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Facts on suicide; What you can do...

I got these facts on suicide from SPAN USA.  I hope you can take the time to read them and follow the link at the bottom to a site that lists things you can do to help.  This is a issue that is dear to my heart.  I have placed a free suicide hotline number in a red box in my sidebar if anyone needs it.  It will remain there.  Thanks, my friends.  I will be back soon to let everyone know what is up in my life.  Alot has happened.  Chelsea and her boys are on their way back to Florida.  They moved =(  AGAIN.  Stay warm, take care and be good to one another.  Hugs, Val xox


* More than 31,000 Americans die by suicide each year.
* There is 1 suicide every 16 minutes and 88 suicides per day.
* Suicide is the:
- 11th leading cause of death overall in America;
- 3rd leading cause of death for young Americans between the
of 10-24; and
- 2nd leading cause of death for American college-aged students.

* For every US suicide death there are 8 to 26 attempts.
* There are an estimated 1.4 million attempts per year in the U.S.
* For every suicide death there are an estimated six new

Suicide is an often ignored and stigmatized topic

* Suicide deaths consistently outnumber homicide deaths by a margin
three to two.       
* There are more suicides globally than deaths from war and violence

* Approximately twice as many Americansdie by suicides than from  

Suicides can be prevented

* More than 90 percent of people who die by suicide have depression
   or another diagnosable mental or substance abuse disorder.
* In a national poll, 78 percent of Americans think that many
   suicides are preventable
with appropriate research, interventions
   and services.
* And 86% of Americans surveyed think it is important to invest in
  the prevention of suicide.

Risk and protective factors can vary according to age, gender, ethnic group, or occupation, and can vary over time. Some examples, are:

* 20% of all suicide deaths occur among veterans.
* More women attempt suicide, more men die by suicide.
* 80% of completed suicides are men.
* Elderly comprise 12.6% of the population yet account for 16% of

* Older white men have the highest suicide rate of all age groups.
* According to several nationally representative studies, in any given
   year, about
5% to 7% of adults have a serious mental illness. A
similar percentage of children (about 5% to 9%) have a serious
   emotional disturbance.
* These figures mean that millions of adults and children are disabled
   by mental illnesses every year
* In addition to the tragedy of lost lives, mental illnesses come with a
   devastatingly high financial cost.  In the U.S., the annual economic,
   indirect cost of mental illnesses is estimated to be
$79 billion
   ($63 billion in lost productivity, $12 billion in mortality costs, and
   $4 billion in productivity losses for incarcerated individuals and
   for the time of those who provide family care).

What you can do


  1. Thanks very much for highlighting the facts behind the tragedy of suicide, Val. Hope it helps someone out there

  2. Thanks for this entry Val.  Email me, I have something to talk to you about it, and it is an ASAP situation.

  3. As Guido says, you can help someone and not even be aware, that's the true gift of posts like this, my Maire.  This isn't "the blues" it's serious stuff, the killer kind.  Some talk about it, some never will, and some never can because they just couldn't hold on.  People make the difference, and you're one who does, you have the courage to print this in all its true meaning, no sugar-coating, the true facts which say yes, people want to die sometimes.  Just die.  In a time full of the crazy cheeriness this season brings, sprinkled amongst the joyous are the lonely, hurt and abandoned who give up all hope.  My hero, Beethoven, once tried to drown himself.  Imagine if he'd succeeded.  Thank you for your courage.  CATHY

  4. Terrible to read those statistics Val.  I feel for everyone who feels that desperate and I know how desperate depression can make you feel.
    I want to wish you a very Merry and blessed Christmas.  I am putting you back on alerts. I had not realised until checking all my favourites just now that I have not been receiving them from you.  God bless xxx

  5. ((((((((((((VAL))))))))))))))))Thank you for sharing this info with me.Merry Chriistmas to you and your family.

  6. An important post Val.  I know one person personally who attempted suicide.  And one person who succeeded.  Have encountered numerous folks online who have had thoughts of it.  And a couple of times in my own life I toyed with the idea.  I thank God both times he put a "reason" in my life that I had to go on no matter how I felt.  For some it is a passing thing.  For others an almost daily struggle.  For some it comes suddenly in one great life blow for others it is incidious, pestering, constant mental anguish.  -  Barbara

  7. Great info and sources for all to know. SUicide is on the rise, especially with teens. A sad but true fact. Best wishes.



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