made from these letters. The letters today
are: TREATS . An example of a sentence could be -
The rambunctious elf ate ten suckers.
These letters MAY NOT be re-arranged.

There is a three - five persons judge panel (of fellow
bloggers) that chooses the best sentence (or two)
submitted each week. How do they choose winning
sentence(s)? The sentences that receive the strongest
reactions - Did it make them laugh, sad, ponder, etc.?
Was it creative? Witty? These are winning submissions.

The winner(s) receive(s) a logo for his/her blog
sidebar with his/her name on it.

Place submissions in comments section with your
name or nickname and blog URL. If you play this game
in your blog, please come back and leave your ENTIRE
entry URL so your entry can be judged. Submissions are
due by Thursday, 4PM EDT. The winner is announced

Saturday morning or early afternoon.

A new set of letters is placed in my journal, There is
a Season, every Sunday morning or early afternoon.

If you submit more than one sentence,
only your first sentence will be judged.

This Week's Letters:


Have a good week everyone and take care! Val =)


  1. I am so glad that your Mum is doing so much better Val. She must be a remarkable lady. I broke my neck many years ago and it was bad enough then, when I was young. I am sorry to hear of all John's problems, he certainly goes through the mill. Tell Krissy I send them both my love.

  2. tautology rectifies errors and tests solidity


    not that tough I guess.

  3. glad you are back doing this Val and getting settled in to our new blog place; glad your mom is also doing better; looking forward to hearing from Krissy as she can

    here's my sentence:

    The rapidly eating ants trembled slightly.

    thanks :)



    Turtles rarely eat anything that sings.

    LOL :)


  5. glad to hear your mom is doing better.


    trying really exuberantly, alaina tasted succotash.

  6. Glad your mom is doing good and John too.

    Here's my sentence....
    The ribs everyone ate tasted sweet.

    Take care, Chrissie

  7. Taking real effort, Andrew talked sideways.

    ;^) Jan the Gryphon

  8. Val, been away for a while and my brain is mush.
    To stay in the game, which I enjoy my entry is,

    The right energy always takes strength.

    Thanks for continuing this it is fun, Bill

    Try running even after the sweets! Dannelle (trying to get back on the healthy side again)

  10. TREATS

    Trashing Republicans eventually activates tomorrow's sorrows.


  11. Did I do one yet? I can't rememember, LOL. Okay, here goes:


    The reeking eggs actually tasted scrumptous.

    krissy :)


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